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  1. I suspect it may be a material fact on your driving record, it shouldn't affect your private car insurance if it is divulged, however if you don't and it comes out in a claim under your own Policy it may well be held against you as non-disclosure. I would regard it the same way if you had been caught speeding in your bus and got a ticket, OK it isn't your car but does form part of your driving history for insurance purposes.

  2. Thanks appreciate the advice, I just wanted to make sure all i's were dotted here before I wait to see what they do, I have had a few issues with them on a "missing" cheque early on in the saga when I didn't know better than to believe everything they told me but like you say compared to others I/we owe very small amounts to they have not exactly been ferocious in pursuing us, I have made three token payments in the last year before the CCA request went in and nothing since then, guess this tells it's own story.

  3. Hi


    Have an on going dispute with Co-Op over an old Northern Rock Credit Card with a BIG balance. I only found out about this about a year ago (partner hid it from me). At first tried to pay off what I could afford, asked for interest to be stopped (a firm NO) and did this for a month or two, then discovered CAG and things changed. At this juncture I have had response to my CCA request and they have sent a scrap of paper as the application, I sent a strong reminder and got the same thing. Then I sent a sod off letter that I didn't recognise the debt and that it should be removed as there is no enforceable fully executed agreement. They have responded as below, there is a copy of the CCA, the covering letter this came with and the final answer letter:-







    I had started to claim charges and sent an LBA months back which they suddenly agreed to after my no CCA letter with no chasing or court action.


    What do I do now ?? I haven't yet contacted Trading Standards or the FOS - should either of these be involved ??, or do I just sit back and see what they do ?? My worst outcome here is that it does go to court and I get a CCJ and enforcement from a judge, then at least the interest will stop and I can start paying it off. Ready to fight this whatever so expecting a rough ride ??


    What do you guys suggest ???

  4. Amazing, heard nothing and went well past the 8 week deadline so submitted my FOS complaint, this was acknowledged with a case number and said due to large volumes they would deal as soon as they could .... then letter arrives from Halifax upholding my complaint, premiums to be refunded to the account and shown on the next statement !!! Yay !!! Now doesn't say how much so until I find out and agree it (obviously since 1997 it is going to be a fair bit of money) and have the statement with the credit on it I will let the FOS complaint ride for now ...... not that I don't trust anything Halifax tell me ;)

  5. Hi, just a quickie, I have had the we don't have to keep copies of CCA Agreements if over 6 years old thrown at me, I know this is wrong as it is 6 years after the agreement ends but don't know what piece of legislation this comes from, have scanned the CCA 1974 this morning but couldn't find it ? Cheers Harry

  6. I tried OFCOM, they have noted it on their records but they won't get involved in individual cases and under the harrassment laws it is a Police matter .... so lucky I wrote to them too, they will investigate and come back to me !!! .... oh, and my MP wrote an excellent letter on my behalf !!

  7. Littlewoods will put up a fight but can be eventually beaten, be prepared to file at court with them and don't take any excuses or rubbish from them ie we need more than 40 days to respond to the S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) - no, I would like it now please !!!! We need more time to investigate after you have filed the LBA - no, don't listen keep going, stick to the timetable ..... you will win but they are stubborn !! They settled with me after they had filed a defence and I had put in the AQ, was a nice guy actually allegedly ex-trading standards, cheque duly arrived and spent !!!

  8. Hi guys, I have been off the site alot recently due to broadband issues and not being at work. I have had my third identical letter from Halifax along these lines, it is an impersonal computerised thing, however I hand delivered a reply to say it was my last and final reply to the letter and I would keep the copies which will be included in my complaint to the FOS including the written confirmation that they denied ever sending it !! Also I pointed out I was not concerned with their court case or what they agree on irrelevant matters to my complaint and I would take my advice and opinion from the FOS and not Halifax. I wonder if the FOS are aware of the banks ridiculous tactics, just proves they do actually think they are the law.

  9. I have had problems with Banks & DCAs ringing before and usually well written letters and the tactics above do the trick. For the more stubborn ones I have resorted to building up support and investigation by writing to Ofcom, BT, my MP, OFT and the Police. It may not always go very far but makes them aware you ain't going to be pushed around, I have had positive responses and although I don't exactly think they will go to prison I am happy for complaints to be officially on file and that they know this, provides good ammunition and evidence for lots of things in the future. I know this seems mad but I was just in the mood to fight back after being threatened by a numpty in an Indian call centre ..... makes me feel better though !!

