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  1. Fantastic work done there Kog. I think a letter or e mail to these people will help our cause. I think only from one person though along the lines of... Although I am not one of your constituents, I would appreciate your kind help in resolving a matter which is affecting thousands of people all over the country. We have been contacting our local MP's about this matter, but I write to you as I see that you have had grave concerns about this matter with your own constituents in the past. And attach the letter. Any coments/help/suggestions? And how come my number of posts aren't moving?I'm still on 557
  2. Had another reply from my MP after saturday surgery. Thank you etc.... Further to my last letter, just to reiterate, I have written to the MINISTERS in question and the FSA.
  3. Went to court again today as a court buddy. My friend against Nasty West. Barrister ( Justin Timson-Smith) for barclays easily got it stayed. Judge didn't even listen to my friend. Told her that all cases are going to be stayed without exception, telling her that february was not a long time to wait Burnley County Court
  4. Looks like we are on a hiding to nothing. Even the MP's are on their side.
  5. Martin lewis is on ITV at 11.25. You can e mail questions to him @ itv.com
  6. Martin Lewis is on ITV at 11.25. He has said if anyone want to send him a question e mail him on itv.com
  7. This is bl***y draining! Where are all these thousands of members when you need them? No input from Mods. Still no reply from MSE Jenny, despite a PM sent on 4/8/07. Have most members been told not to help us? No-one on MSE seems to be interested. Complain to OFT FSA FOS and yr MP - MoneySavingExpert.com Forums
  8. Response this morning Thank you for taking the trouble to to write to me about an issue which concerns you. However, this is not an matter in which I have any locus as an MEP as it is entirely for decision by the British Government. May I suggest that you contact your MP, who may be able to bring pressure to bear upon the appropriate Ministers. Yours sincerely, Rt Hon Sir Robert Atkins MEP
  9. Just a thought last night. Are you sure these e mails will get the intended response? I just think it is too easy to delete or just set up a template response to e mail everyone back. I always felt it was better to write, then they would have to take the time to actually write back. Unless of course, they are going to write back and not just reply with e mails. JMHO PS Don't forget Alistair Darling ( and don't reply to me with 'OK Sweetheart' he's here [email protected] Don't forget to address it to The Rt Hon. Alistair Darling MP. The Treasury oversees the FSA and he is at the top.
  10. Whilst I welcome the Test case wholeheartedly, the impact on the Consumer from the FSA ruling in favour of the banks has left me cold. This is a subject which seems to have been conveniently glossed over by those involved. What about, Whilst I welcome the test case, I ( and thousands of others) feel that the ruling by the FSA is a kick in the teeth for consumers. ( Let 'em know we are seething!
  11. 6. - (1) It is unlawful for a public authority to act in a way which is incompatible with a Convention right. (2) Subsection (1) does not apply to an act if- (a) as the result of one or more provisions of primary legislation, the authority could not have acted differently; or (b) in the case of one or more provisions of, or made under, primary legislation which cannot be read or given effect in a way which is compatible with the Convention rights, the authority was acting so as to give effect to or enforce those provisions. (3) In this section "public authority" includes- (a) a court or tribunal, and (b) any person certain of whose functions are functions of a public nature, but does not include either House of Parliament or a person exercising functions in connection with proceedings in Parliament.
  12. In the determination of his civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge against him, everyone is entitled to a fair and public hearing within a reasonable time Any good ohoh? Article 6
  13. The link to the letter is here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/108220-fsa-review-waiver.html There are also links on there to send to the FSA and others
  14. We are not getting the numbers though Kog. Anyone any ideas how to get people here?
  15. Gone to The Rt Hon. Alistair Darling MP Chancellor of the Exchequer. The FSA is controlled by the treasury of which he is at the top.
  16. I think the press and the TV are the way to go as well. But, as the Treasury control the FSA why not let alistair darling also have some of our venom? Browny may be looking for an election in October, he needs our votes. Contact Us
  17. Off the treasury web site Objectives: 1. maintaining a stable macroeconomic framework with low inflation; 2. maintaining sound public finances in accordance with the Code for Fiscal Stability; 3. improving the quality and the cost effectiveness of public services; 4. increasing the productivity of the economy; 5. expanding economic and employment opportunities for all; 6. promoting a fair and efficient tax and benefit system with incentives to work, save and invest; 7. achieving a high standard of regularity, propriety and accountability in public finance; 8. securing an innovative, fair dealing, competitive and efficient market in financial services, while striking the right balance with regulation in the public interest; 9. promoting UK economic prospects by pursuing increased productivity and efficiency in the EU, international financial stability and increased global prosperity, including especially protecting the most vulnerable.
  18. The FSA is accountable to Treasury Ministers, and through them to Parliament. It is operationally independent of Government and is funded entirely by the firms it regulates. The FSA is an open and transparent organisation and provides full information for firms, consumers and others about its objectives, plans, policies and rules, including through this website. An area of this website provides information specifically for consumers on financial products, regulation and their rights.
  19. Found on a web site. The last paragraph is important in my view and shows that we should be outting pressure on the Financial services consumer panel, sems they have the power to overturn this waiver. The OFT says it has entered into an agreement with these providers in relation to the litigation process to facilitate an orderly and timely resolution of the legal issues. News of the initiative was welcomed by a number of parties, including the Consumer Panel. John Howard, Chairman of the Panel, said: "It is terrible that the issue of bank charges has been allowed to rumble on for so long, with thousands of consumers having to threaten action to have their cases settled. "The test case will provide certainty and consistency for consumers in the way firms are dealing with complaints. "We understand and support the decision to allow banks to suspend dealing with claims until the test case has been decided, but will be pressing the FSA to revoke the waiver if the test case becomes protracted and consumers are exposed to undue risk."
  20. Robert Atkins MEP Brian Simpson MEP Arlene McCarthy MEP John Whittaker MEP Den Dover MEP Sajjad Karim MEP David Sumberg MEP Chris Davies MEP Gary Titley MEP Now sent letter to the above DoS
  21. Alecmac whereabouts are you based/
  22. Yes Mac, It's a funny shaped thing on the end of your leg!!
  23. Jo, I think anything to raise the profile of this is worth it. Please post it when you have finished and we will certainly have a look. Thanks. I am still very much bemused by the lack of people and mods/site helpers on here. Macboy, do you know something we don't?
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