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  1. Hi If you check the thread tilly49vhalifax there are all the links you will need to sort the court stuff out. I'm doing this in scotland so it's slightly different. Good Luck!!!
  2. Hi Dursary, Here is the copy of the letter you posted on my other thread: The Information Commissioner’s Office, Casework and Advice Division, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 5AF. Tuesday, June 12, 2007 Dear Sir, Further to the paper copy of the Complaints form recently submitted – along with supporting documents - to yourselves regarding two Bank of Scotland Accounts in my name: Dusary AAAA Acc number: XXXXXXXXX and AAAAA Acc number: YYYYYYY I have further to report that today I received a letter dated 9th June – copy attached, along with a copy of my letter of June 5th to which their letter refers. In addition, I wish the following information to be recorded along with my original complaint referred to you. I wrote to HBoS on 9th June stating the following: “I am disappointed that you did not address the issues I raised in my previous correspondence, but chose, instead to send me a standard template letter. These issues were: · Failure to comply with my Subject Access Request – Information Commissioner’s Office informed · Failure to supply me with a complete history of my banking with your organisation - Information Commissioner’s Office informed · Failure to disclose history of other accounts being held or held with you by myself – Information Commissioner’s Office informed (There were at least 3 other accounts referred to the partial statements sent: namely: 1) House Account; 2) Budgetplus Account and 3) Loan Account – there may be more.) · Failure to send me a copy of the Terms and Conditions you referred to in your most recent letter - Information Commissioner’s Office informed · Failure to disclose any manual intervention in my accounts undertaken by yourselves – Information Commissioner’s Office informed” I hope that you will append this information to my original complaint form. Thanking you in anticipation, Yours sincerely, Dusary Just reading up again on the summary cause route which i will have to do for one of the accounts, any advice on this before i go ahead???? cheers
  3. Cheers Dursary, So next step will be getting organised for the court stuff. Have downloaded all templates etc and will start putting stuff together now. Still have the template of a letter which you posted on another thread for me to the information commisioner. Do i send this off with the copies of the letters i have sent??? I ordered my statements at the branch and someone signed for them. will keep you posted!!
  4. Hi Guys, I have started several threads before and i'm not sure how to access the Scotland section to post a new thread. I haven't been able to stick to timescales and although i have had advice on how to proceed before i am looking now for the best way forward. The last "i'm rejecting your complaint" letter was received on the 7th June signed by Steve Ward in Dunfermline. Part of the letter stated that the unfair charges ruling was only applied to credit cards, how is everyone responding to that????? What was the ruling from the OFT???? I have been on the siter for months now and have recommended it to everyone i know it's excellent. For me i was considering sending another letter to remind them of my complaint before i go to court proceedings purely because of the length of time since my last letter. I was also considering asking them how they deem their charges to be fair and could they explain how they are applied for example £2 short for a direct debit then has £39 plus £28 at the end of the month. I have also not received statements which were requested in February which i have recieved advise about contacting the information commissioner, they never actually acknowledged that request when i sent another letter. Any advice would be welcome so i can get my finger out and finish what i have started. :)
  5. Looks like the next step will be court action which i thought would happen. i noticed a post about the information commisioner do you think i should go down this road for the statements i haven't received yet??? Funnily enough this will be the account with the most charges. I ordered both sets of statements in the Branch in February but apparently the delay on one account was due to the statements having to be ordered up from a different place?? Blah Blah again!!!
  6. Hi All, I haven't been on the site for a while now but i'm still pursuing the claims. Have been successful with RBS after the first letter although the final settlement was a goodwill gesture blah blah but paid in full Yeah!! After 2 letters from the HBOS that they were investigating the complaint i sent the LBA and also another letter asking why they still hadn't sent statements for another account i requested in February. Lo and behold a letter arrives saying " You referred to the guidelines on credit card default charges issues by the office of fair trading. As the guidelines do not apply to bank account charges, i cannot comment on it in connection with your concerns. The guidelines are about default charges which people must pay when they break the terms of a credit agreement with a lender. As previously explained the charges that you are asking us to refund are fees for the addtional work that we carry out when a customer requests a payment without sufficient funds in their account" I know many people will have received this, i used the CAG templates and i have to admit i haven't been able to stick to guidelines and will not for the next couple of weeks. Any suggestions as to next move???? Funny how being £1.75 overdrawn takes nearly £60 worth of work that the computer automatically does anyway!!!!
  7. Hi there, Just typed up first letters and i'm only sending the spreadsheets. have also only included the charges and not the interest. hope this will be ok i'm in the same boat as you. Good luck!!
  8. Cheers Nik, I have some of the reasons for the charges from the internet banking but this is only for one account. The second account i am going to claim for (still waiting for the statements) is now closed and has been for a year or 2. Just wondered if you can put it through as unpaid DD as most of them probably are. Interestingly i was charged for an unpaid DD of £1.75, amazing how it takes £39 to knock that back.
  9. Hi All, Just a wee question about the spreadsheets. Have received all of my statements and calculated how much i have been charged overall. Unfortunately only got statements so i don't have all of the details of whether i was charged for a cheque or an unpaid DD. Any advice on how to proceed???
  10. Hi There, Don't mean to hijack a thread but i wanted to ask when you put your summary cause in and your total is over the £1500 limit do you leave room within the limit for interest etc. I've just started but been reading alot here and want to be prepared!!
  11. I would start a new thread that way you'll get specific answers to your questions. If you go to the HBOS section there are many more threads that may be of a similar nature and you might find your answer there too. Good Luck!!!
  12. Cheers for that. Feeling very excited about the whole process. The lady at the branch did mention that my statements for the 2 accounts may come at different times. Apparently from 2002 to 2004 they have to be ordered up from somewhere else i think it was before they joined forces, but the other account i have is ordered from their business centre. Just realised that i never paid the £10 either so hopefully all goes well. Once i've done my accounts will be taking on my friends.
  13. Hi Guys, Have been reading this site for a couple of months now and finally took my S.A.R to the branch (HBOS) directly where a very nice lady ordered up my statements while i waited. Ok sounds too easy i am concerned now of the delaying tactics that the Banks are using and discussed this with the lady at the Branch who did hint that they are awaiting the report from the OFT in March. I will stick to the time schedules recommended by the site but i wondered if anyone else had any thoughts on this. Fabulous programme the other night by the way well done for highlighting this further.
  14. Hi Frances, I'm new to this too but from what i've read so far you can access the spreadsheet in the library to calculate everything and send this off. I'm just about to send off S.A.R to B.O.S did you contact your local branch?? I'm not sure whether to do this or the address in Edinburgh. Hope this helps you'll get all the other info you need in the library section too!!! If it's your first letter i don't think you actually need to send the spreadsheet.
  15. Reidnet, If you catch this did you accept the settlement and clear the loan then take up the fight if not how did you manage it!!!!
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