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  1. Hi guys, I obtained a Revocation Order for a PCN after making payment to bailiffs under duress in 2013, which required the authority repay /refund the monies that I have paid over £800, initially they said that because I have made payment the order does not apply, I spoke with the Traffic Enforcement Centre who confirm the Revocation Order is still valid, question is how can I enforce this order
  2. been down that route with one of those claim management companies, although I have not officially accepted a refund they have processed the refund regardless, and reduced the outstanding loan balance. PPI refunding is an automatic process. My issue is not about PPI refund, its about the fact they refused my claim on the policy, this considering the fact, that I had an additional loan with ABBEY at the time and also made a claim on their PPI policy with no problems.
  3. ive been having a running battle with the Halifax over a loan, where they refused my claim on the PPi policy this case goes back to 2007, after exhausting their complaints process, getting no help from my ombudsman complaint , and having my court claim dismissed due to statutes of limitation my court claim was based on breach of contract and misrepresentation. long story short I made a claim on the loans PPi Policy, which they refused, citing that "under the terms and conditions of my policy no benefits are payable if my dismissal was due to a disciplin
  4. Hi, my understanding is that you can still use N244 application ot of time giving all the circumstances that you have mentioned in your thread, where the late application my be allowed under the circumstances that you had been delays in your getting legal advice or being away from the residance for a period of time. the cost is £80 for a personal hearing or £40 for a postal hearing.
  5. hi again, your right it seems there are some major discrepancies and loop holes with the whole suspend bay compliance issue, and it seems that even the posting of most legitimate notices are not compliant. in saying that the suspension notices that you applied and paid for were could be deemed as misrepresented, and not fit for purpose in your case, so i would hope you are compensated. good luck ps the post from Green an Mean, this name alone defines their character jobsworth:mad2:
  6. hi , just had an issue with Lambeth regarding a suspended bay, i parked where a suspended bay notice was displayed, got pcn for parking without displaying pay and display etc, made reps that the particular contravention was invalid as the the bay was suspended, Lambeth did not resapond subsequentily the matter went to the stage where baliffs seize my vehicle, and i took both the balif and lambeth to court for ilegal seizure etc, they settled the claim at the court recently 16 Nov. if you refer to the earlier post :which i belive encompases the reson that lambeth decided to settle
  7. hi slick, thanks again for all of your feedback and info, which has given me plenty of food for thought, ive been dealing with some parking tickets, thats why i haven't responded to your last post, basically i will wait for the banks to persu me for their costs, as i will still be in this precarias financail posision, either way, and further review the position of these claims.
  8. Hi slick, I had a student BaclyCard From 1997, which was upgraded to to gold card about 2003, made some initial mistake of making lump-sum payments every couple of months instead of making minimum monthly payments, this was resolved and i even cleared the balance of nearly £1500. when out of the blue, from my recollection in September 06 i was unable to withdraw cash from any ATM, at the time I thought there was problems with the machines, but after calling Baclycard i was informed that they had withdrawn my facility to get cash from any UK ATM, giving no reason, when i challe
  9. hi slick, based on Barclays behaviour i had the feeling that their offer wouldn't be in my best interest particularly as they would not agree to remove the CRA entries. i have other Ombudsman complaints involving other financial institutions, but i found the county court route is faster as this Barclay claim was made after all my ombudsman complaints which are still pending. i'm under the impression that my case may come under the what i think is the Banking Business Code of Conduct, Funnily enough The Delinquent Barclay Card Account no longer appears on any CRA repor
  10. the charges started 29th May 2008 for £30 detailed as paid referral fee, and they closed the account 22 Jan 2009 so none of the charges would qualify. I believe the wrongful behaviour by the bank is firstly that they replaced My original Basic Woolwich account with a different type of Barclays account which i had not expected requested or required. I was not aware of any opt out requirements, until after the charges were made, and even when I requested to opt out they said it was two late the second wrongful behaviour by Barclay is as mentioned before is that prior to the charges,
  11. thanks for your response, i have a case with Halifax that was an application to amend particulars of claim, this case with Barclays was a fresh application using the new arguments, as mentioned I had Woolwich account that Barclays took over, the Barclays account was opened 9th July 2007, with a positive balance in the thousands I became unemployed in December 2007 --May 2008, again from Nov 2008 -- Jan 2009, finally July 2009 to date. the charges started 29th May 2008 for £30 detailed as paid referal fee the account was debited without my kno
  12. Hi everyone i had a stayed court claim with barclays, made application to amend particulars of claim using "New Arguments", unfortunately this application was refused didn't present the arguments well enough and Barclays counsel were awarded cost of approx £900, which was reduced from £2500 by the judge who was not happy to refuse my application, and suggested in not so many words that i could still present my case differently. the details of my particular case is that i had a Woolwich account that Barclays subsequently took over,implimenting the new aleged over draft service, the accou
  13. i need to make a court application to get my money back from private clamper's, my father had just come out of hospital and was taken to his new sheltered residence By ambulance, I escorted the ambulance and assisted the paramedics with my father, during this period my car was clamped, although not displayed i showed the clamper's both a disabled badge and a permit the signes that they refer to, says Private Property 24 Hours, & 7 days a Week. the rest of the sign is not legible without standing in front of the sign. also the next or first paragraph states "vehicles sto
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