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  1. Hi thanks for your reply. Can this document be a modified version of the original application form for the credit card. Regards Mike
  2. It's a Tesco Bank card and I made the application in December 2000. Regards Mike
  3. Can anybody help with a credit card agreement, what must the documents contain and can the document be a modified version of the original application form. Regards
  4. It's been a while since I've on this forum so I hope someone can help. When a credit agreement document for a credit card is produced what must be the content of the document and, can it be  reconstituted version of the original application form. Any help would be appreciated.









  5. I was probably going to do this anyway but what do you think I should do about the cheque, bank it or rip it up, the difficulty is it contains the refund of my fee for the documents.
  6. It would have been just before I applied for the copy of the credit agreement November 2014
  7. About five years ago I out a request for a copy of a so called credit agreement for a card I held. As they did not provide these documents (mainly because I never signed one) I wrote to them saying the matter is now in serious dispute. Just recently I was contacted by an organisation called CSL based i Whitechurch Bucks. Since then Lloyds have re-contacted me saying that because the credit card was taken out before 19th May 1985 they did not have to supply these documents and, as such, they have returned my fee of £1.00 plus £100.00 compensation. My enquiry is, are they right in the date they have quoted and what should I do about the cheque (I suppose the obvious thing to do is cash it but would I be admitting to anything if I did). Many thanks for any help Mikesmotor
  8. I don't think this is Cabot's doing, I think this is something that RBS has concocted would have thought that Cabot, if they are as competent about things as they think they are, would have realized that this is a concoction but, I was under the understanding that while a serious dispute exists the account cannot be passed to a third party hence the reason why Triton and Westcot dropped out. Regards Mike
  9. I've requested a copy of a so called credit card agreement from RBS way back in 2012. The whole thing went into serious dispute I have never received a copy of the so called agreement or my money back. So far, after two credit companies, Triton and Westcot have failed to get anywhere and RBS have sold the account to Cabot Financial. They have sent me a document that RBS claims to be the executable agreement but it is nothing more than a re-hashed card application form with various parts copied into it. Anybody had any similar experiences. Regards Mike
  10. I am aware of all of this but the issue here is that my wife is paying into a workplace pension but the amount of tax she is paying is being calculated on her complete salary including her contribution. I can't make her understand this and I get my head bitten off if I mention it. Is there any way of getting her employer to correct this matter without causing to much mayhem!
  11. can anybody advise me as I seem to have got a lot of contradictory info here. I would like to know if the contribution an employee pays out of his/her wages/salary towards their workplace pension is in fact taxable through the normal p.a.y.e. system. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. The insurance company have tried to claim that they have the right to access the DVLA data base. The DVLA have agreed that they don't and have investigated the matter. I would suggest that the insurers had a way of hacking into the data base and have been found out hence their actions.
  13. I would certainly agree that it is the data protection issue that has caused the insurance company (CIS) to cancel the policy but, because they've made such a mess overt handling the claim I am glad to be rid of them.
  14. It would appear that my wife has a two year old SP50 speeding fine which I forgot to disclose. The insurers did charge extra premiums which we paid but I believe it was they way they discovered this SP50 which breached the data protection act.
  15. My wife's car was reversed into by a Hungarian truck (Warberers) when it reversed down the off slip of the M1. We got the car repaired and the third party admitted their fault. However issues arose between us and our insurance company one of which was that they breached the data protection act. One thing lead to another and now they having cancelled the policy citing 'moral hazard'. We are still owed the excess of £150.00 but has anybody had any experience of this 'moral hazard' and what it might mean. I've checked on Google and there seems to be some financial implications. I'd be grateful for any input on this.
  16. I've just received from Lloyds a default notice for this credit card that has entered default as they have not supplied me with a copy of the agreement or refunded my fee. Should I just ignore this or write a reply. Any info would be helpful as I have not come across this before. Regards Mike
  17. Interesting as I've just found a transcript of the judges summary of this case and it would appear that the creditor can discharge their duty by supplying a 'reconstituted' copy of the executed aggreement but it still has to be an executed agreement and they still have to supply it or refund the fee paid. Mike
  18. What do you mean 'nothing to do with Carey pre 19/5/1985'!
  19. I've just received a reply from Lloyds Bank stating that they have case law (Carey v HSBC 2009 EWHC 3417 QB) which says that they are not obliged to provide a true copy of the aggreement as per s77 of the CCA 1974. Does anybody have any knowledge of this case and its implications. Regards Mike
  20. What about the need to supply a copy of the agreement if one exists Mike
  21. I presume you mean that they do have to supply a copy of the agreement. Mike
  22. I've posted this once before but I think it led to some confusion. I have recently sent a CCA request for a copy of the agreement for a credit card I took out with TSB before they became part of the Lloyds banking group. A reply came stating that because the card was taken out before 19th May 1985 they don't have to supply a copy of this agreement. I know this date has something to do with the supply of terms and conditions but I am sure it has nothing to with the credit agreement itself. Has anybody any info that might shed some light on this. Regards Mike
  23. I believe that s78 was altered in May 1985 to take account of the fact that original documents may no longer be available but, as you say, the concocted document must still contain all the details of the original agreement. Some less scrupulous organizations (LTSB) are using that as an excuse for not supplying any documents, copies or otherwise, in the hope that they can get away with the fact that a true credit agreement was never made. Just a point, although Ltsb have never provided documentation to me they still are holding my fee! Mike
  24. Before this goes in too many directions I would just like to confirm that LTSB are incorrect in saying that they do not have to produce a true copy of the credit agreement because of the 2002 start date. Mike
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