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  1. they keep fobbing me off now - im trying to challenge them on this allowed time from the fsa - i keep getting sent to an automated voice saying they are too busy and to try later - 28th may.... to expect a offer.......hmm by the time they recieve my court threat they may send me an offer! what should i do?!
  2. no response from bank yet - its been 21days (i only have to give them 14 according to the preliminary letter apparently)........ i contacted them today for a few reasons - the response i got about their response was.....its been forwarded to their solicitors and according to SFA guidelines they are entitled to 56 days to grace me with an answer?!? anyone advise me on this?
  3. yes - but i now want to question at what point i claim the 8% interest? thanks very much to everyone who's answering me!
  4. thanks soo much for replying quickly but...sorry ( i genuinely am) i dont mean to challenge you but - on the step by step instructions it say's - "(2) If you know how much you are claiming (i.e. because you already have all your statements), then send the preliminary approach letter - PRELIM LETTER - in the library section. Edit the letter according to your circumstances, removing any details not applicable etc.. Enclose a schedule detailing the charges you are claiming, but do NOT include the 8% interest on the schedule yet." which i think conflicts with wha
  5. the interest? do you mean the 8% on the money they took from me....?!? sorry my fault i should have asked more specifically!
  6. "What I require I calculate that you have taken £XXXXX plus £XXX which you have charged me in overdraft interest for the sum which you have taken. Total £XXXXX . I enclose a schedule of the charges which I am claiming with this letter" can someone explain to me what i write in these... do i list charges seperately to the interest charges?!? i dont understand!?!?!?!?:sad:
  7. ok so its been another month and im agai dusting this off...... soo busy lately! anyhow - had two family members go over charges spreadsheet and am now confident there are no faults with it...next step - remove the interest column and post to natwest... i know its in the FAQ's section.... but im very uncertain still.... (need a "hell yeah thats right" i guess!?)
  8. sorry again (to think i dont post here for ages then post like 4times in a day!) can i claim for unaranged borrowing? thanks lots to nattie!
  9. nope - i dont even think i now do - im sure its just a current plus account...how would i know? im still concerned - if they gave me a full refund for a charge surely i would be wrong to claim it back again right??
  10. an example of the "£20 - £28 charge" is - 29/07/2005 i was charged £28 and the details are - 01jul A/C******* and only the partial refund or the full refund aswell on question 1? anyone able to confirm my Q2? thanks again!
  11. "excuse me....please allow me to dust this off!!!" i recieved my "s.a.r type letter" i had to request it twice....once in the bank with the letter...and then 27days later i phoned to confirm it arrived with them...no such information - so another request was made... several days later i recieved a slightly ripped brown envelope of my statements leading back until 04/10/2002 (was going to query why it didnt go back the full 6years as requested but it wouldnt matter much as i was only 17 yrs old then!And probably had no charges then! same day i also recieved a letter asking if my S.A.R
  12. thats amazing! ok maybe in this knowledge i'll have to break my no more questions today statement! question is - if i have no response by the 11th of feb what do i do in regards to getting my 6year history in order to proceed with my case? did try and look for this scenario in other threads but no luck! thanks so much for the help and response time! Nax
  13. have set up my account to view online and found this happened! 5th dec - unpaid item charge - this put me over my overdraft limit by £3.86 6th dec - card misuge charge - £35.00 8th dec - referral charge for november - £90 *funnily enough i phoned natwest and asked why it was £90 and they said i am charged £30 everytime something fails in my account..i.e missed payments etc - when i looked at my online statement i was not "charged" or "fined" once during november, anyone know if they charge £30 for using at ATM machine?!hehe... 29th dec - charge (when i enquired as to what it was for i
  14. having spent several days and hours reading through the threads here over christmas (not that i have anything against christmas!) i have decided to take action against NatWest....so i have used template one (S.A.R request) and taken that too my local branch this morning, only to find out that they "apparently" dont have an address to give me to send it, but are more than happy to forward it internally on my behalf. so after much discussion about the chances of it being "lost" i agreed to let them do it internally in echange for a stamped dated and signed reciept from a member of staff in the b
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