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  10. Thanks guys, haven't been on line too much in last few weeks as I have been off work where I can get a decent connection .... still not working although I have contact with human beings and complained to the CEO of France Telecom Didier Lombard ..... that's when they rang me to help. I am going to push this to Ofcom in the end, I have checked their site and I see the "contract" as unfair in that they don't guarantee a service .... well there are short interruptions in service that are bearable and being offline for a month which in my book isn't. Will give this a try if I need to and then throw Ofcoms guidelines on mac codes at them, in the end this isn't about money or deals, I just want sodding broadband back !! Having said that by being utter dick heads all along I will move away from them so for salvaging a few quid by being this way they lose more in the future, maybe the future isn't so bright !!

  11. Wow !! Join the club, my father had the same issues as me with no service which broke up, he moved to Sky and is fine. I am still arguing the toss with Orange, no service since 9th August, took a letter from me to Didier Lombard the CEO of France Telecom in Paris to get them to do something. All they care about are chuffing contracts that they can't fulfil, I am fed up to the back teeth, my problem actually is a speed that is too fast !! I know they can't fix it as my father lives nearby me and the line and exchange equipment they have can't cope ....... I am going to move anyway, why can they just not give up. As far as service goes then read my own Orange thread, some very nasty full of attitude chavs there, service is attrocious at best unless you kick off, then you don't have to deal with the script mongers in India who drive you up the wall. Good luck with your quest, try Offcom, I intend to very shortly, this seems to make them sit up and listen !!

  12. I have had a terrible last week with Orange, I have lost connection completely and this culminated in me today deciding to "migrate", had enough of being fobbed off, call centre repetivness going absolutely nowhere, made the "I want to migrate" call. Well I have never encountered such a vicious obnoxious sawn off runt in all my life, advised me I was on a "contract", would cost £86 to move and we have already told you this (imagine this with a we are better than you attitude). Well I have been with Orange since Wanado and before that Freeserve and I have never had a contract, he mentioned in January I changed the service I was getting which was true but this was because I was paying more for the same speed and no "contract" was mentioned and I was simply an existing customer moving around. I am smelling a rat here and this nob head would not do anything I ask, you know when you ask for his supervisor and there isn't one, my parting shot was to tell him what an ignorant tw*t he was (sorry but I was pushed) I have sent a strong complaint to Orange about my situation and about the attitude of this monkey along with a request about my "contract" I have never seen. I have a feeling they may try and pin this on me and I wondered what I could do if anything to head them off at the pass so to speak or if I need to get Ofcom involved, anyody any thoughts ??


    Unbelievably ........ the Broadband came back on about half an hour ago !!! I am still not happy so will claim some refund and compo and WILL move, but when ??

  13. Thanks Kenny, the claim is seperate, what I meant was that I simply asked for the return of the premiums as I never asked for the cover, however I didn't expressly say it was mis-sold, this was halifax who decided this. As for which route I go I have already filed at court 3 times with Halifax and won all three but it did drag on, this time the money will come off a balance so I won't be getting a big fat cheque and FOS is cheaper for me and I guess more expense for them !!

  14. Yes, upon receipt of a copy of the application form (didn't send a true CCA but that is another quest I will embark on, powder being kept dry for when I really need it) it appears the box for PPI wasn't ticked, however it has been added to the account. Got to LBA stage with it but I am intending putting it through the FOS first. My prelim and LBA didn't mention anything about mis-selling but their acknowledgement referred to it as mis-sold ... which I thought was promising !!

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  15. A "me too" here ! have posted a rant on my own Halifax thread but good to see I am not alone !! I am not put off by their ridiculous announcement and intend to use this to my advantage, it is just the wording of this is so loaded and doesn't give the full facts, my complaint is about PPI on a Credit Card ... why on earth I need this letter and why they state it is in their opinion about Bank Charges is beyond me when they have already acknowledged it was about mis-sold insurance, although I can only assume this is what it referred to as their was no reference or account number on it, just my name ??


    All in all more shoddy customer service from Halifax, just strengthens my resolve to defeat them at everything !!

  16. Did anybody else get the computer generated OFT letter from Halifax this weekend ?? Firstly it had no reference to what it referred to by way of account or complaint ! It was so loaded and implying the OFT are their best friends and that nobody is allowed to complain to the FOS about ANYTHING to do with bank charges !! What utter rubbish and it saddens me that this is what they resort to and sure some unsuspecting people will believe all this drivel and accept their charges without question. One little line also annoys me, "if your complaint isn't about Bank Charges and is about Administration Error then please let us know" ..... yeah right, why not read the letters I sent. I am sure any CAGers out there will treat this ridiculous letter with the contempt it deserves and march on regardless, I for one am quite glad as it goes into my file to be used against them when my FOS complaint does go in .... I have had two of the same letter this weekend, have two complaints lodged with them, both regarding activity on Credit Card accounts .... guess what ... letter fails to mention the OFT case only applies to Bank Accounts ..... Halifax, you have been rumbled yet again with your useless propaganda and trying desperately to hide behind the OFT won't make us go away, I do hope this comes back to haunt you !!

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