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  1. Thanks whitecraig, thats exactly how I was thinking. Ive got the operations manager phoning me back tomorrow and i've fired off a complaint to the CEO's office - So will have to wait and see what they say!
  2. Dont really understand your first point. Although its a 24 month contract and im only in month 19, im asking tmobile how much it would cost to buy out the remainder of the contract. I believe all mobile companies allow you to buy out the remainder of the contract.
  3. Its tobacco purchased within the EU, as UKBA only do restoration proceedings on seized tobacco purchased in the EU.
  4. Currently month 19 into a 24 month contact. Pay £12 per month, which is also what my contract states. Phoned T-Mobile to ask how much it would cost to cancel my contract and they said it would be £85. Asked if they could break this down as it was higher then what I thought and they said it was the £17 per month line rental x 5 months. Asked where they got the £17 from as my line rental has always been £12. They said my line rental was £17 minus a £5 discount, so the original cost is £17. Where abouts do I stand as I never knew my line rental was £17. I renewed in stor
  5. Many thanks for your reply. Would an audit trail include who within the organisation has accessed/viewed the information? I wasnt sure as it it specify the persons name and as such they might not disclose it.
  6. Hi, Im trying to get some information together for my employment tribunal. In one of the cases, I believe there cold be a conflict of interest. If I apply for all information held about me under the DPA, can I also request logs of who has accessed this information and for what purpose?
  7. Hi, I was employed for 18 months with the company. Currently at ET stage where I have received the bundle of documents through. Currently claiming unfair dismissal and discrimination. Two seperate allegations of theft were made, however they were not investigated properly by work. At each stage I kept asking questions which I thought they would have been able to answer should a thorough investigation of taken place. I was not charged by the police, It was NFA due to lack of evidence. The more I look through the bundle, more things keep popping up. Two meetings I attended at
  8. Anyone at all? In the letter I received asking me to attend the disciplinary dated the 2nd June it states In the letter I received dated the 19th June it just says I was dismissed stating no actual reason. Its not until I receive a letter dated the 22nd September regarding the outcome of my appeal does it mention -
  9. Hi elpulpo, Im really sorry, I took it the other way! Please accept my apologies. Just goes to show how things can be mis-understood on the internet!
  10. SOSR = Some Other Substantial Reason. Its a way an employer can dismiss a member of staff if it does not fall under gross misconduct, misconduct etc.
  11. Is there really any need for those kind of posts? There obviously not helpful and actually rather rude. For your information I have used google and thats why I came on here to get some opinions. From reading a variety of sites, it appears theft is covered under gross misconduct, which is why I was asking would an employer dismiss someone for SOSR rather then gross misconduct. Edit - Its an extremely long story, and thats why I made the questions specfic.
  12. Hi, Im just getting things together for the ET after receiving the bundle from work. One thing that keeps going around in my head is that suspicion of theft - Wouldnt you dismiss under gross misconduct rather then SOSR? Just after your thoughts please!
  13. Thank you. I sent them a letter and receieved the bundle this morning. Couple of questions - 1) Am I able to ask for additional documents? Time sheets and so forth? 2) There are quite a few documents they have included which are not relevant to my claim. As I did not know they would be doing this, am I able to send additional documents upon which to rely upon or am I now too late?
  14. Hi, Just a quick question. All documents have to be exchanged by the 28th December. I sent mine off special delivery on Monday. If I dont receive anything tomorrow by the employment company acting on behalf of my former company - what do I do? because of xmas if it doesnt arrive in the morning, it wont be here until after the 28th December.
  15. Hi, As my hours varied, I was basing the figure on what I was paid during my 4 month suspension - £620 per month, however on these payslips no tax or NI was shown - Just the take home figure. In relation to my new job, Ive only received one payslip so far. Its a zero hour contract and as I put in a lot of hours to try and make up a bit of money for xmas, I was only able to base future loss of earnings on the hourly rate - but im a bit stumped as to how far in advance I could claim the difference of .55p per hour. So far ive typed up my schedule of loss which looks like this -
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