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  1. Thanks for the offer DS Hopefully they'll get the message when they get my SAR and break out their calculator & cheque book ! You can only hope some one there has some sense of morality. lol
  2. Hi all & Happy new year, This is my 1st claim, so here goes..... Sent template SAR dated 03 Jan 07, start the clock ! Its my money & I want it back.
  3. Hi Bean, I'll be watching this thread with interest over the next 3 weeks..... I'm just a newbie to this, so I'm going to approach capital one first as a trial run, from what I've read in the forums they seem to settle with less fuss than monument. So printed + posted my SAR to capital one today & will see how that goes, momument is next on my list though ! Good Luck & Happy New Year
  4. Hi Bean, I'm just preparing to send my SRA to monument and so would be interested to hear how this is progressing for you.
  5. Hello to all @ C.A.G ! I'm just about to start claiming my money back from capital one, so I thought I'd just say how great this site is. Keep up the good work admin guys & expect to hear more from me in the Capital one, Cahoot & Monument forums. Time to claim MY MONEY back.
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