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  1. Does Housing Benefit become statue barred and the usual 6 years I called to checked the amount.. and was told it's less than what Dukes Baliffs are requesting.. I have got them to put on hold for 28 days, while i check things.. But remember buying house in 2007... and all debts to council where paid off.. (Or so i thought) I apparently spoke with council in Jan 2013 about the debt.. Will do my checks with council But in mean time... do these sort of debts become statue barred if no payment been made in the last 6 years Thanks in advance for any help
  2. Thanks for the input all, much appreciated... So how do we defend? Is it a case of filling in the thing from the courts.... and deny all claims..
  3. The house we live in now, we only been here since September..... Son has not lived with us for the past 3.5 yrs..... The contract address was when he lived with us at not last address but the one before..... We just don't get on, sadly! We really need to resolve our differences (Now he is a much better person, I should make first move) I will get his brothers to update him, and advise him to call carters and make a full and final settlement offer..... as they no doubt bought the debt for peanuts
  4. How would he know they served at the address where he took out contract.... when he no longer lives there...... To serve upon my address, and presuming he lives with us is that not wrong? How does he deal with the claim form.... he does not know he has it? I only opened... (Wrongly I know) ... but I seen the Northampton bit through the envelope window...
  5. Morning All.... Plenty of views... No Idea's ? Are they allowed to proceed to county courts, without checking if said person lives at address? As stated, Son has not lived with us for over 3 years! If I never opened the mail, he would be none the wiser.... When I can find out where he is, he will more than likely make some offers... This surely is wrong.... with all mail be returned to sender... Any help or idea's appreciated
  6. Hi all, Firstly Lowell have been sending letters to my address, I know as via the Postcode on back and the PO box.... These letters have always been returned to sender, and marked "NOT AT THIS ADDRESS" As they were for our son, who has not lived with us for over 3years... another came today for him and I could see through the window box on the envelope, Northampton courts... .. Now know the sly under hand here, as he clearly does not live with us... . They have purchased a debt from orange.. . so now they want to secure the debt via the courts.... Do we or
  7. Just found this on the site. http://www.collectica.co.uk/fees/ so are they allowed..to charge £85...then £215 to total £300......As they have come straight to an address they where given,,,No tracing there...Is £215 a fair fee to attend!! An outline of our fees and charges Her Majesty’s Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) Fees Below is the Schedule of Fees, Charges & Expenses imposed by HMCTS effective from 01 January 2012. Service Fee Financial Distress Warrant – Administrative Fee (for all administrative activity associated with the service i.e. tracing) £
  8. hi all, this is regards my son, he got a fine for Drunk & Disorderly....at police station fine was £80 or go on a course... He called the course people, attended, but was then told wrong course as it was drugs course not drink course, so he was sent home....with them telling him they will get him another appointment...Never happened plenty of letters sent to my house for him, I always put return to sender! as he does not live here... Anyway, hand delivered letter at the door the other day....made calls to the court to see how much is owed... they tell him £120...as £40 added
  9. Thank you for that! No Liability order on the 2 early debts...... I do have them on others, which are been addressed Can they be included in Bankruptcy?
  10. Morning all, I had a letter saying they had reviewed my council tax, and found that I owed money as regards overpayment in 204/2005 and 2005/2006......totalling £181 and some pence I called to resolve it, they wanted to much, so I paid the odd 31 over the period of a 7 weeks, then get letter been summoned to court, I email ceo, and explain that i tried to resolve with the contact centre, gave name and time, He had it withdrawn.. Said they would send out Income and Expenditure form, still not received, anyway, i get the summons again!! Had a call from them yesterday, to try and
  11. It was witnessed them taking away another car! 3 cars my niece, and another girl there, they seen them loading another on to the back of the removal truck
  12. Got some further info, This is on the road, a public highway, there are parking bays, and 2 sign posts along the road. The sign post states Residents permit holders only, then 8am-8pm mon to sat and 12am - 8pm Sunday (This was from a quick glance of the sign on a phone) Even if you have illegally parked without a permit, surely they cannot just come up and tow away your car? Or can they?
  13. No one is going to try and make a claim, It was me assuming that car is stolen, as no one has told us it was taken away
  14. They state Clerical error! Was told on phone now they all the info of the household, they have made this decision! They have had all the info from the start, and also supplied again during the year!
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