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  1. The dates you raise in a claim do not really matter (regarding other dates). As long as you make the bank aware that your claim is for a set period, anything outside of this period can be claimed for at a later date. Why not go ahead with the dates you are sure about then do the next batch when you finish the first claim. My personal preference was to go for the lot in 1 go.
  2. Halifax have finally paid the money owed to me into my account!!!!!!
  3. Keep to your timetable - 14 days is enough time for a big company with employing the amount of staff they do!
  4. Hi Zombola - you need to claim for all the charges 100%. anything that says charges as notified next to it basically. If you follow everything step by step on this site, making sure you ask questions (don't be afraid we are hear to help each other!) on anything you don't understand. I am currently waiting for the payment after accepting a full offer. GOOD LUCK!
  5. My LBA deadline runs out tomorrow and i still have not received the money i accepted. Any advice would be greatful!
  6. Just a quick question - Halifax have stated that once my acceptance letter has been received, payment will take upto 14 days. My question is, do i stick to my timetable stated on the LBA as this would mean i will be taking them to court even though i have accepted their offer.
  7. Use the spreadsheet in the template folder, just put exactly what it says on the statement - charges as notified more than likely. This spreadsheet will also calculate the interest for you, don't forget to hide the 2 columns before printing though (you can only add interest at court stage) and the first letter is the prelim approach
  8. Hi SGJ, i started my claim just after christmas (SAR was sent 28th december). I received the settlement offer yesterday - 1 week after LBA was sent. It seems halifax do not have a set timetable, they treat every claim differently it seems
  9. Offer letter received this morning!!!! Offer in full as goodwill guesture, blah blah blah. Thank you to everyone on here. Keep up the good work!
  10. why accept less than they owe you? you will get everything back in the end!
  11. Just send the spreadsheet, with the interest columns hidden. You do not need to send your statements to them
  12. You can only add interest when you go to court. How can you be sure they only owe you 532? if you had your statements you would have a better idea of the correct amount (not saying this is incorrect though). I would request they send you the statements and work from their - i wouldn't be able to trust a list of charges THEY have calculated!
  13. Had a phone call from Halifax yesterday evening regarding a communication! Unfortunatly i was not in to take the call!
  14. Sent LBA off yesterday, Getting closer, i will no doubt be asking a few questions regarding MCOL later in the week.
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