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  1. I have today received defence along with AQ from the courts. It is 9 point defence, nothing untoward that I can see. My question is AQ has to be filed by 30th May is it best to hang back til nearer deadline or should I send it sooner as I have it prepared already. My thinking was the sooner I submit this and copy it to SC&M the sooner they know I mean business. Or does it make not a blinding bit of difference as SC&M seem to make it up as they go along anyway!
  2. on another note have been preparing for AQ and just wondered if somebody could check what I have in mind for section G In section G Please find the following attached to this allocation questionnaire 1 Section G - Other information 2 Draft Order for Directions This allocation questionnaire and its attachments were sent to the Defendants Solicitors Messrs. SC&M on XX/XX/XXXX Then I have attached firstly In the Manchester County Court Claim number XXXX Between XXXX- Claimant And LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC
  3. Ok thanks for replies, will try that patience thing (though hubby already says I try his) :)
  4. Sorry about the typos got a bit excited coz someone was talkin to me xxx
  5. Hi Curlychic On my Notice that acknowledgement of service has been filed it states that The defendant filed an acknowledgement of service on the 24th April. It then goeson to say that The Defendant has 28 days from the date of service of the claim for with particulars of claim to file a defence. My claim was deemed served on the 5th April. Please tell me oif I am miunderstanding this ????? PS. When I phoned the court today they said that they were late in filing Defence.
  6. Just a question, maybe a silly one but would it be quicker to phone SC&M and inform them that I am going to request judgment just to speed it up a bit, if it is unlikely that the judge will allow judgement to be entered. What do you think ???
  7. Ok thanks How late do they have to be for the judge to allow judgement????
  8. Rung the court today and they said no defence entered. Do I just detach the bottom half of the notice of issue and request judgement on that??? Have you any idea what happens after i send this request for judgement???? Thanks for replying Curlychic thought no one was talkin to me XXXXXXXX
  9. Christina Is it unlikely that judgement will be awarded??? I also issued proceedings for my mother-in-law on the exact same date and she received her defence which was dated the 30th April. I did however notice that SC&M's reference for my mother-in-laws claim and my husbands claim is exactly the same. So was thinking maybe they have got confued and just responded to the one (slim chance, Maybe!!!!)
  10. Well since I last posted we withdrew £750.00 from Lloyds acc and transferred to a safer place!!!! Wrote to Lloyds informing them that we aceepted in part payment and that we are still pursuing the rest, and copied the letter to the court. My question now is Lloyds havent submitted a defence which was due on the 3rd May. Do i now just detach the bottom half from the Notice of Issue requesting Judgement and how likely is it that Judgment will be awarded?? PS they were also late filing their acknowledgement of service they filed on the 24th April but it should have been filed
  11. Thanks for your help, will follow your very good advice. :)
  12. Or should I send it to Lloyds and cc both the solicitors and the courts.
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