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  1. I actually sent mine to my local branch and they forwarded it to Leeds. I just sent a 14 days letter, charges summary and about 100 pages of printed statements with charges circled. I couldn't believe it when it arrived. I was expecting to have to take it to court. Maybe they are realising that most people are persisting with court cases, so delaying and ignoring claims ends up costing them more.
  2. I got a reply within 20 days with £1000 (original was around £1100), which I have accepted. I only needed to send one 14 day letter.
  3. bv1010

    bv1010 v hsbc

    I didn't need to send any further letters, I got an offer of £1000. While this may seem a cop out, I need the money and wasn't looking forward to the whole court process. I know that with interest I could have got more but I am £2 off going over my overdraft limit.... and I wouldn't want to have to make any more claims for excessive penalty fees!
  4. bv1010

    bv1010 v hsbc

    Hello, Following the coverage on the BBC News web site, I decided to use their standard letter. I sent it, along with copies of statements and a summary of charges made over the last 6 years to my local branch (I realise it is recommended to send to the head office, but understand they forward it for you). I sent it registered delivery and the 14 days are now up. I haven't heard anything from HSBC (I checked that it was signed for) but I assume this is quite common. I am now going to send your Letter Before Action. The only thing is, when calculating my money due (£1200), I didn't include any costs for overdraft interest. Can I now add these into the Letter Before Action or should I keep the amount I am claiming exactly the same? I don't quite understand the 8% interest but i'll read up on that while i'm waiting for the 14 days to pass after I send the LBA.
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