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  1. You're on your own, they all love it here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/108233-bank-charges-consumer-charter.html?highlight=The+Bank+Charges+Reclaiming+Charter
  2. I refer my honourable friend to my previous answer http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/107548-office-fair-trading-test-42.html#post1069866
  3. No, I am 100% positive that this will definately overturn the waiver. I also think that this will scare the MP's into action. And lastly I think it will reverse the process where banks cannot charge us but we can reclaim all the charges. I think it is one of the best letters I have ever seen. Well done everyone.!!!
  4. If your claim has not already been stayed the we will have written or will be writing to seek a stay. As a result, your case is likely to be put on hold until the outcome of the test case. WHAT??? I thought is was the courts that decided that. I think this letter is out of order!!
  5. mmm... So let's see. No-one originally seemed to care about this thread ( or should I say the original one) only myself and Jenny. In the absence of any input from the much more experienced members on here, I decided to spend a coulpe of hours typing a template after many hours searching on the watchdogs web sites and doing research and 'feeling' for what people wanted. I put links to the MP's site and to other sites I felt would benefit us. Then- people started to come on to the thread, my letter was edited and people were asked to send that letter, and then do this and that. Finall y, to add insult to injury, I log on this morning and just about all my posts had disappeared and just the 'chosen few' left, who are now obviously the 'leaders' of the thread. So all my work was in vain. Then I have to ask if I can 'please have my post back where the original letter was'. Well I'm sorry but I do not want to be part of your little 'click' and you carry on telling the minions what to do. But for me? rearrange the following words up (edit) it your stick
  6. I won't hold my breath! LOL Mac
  7. On the news this morning- Trutex who make school uniforms had a petition for people to sign to take to No 10 to stop adding VAT on school uniforms...........3,000 people signed it.........3,000!! And what do we get for trying to help people? How many have we got? Mind you we can look forward to the Charter- that'll have them worried OOPs! is that a robot I hear coming???
  8. Well, I'm calling it a day! Not one Mod decided to reply to me and yet I have had 17 threads deleted as unapproved ( this one will be next) Sick of having to pick dummys up that have been thrown out of the pram. Good luck to you all and I hope all works out. Thank you very much everyone who has put some hard work into this and I hope the letter gets results. I will still post questions for help on my forum, but I think the helping has had its day for me.
  9. You may need to reduce it to three for some
  10. If you take a good luck around the MSE site, you will see numerous threads linking to this site for templates etc... Some links put there by MODs. This friend has PM'd a MOD about this and had no reply, which I find to be extrmely arrogant and ignorant! And this thread was pulled- so links to the templates etc... are OK but links to our little campaign are not it seems
  11. My exact place of birth as well. What secondary school did you go to? I went to MGS ( now Morecambe High school I believe)
  12. I agree, there is a deathly wall of silence around this project. I received an e mail from a CAG member this morning and posted on the other thread. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general/108220-fsa-review-waiver-14.html
  13. Received an e mail from a fellow CAG member this morning. She put a post on the MSE forum telling them about this thread with a link to it and also links to MP site etc.. IT WAS PULLED WITHIN 15 MINS. I THINK THAT JUST ABOUT SUMS THINGS UP???????
  14. Yes Jo, use it by all means, it's free on the web to anyone. Sorry to hear about the papers, there may still be time.
  15. Interesting reading from Jan 2007 Scroll down to bank charges House of Commons Hansard Debates for 16 Jan 2007 (pt 0008)
  16. Do you live in Morecambe amethyst? I was born & bred in B-L-S
  17. I think this deserves a letter to House of Commons - Register of All-Party Groups The chairperson is one Mark Lazarowicz MPs hear call for action on bank charges
  18. Bet it's not a 'normal' fee
  19. John v Rees (1970). Justice Megarry" It may be that there are some who would decry the importance of the rules of natural justice. ......those who take this view do not, I think, do themselves justice. As everybody who has anything to do with the law well knows, the path of the law is strewn with examples of open and shut cases which, somehow, were not: of unanswerable charges which, in the event, were completely answered ; with inexplainable conduct which was fully explained; ........ nor are those with any knowledge of human nature who pause to think for a moment likely to underestimate the feelings of resentment of those who find there is a decison against them as being made without their being afforded any opportunity to influence the course of events."
  20. I can only stay on here till around 6pm. I think the picture says it all. Where are all the other members, MOds, Rockers? Skinheads, etccc. I put this up on M Lewis's site. NOT ONE! NOT ONE has bothered. Some people on this thread are doing a bl***y marvellous job! I just don't understand we we are not getting the 'joining togehter of like minded souls'
  21. where's all the people that used to help? Bong. Bill-K, Glenn UK. Sea side lady Bookworm Glen H Has no mod got any input to help us? Why is it quiet?
  22. Looking at Kog's excellent research above.What is everyones view on writing to these All Party Parliamentary Groups Reading through this MPs hear call for action on bank charges I think they deserve a mass e mailing
  23. In the absence of any help here, Just e mailed Which? to see if they can help.
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