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  1. Must be the noise we are making that's making it wavier
  2. Is there any mileage in the MEP's? What do they do?
  3. Alecmac10 Why don't you contact all other claims companies and get them to send a letter in to their MP as well? Thinking of a template............
  4. Great stuff macboy- Keep up the pressure !! There must be something else we can do to get more people over here. Why can't we get a sticky on the top of all forums, surely this is important enough to.
  5. ohoh4312 If you PM me with your e mail address, I will e mail the template to you. DoS
  6. great work cfrx- can we put it over to this thread as well? http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/108220-fsa-review-waiver-9.html We all need to send this to put pressure on them.
  7. Have a look if your MP is a signatory on this early day Motion and let him know that you know he is against bank charges EDMDetails
  8. Hya guys, saw my MP on saturday. put that on the other thread. I PM'd jenny from MSE on 4/8/07 but had no reply. Still no news from our hierarchy on here? Well I am sure they are 'cooking something up' to help us all. Meanwhile it's great to see more members coming on here to join together. Lets keep the pressure up. Whatt about the national pepers? I have sent it to the Independant as they have been campaigning for people to reclaim, and also the daily Mail who have also, but no reply. Maybe if we got it in the Sun and started a massive campaign with them?
  9. Hya Guys, Gordon prentice has now received 8 letters form the Pendle area. I also had a surgery with him on saturday morning. He has written to the FSA asking them to explain the reasoning behind the waiver. he says he should have a reply from them in about 1 week. Will keep you posted. DOS
  10. lOVE TO SEE THAT SECOND ONE COG. wHAT A BL***Y great idea. ( sorry bout caps)
  11. Great stuff, Maybe the message is being driven home now. Woder what the court ruling was they are referring to? On the news: Repossession are up 30% Bankruptcies are up And the banks are making Billions! These claims in their thousands are just what a lot of people need to get their bank account settled and then could possibly avoid future charges. But now all they can look forward to is more charges
  12. By the looks on the date you started this thread, I would suspect it is the Tom brennans case
  13. I have sent a PM to one of the mods over there asking for their help with a link to this thread.
  14. This is starting to happen now. Thanks to everyone who has sent off letters. Anyone on You Tube? ( I'm a bit old for that) Facebook? or is that American? What about all the National and local papers? All the Students union web sites? All the NHS web sites ? They will have e mail addresses
  15. Don't be surprised if they turn up & ask for a stay
  16. No, he was replying to my letter on here that I sent. (Sigh) And these are guys who are running the country!:o Unless he was referring to my pending court hearings for charges which could be stayed
  17. Thanks to everyone who have subscribed to this thread and are spreading thew word around. Would be good to get it onto Martins site as well as stephen Hones site. In fact every bl***y site that will help us! I have a feeling that this could lead to another consumer revolt like the Poll Tax in the seventies. COME ON ! LET'S TAKE THESE REGULATORS ON AND SHOW THEM WE MEAN BUSINESS AND WILL NOT TAKE THIS LYING DOWN!!
  18. Just received letter back from the House of Commons after my letter to my MP. 'I understand the dificulties you have been put into by this litigation, which could be very protracted. ( You're right there!) I am making some enquiries and will get back to you as soon as possible. ( Better make it quick, I am seeing you in the morning!)
  19. Jenny, sorry for the late reply, I'm only on this PC from 9-5 ( works) Your letter looks great, thanks for your help. Kog, whilst your leaflet looks great and you have some great ideas. I was thinking more along ther lines of getting the FSA ruling overturned. Thousands of people are aware of the charges but we need to get this ruling by the FSA overturned. That is what the letters to the MP/FSA/Financial services consumer panel are all about. Could you design a leaflet asking people to send a letter to the above to get this ruling overturned?
  20. Thanks everyone for sending this to your MP. Can I just say, that even if you're not claiming, please just send it anyway because it is your opinion and you will be helping others on this site. Don't forget to tell your freinds & family to send one as well. Lets get them so fed up they will have to do something
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