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  1. Thanks; They all do appear on my CRF There's no PPI, but there are charges.... I've taken the charges off the amount owing anyway as I don't see why I should pay them. I will ensure that everything is in writing and reported correctly, just wanted to canvas opinion on likelyhood of acceptance from the creditors. Think I will offer lower amounts and see where it gets me...
  2. Before I send out letters with offers of full and final amounts, I want to canvas opinion on what you guys and gals think. I have inherited a lump sum which will cover 64% of my debts across the board. Creditors include: Santander Creation (cretin) finance SYGMA Card Lloyds TSB Any experience on the membership that thinks they would accept? I've been paying token pro-rata amounts for two months now. Cretin finance have declined my prorata offer, the others have gone with me.
  3. I have dealt with very. I have debt with them and went to the National Debtline who suggested CASHflow, an endorsed money advice spreadsheet that Shop Direct subscribe to. That offer of payment is currently being looked at and Im paying what they recommended as a goodwill gesture - something better than nowt. Beware - DONOT offer more than you can comfortably afford - they will bite your hand off. AND challenge interest and charges, they should have them on hold for 30 days so you can sort yourself out.
  4. subscribing - wife had a letter today for an alleged debt from 1996! She panicked and phoned them asking them to prove the debt - they said they would and add £15 to the amount owing!!! I've emailed them with the S barred letter - thing is we've no recollection of this ever being in existence... 12years!! what are MH on??? :o
  5. I can't prove it, but am sure that when they see my "history" they use it as a tool to be downright awkward. i can see them be very petulent.
  6. good old HBOS - I now use them to pay certain bills as they sneer at me and use their electronic notepad to say "you've reclaimed charges before". Over the last twelve months I've incurred charges because the "system" has to be credited 24 hours before a DD is to be claimed. Apparantley it goes out at 3am on the day it's due I was told it's in my terms and conditions (, not during normal banking hours (9:00am - 5:00pm). I ensured that i electronically credited my account before 8am yesterday to meet a DD due out that day.The terms and conditions don't say pay in before three am!!! (in fact they don't say to meet a DD you have to credit the account 24 hours in advance). It failed to go out (for £25), and the ***!$% charged me £35! I telephoned them when I got home, checked my email for the letter and asked politely for a refund. After 30 mins on the telephone and 10 of them whilst the operator checked the note pad, I was told quite categorically that because i had had refunds before, he could give me this one. In the background laughing and jollity - another £35 to the staff party. I told him in no uncertain terms, that he was being extremely prejudicial and that I was going to reclaim that, and the previous £120 worth of charges back. He said I couldn't because I'd taken the last lot as a goodwill gesture - What planet is he on! I put the phone down, thinking maybe I'd talked to the cleaner maybe......
  7. they eventually get the message don't they!
  8. yes they have. No more automated recordeings or annoying messages, but it took a return phone call and some convincing that the person no longer lived here.
  9. CSL have telephoned my land line relentlessly trying to leave a message for my daughter who hasn't lived here for over two years. I gave in and told them thatif we saw her we would pass the message on that they wanted her. Obviously they couldn't understand why we wouldn't give a forwarding address or phone number, as they would say who they were. An arrogant / rude / obnoxious lady from London got on her high horse and almost demanded the information to which i said that i was paying for this 0208 call and she should ensure that the company doesn't phone this number again, it ws disturbing for my other daughter, and a mess on our 1571. Today the ignorant ******s left three voice messages - two auto messages and one a voice text asking our daughter to phone a James who wanted to talk to her today. i have sent an email after finding this company through the internet asking for all calls to cease, or ensuing action could talk place. no reply was the answer........i've recorded the 1571 messages and the days / dates times they arrive, anything more to do?8)
  10. CSL pursuing us via the telephone and won't stop calling for up to 4 times a day - not even for us, for our daughter who lives elsewhere!
  11. I have just paid for a special presentation of a cheque through Haliprats. They have claimed that it is reasonable to charge £39 for a (probably automated) Refer to drawer bounce of a cheque, because there is a lot of human intervention - but don't substantiate the evidence of such. To Special present a cheque: The cashier takes £12 from you at the counter. gives you a receipt (entering details and swipimg your card) Writes, after finding a book, a receipt to post to the presenting bank. Explains the procedure, and puts the presenting banks piece of paper in an envelope, promising to take it to the post box for that nights post. Promises to telephone me, on my mobile when the funds have been "cleared" by the presenting bank. 20 mintues work, and a telephone call to a mobile. All for £12 - that's a bargain! now, for £39 computer decides in major call centre, there's maybe a problem, operator presses button, computer sends letter and logs the action, computer allocates a deduction to be taken from your account in seven days you telephone them They don't reply to your remonstrations. all for 5 minutes work! I consider that's profiteering. how do the two compare? - can't get my head around it!
  12. no - this is because it is in relation to a mortgage exit fee. It seems that no one as an authority has teeth with these people! Googd luck with your claim tho'
  13. swift are resilient to any claim against them - i tried to get admin charges back, they flatley refused, then referred me to the FISA / FLA who can't handle such matters. Swift also claim to be a small company, so can justify overheads and manual intervention. Their profits were in excess of £30 million last year, so they aren't such a poor relation after all!!! I'm taking them on through trading standards.
  14. Oh I will - keep going that is Glad to see you've not lost momentum Jaxads. I'm going to simmer a while - after all, i have six years to reclaim this small amount - do you think it's worth reclaiming through the courts? lets see charges £39 court costs £30 8% .04p (sorry, being flippant here) I too wouldn't mind the true cost of their charges at around £2 (also being generous here) - but could they really account for a customer going all the way to reclaim an extra £30? plus postage etc.
  15. Had a charge (£39) for a cheque written for £14.50, with £10.58 in my account. Wrote to the customer Service peeps via email on the 21st June. Had a reply today - "sorry,.....I've investigated....." - no chance s*d off. We give you free banking (no you don't!), blah blah. I'm sick of their attitude, having nearly sued them once (they backed out and paid up prior to the judgment day), and using it over the phone when i called them to see if they'd consider removing and reversing the charge. Ok - it's £39........it' a lot of money before you get paid!!! Grrrrr:mad:
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