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  1. So luke, this could be the issue you are thinking, not sure about the wheels, but will get him to check with satnav just to make sure, but could it also be that the speed camera needs to be calibrated? I have heard this can be an issue too. Tony, yes it was at exactly the same place looking at the letters again, obviously with the junctions reversed on the return, but exactly the same speed. Well, he will send of the required documents anyway, as there doesn't seem to be a way to appeal this without sending, as I have read from other threads. Oh hum! Many thanks.
  2. My husband was in Essex on the A13 recently, this week he has received two speeding letters for doing 48 in a 40 zone. The funny thing is they are on the same day, 2 hours apart but both are exactly the same 48. My question is could the cameras be wrong. He is adamant he was not going over 40....................... Thoughts? Thanks!
  3. This is what the Abbey said to me. So best to go ahead then? How long is this decision likely to take? Regards Aunty:)
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    Hi Golfman, It dosen't matter the mine is also a joint account and my husband is the primary holder. I am still waiting for my statements! Good Luck. Regards Aunty
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    Nat, I have already deducted this amount. Good to know I am doing the right thing.
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    Thanks Nick. I will acknowledge the refund for their mistake by separate correspondence. Don't want any confusion with my charges request. Regards Aunty
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    I am about to start the process of completing my first letter for all my charges. I am still counting, but am currently up to £500. Recently, I have queried with Abbey a £50 charge for direct debits I cancelled that I was charged for. After writing to them about these specific charges, the credited my account £50. My question is, does it matter that when they credited my account the letter I received stated that this charges are final? I have not replied to their letter or even acknowledged it, will this cause me any issues getting the remaining charges back? Waiting in anticipation and jittery tummy:confused: Aunty
  8. Hi all, I have being looking around and there is a lot of info to take in. However, I am encouraged by the number of successes I have read and think I will be ready in a couple of weeks to take on Abbey for my back charges. I have to date recovered £50 for an error they could not deny. Its a bit scary, but look at all the ordinary people here - I know I can do it !! Here goes!
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