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  1. Hi, I would grately appreciate it if you could possibly help me.

    I have recieved a county court claim from Drysdens ltd for my student loan of which the first  that i took out was over 25 years ago i hve also reached the age of 50 a few years ago.

    Iv never earned over the threshold ever as iv been a carer all my life. I am still a carer and I find it extremely hard to hold down a job due to my learning disability as i have dyslexia and i also suffer from panic attacks and anxiety and depression.

    I deferred every year with the SLC without fail upto 2014.

    apparantly Eurido debt company had bought the loans in 2011 but Eurido didnt contact me till late 2014 out of the blue.

    I told them and sent proof of my situation and change of address.  Then subsequently wrote to them explaining  that i had reached the age of 50 in 2017 and requested that the loan should be written off.

    Out of the blue 3rd July 2019 they sent me county court claim form to  which i put a defence and a counter claim.

    Iv also sent a SAR to help me defend my case better to Eurido and Drysdens are also aware of this. To no suprise I havnt heard anything back but they have written to the court to strike out my counter claim. Even though they are fully aware of my mental health and learning difficulty they even advised my mental health advocate that they would put things on hold but havnt.

    For you to fully understand the current situation and help us how to proceed  if you agree i could scan the relevent documents to you.

    I would really appreciate some advice urgently.


    1. Hatestudentloans


      Hi just checking has this been successfully delivered to you?

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