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  1. Hi Druid, In these times where it seems we are up against a wall with these spineless judges it is reassuring to read your update. This will inspire people to continue and not give up, which I assume is what the banks are relying on. Good to see there are SOME decent judges out there. Barclays take note, this one is not going away... Congratulations on your huge success.
  2. This DOES seem out of character for B's, very suspicious! but then ive had my head in the sand for a couple of months so not clued up at the moment.
  3. Its weird still seeing this thread up here, seems a little redundant now! So whats the update these days, last I heard it went to court and had mixed reactions....they seemed to go away and havent come back... whats going on? has it been adjourned pending some BS. Has anyone been settled recently.?
  4. Hello guys, whats been happening while ive been away..lol [apart from the obvious]
  5. Contact Woolwich and inform them that you want written confirmation that states the matter is not outstanding, then go from there. It depends on when the debt/ amount was satisfactorily cleared to whether the mark on your credit reference will be removed.
  6. ermmm let me think about offering an apology...NO! Buzby has acted as a mediator to diffuse the argument, Paul has agreed to disagree.but Andy....erm,, wheres his... there are ways of expressing your difference of opinion without taking the route that Andy did.. Paul found it offensive...and i tend to agree, Andy came across as not willing to see the input Paul was offering as being helpful in saying "yeah what you have is crap but you could try this......" Andy could have posted along the lines of "well I disagree because...." There are too many people on this site who come in purely to argue the toss. and I think it is immaterial to whether Im a site helper or not....
  7. Hi Buz.. Yeah I know you are right....already too many t'sers on ebay out to rip people off I dont want to be one of them.. oh well,,,, nothing lost eh....but if anyone wants this receiver and is willing to arrange collection then theyre welcome to it.....possible someone with an old cable receiver....
  8. Cheers for you input Paul/Buzby,,,I didnt think it was possible as I have connected it to my dish and got nowt....I was just trying my luck in having obtained a telewest HD receiver for nowt and getting free HD quality channels....Realistically...I suppose I knew it wouldnt work ...well as we are with todays technology..but you never know whats around the corner with new hardware/software/cracks etc,,someone somewhere, oneday may crack it into a general receiver... I am disappointed in the attitude of one 'andyorch' why did you feel you had to take that tone with PT.....as he stated he was just adding his input and a little extra......you need to chill out a bit.. I'll prob put the receiver on ebay adv as a HDTV receiver...some unsuspecting punter will buy it with researching it properly...lol
  9. Does anyone know if a Telewest HDTV cable receiver can be 'rigged' to receive sky tv? [through a mini dish]
  10. A friend of mine took a 19" lcd tv back to the local Miller Brothers complaining about a dead pixel. tv was one week old. Turd in the shop argued it, but eventually took it into the back shortly returning showing a 1" scratch clearly visible in the centre of the screen. Arguing for about an hour they told her to shut up and leave the store.. she did......OMG!!!!!
  11. O2 destroyed my mobile phone that was returned in error instead of returning it to me. [should have gone to 3G] their excuse, security measures..Ha. I took em to court and won..
  12. How come you are in arrears? is it due to hardship - [have you explained this to the F.C] Is it because you feel they cant prove the agreement? a) who was the finance with? b) who are the Bailiffs? c) have you got written proof that you are in dispute with the finance company? d) did you send your requests for the information by recorded delivery?
  13. by the way that was meant as a joke.... if you have used a computer elsewhere.e.g work and have saved your information for logging in, then anyone could use your account.
  14. how many different tangents has this thread now got? should be renamed Tez's Daily Blog......LOL
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