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  1. I was sort of hoping they would have tryed giving me the £750 so that would pay for taking them to court lol
  2. but what will that be for ? Sorry i dont get alot of time on the net so havent looked the site up to know whats what
  3. mmmm well there 14 days was up last friday i guess the next step is court Can anyone tell me please what to do now ?
  4. But would you all come to court with me lol
  5. Thanks again Barty I wasnt too sure as it does sound like the first one abit :grin: Ive just been reading the LBA again and the red part im not too sure if to put it in as i dont know if ive had a default issued by the charges, would i have got a letter of somthing like it telling me? And do i send all my statements off again showing all the charges im sure i do but need to make sure again ? Im fine with all this letter sending off but i'm dead scared of it going to court im hoping it wont
  6. LBA = Letter before action? Am i right in saying this is the one...... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/92-3-letter-before-action.html Thank you Dave
  7. Ok thanks for the reply Barty
  8. Right today i got this letter ....... I take its just the standard letter that they send out, I just want to make sure thats all. Do i now send off the seconded letter ? I also got this questionnaire.... Do i need to fill this out and send it back ? They also sent me a prepaid envelope with this as the address.. Lloyds TSB bank plc Quality control Customer services recovery centre (c25) Charlton place Charlton road Andover SP10 1RE Do i send my 2nd letter back in this envelope? Sorry for all the questions but i dont get alot of time on
  9. Got a letter today from Lloyds saying ive gone over my overdraft and they are going to charge me £30 hahahahah
  10. Thanks George I havent had the time to post it today so i WILL do it first thing
  11. One thing i didnt look up untill now is where do i send my letter lol So after looking around the site is this the right address ? LLOYDS TSB BANK PLC 25 GRESHAM STREET LONDON EC2V 7HN
  12. Thanks guys If i win any money bank it would be sooooooooooooooooo handy at the moment as we have are 3rd child due in April How long is the time span of getting money back from the bank as ive looked at some it it dont seem to take that long ?
  13. Hi all Like alot of you im new to the site and im just going to send my first letter off to Lloyds in the morning by recorded delivery I worked out from 2002 untill now they have taken £1115 out of my bank I will update this as and when i hear anything from the bank Good luck to everyone thats doing the same !
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