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  1. After todays verdict giant sized mouse traps will be in the wardrobe tonight to catch that colin
  2. Try the bankruptcy advisory service in Hull they will negotiate with your trustee and put you in touch with a broker who deals in this field
  3. ass So they came with their own earth to work on the mains
  4. chick Pete do you have to recharge those battery hens every day :grin:
  5. tea Pity the surgeon did not get the real Colin Never felt better PD full service and polish and every things working fine
  6. Prize 8-) Hi been in hospital had a cyst removed from the lower region because it was of no use to me and being a parasite to my body, I nick named it Colin
  7. You cant beat good old english fish and chips and not from the kebab shops, now let me get back in the wardrobe and continue my search for Colin
  8. Whats this party in January while I have been away
  9. Well I dont know what have you lot been like while I have been away for a few months, and I thought I was the mad one
  10. I have a 06 plate mondeo st tdci which has 21000 miles on the clock and the dreaded flashing glowplug light come on yesterday and today whilst on the motorway with the loss of the turbo on both ocassions, upon stopping and restarting the car the problem disappeared but the car is not running 100% I have just spoke to a friend of mine who works for a ford dealer who says it will be covered by the 3 year warranty, bl**dy better be only bought the car in may this year and it cost me £14,500
  11. Good to be back in the forum again latty, I see myself as the CAG entertainments officer by cheering people up with my dry humour when the bank is just trying to wear people down. Any attempt they made with me was just a waste of time because I really took the biscuit with them during my claim, for example 12 months 0% credit card during my claim and used this to purchase goods to renovate our home which will settled in full at the end of the period. When I bought the new ST showed them the deal offered by Ford if I paid 1/3rd deposit which they beat. Invested our compensation claim with them at a higher rate if we locked it away for a minimum of 6 months and thus will use it to settle the credit card after it has made us some interest. The next thing we are looking to do is buy another house to renovate and sell on or let, so we will search the market place for the best deals and see if they can improve it for us again. At the end of the day we all have to use someone for our financial needs and at the end of the day if they keep offering the deals that suit our needs then I will keep taking them cos in my opion they are all tarred with the same brush
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