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  1. Thanks Andy, no never found this, fantastic, thank you !!
  2. I am in the process of claiming back money for a Holiday that was cancelled in May this year due to Covid. This is ongoing, however I booked my BA Seat reservations direct rather than through my travel agent. I have submitted a Section 75 to the Credit Card company to get this back and they have asked for the cancellation advice. I did get a booking confirmation E-Mail ...... guess what I didn't get a cancellation E-Mail, the notice of cancellation was online on the flight status via the website at the time. The BA site will no longer accept my booking reference, I can't get in touch with BA easily, unreplied questions. I have submitted general Web info I have found on Google saying all flights cancelled etc. Google is exhausted, looking for a link to specific cancelled flight lists if one exists !
  3. On the £1.00 fee this is standard behaviour done on purpose to get you to contact them and also to wind you up. These people know full well what a fee is and incredibly they did the same to me and added it as a payment on a statement, just write back and play the game and tell them the error of their ways, my view is by doing tis it only strengthens your hand to prove how awkward and unreasonble they can be and how they have no control when following legislation and the law, which Halifax do think they are above. BOS were instructed to issue court papers within 7 days if I didn't pay up ...... month later still waiting ..... and no I haven't paid up
  4. Legal & Trade ...... never forget my next phone conversation with them as the tables turned
  5. The discharge fee I understand is standard, I have left them recently from a regular mortgage (ie not fixed) and this was all they charged as it didn't go full term. Like you say their rates are real bad so overall it does pay in the long run to get away now and recoup the cash with your lower rate, it certainly will never improve with them. Oh and weight off mind, I pay Gordon Brown enough of my hard earned pounds without paying him my mortgage too !!
  6. Also, can you use a standing order instead of DD ? You would be in control of the amount they take each month
  7. I won on exactly the same basis, no ticked box, over £1500 against the balance ...... keep going, you didn't ask for it, game over !!
  8. Same happened to me, what a scatter brain lot they are to make this silly mistake twice eh ??? ........ nahhhhh deliberate to make you contact them and think you have done something incorrect ...... stand your ground if they do this, write and make it clear it is not a payment but a statutory fee, also if they don't have a copy of the CCA then they really should return the fee to you
  9. Don't hold your breath, Halifax have a habbit of losing incriminating tapes as I have found and the call centre monkeys say all kinds of stupid things to you, best off taping yourself, however I would move the accounts anyway and then complain, more likely to get a reaction and the idiot disciplined, plus you can feel quite smug that you have showed them and won't be pushed around by these bullies !!
  10. Have you never CCAd them regarding this, alot of people are in the same boat with Co-Op taking over from Northern Rock and it looks like a common theme that they don't have the correct form of CCA, if ever the description scrap of paper applied then mine literally was. I don't know if it is too late to do this, maybe someone else can advise, however I would have thought that to get you to court they would need this document in the correct form.
  11. sorry, Money Claim On Line, it is the online way to file a court claim and was very easy to use, however I understand all claims via this method are now being stayed
  12. Luckily I got in last year, put up a struggle and had to do MCOL and won yay !! Also, got my PPI charges back for an unticked box on the application form they sent instead of the CCA I asked for ..... nice
  13. Or if they don't have the document they shouldn't take the fee for providing it and may even return the cheque (has happened to me before), also I have known CCA cheques take a while to be cashed, I have visions of a group of DCA monkeys stood round it scratching their heads !!! Still at least they didn't cash it right away and try the old "thank you for your payment to the debt" routine
  14. Yep, going through the motions with them, CCAd them, got yet another copy of my application form, sent letter to them telling them to go away, had a number of threats which haven't been caried out, now at the stage of you must ring us within 7 days to prevent further action ...... what will that be exactly ...... send another "we may" letter ? Shaking in my boots here not
  15. Halifax listen to nobody, have no regard for legislation or regulations and their CEO endorses blatant law breaking. Interestingly enough I had a reply from the Information Commisioner today after complaining to him that Halifax refused to delete my telephone number from their records, basically they passed the buck and started going on about the consumer credit act and how I should contact trading standards and that this matter should be resolved with Halifax "customer service". So, the spineless "authorities" of this country strike again, I may have to resort to my own campaign of telephone harrassment of his office and see how they like it !!
  16. Yes, they may set 1st credit on you before too long, just tell them to go away too
  17. Some interesting points and views, I guess it depends on your situation and how you got there as to how you deal with things. The main thing I was grateful for was that it handed control of the debt over to me and not the pressurising monkeys on the end of a phone and this can be managed from here. I can now offer what I think is fair to clear these off in my own time if/and when I can afford it, that process has now started. When I say fair, for instance, I think financial difficulties and closed accounts should not continue to have interest piled on, it just so happens that they have no signed agreement to say they could do that anyway so technically this is very right ..... and fair ...... same goes for charges and fees tied into the unfortunate circumstances
  18. That is what confuses me, I thought you were allowed to speak as a representative, did you do anything incorrectly ? Sorry, for all the questions however I may be in a similar situation myself speaking behalf of OH and found this quite worrying as OH wouldn't have a clue
  19. Can I just ask why you were not allowed to speak for your daughter ? Were you intending to represent her ?
  20. They do read them, however I suspect their ignorance is deliberately engineered to get you to contact them again. It has happened a number of times to me now with different organisations, recent example, a CCA demand with a £1 cheque stapled to it - response, thank you for your payment to the debt, please contact us to prevent further action. Not the first time this has happened, not my problem, cashing of my cheque marked "CCA fee payment" by them is proof that they have recieved it and I am sure they can make their excuses to the judge if they need to. Guess this has come with experience as in the past I would have sent a stroppy letter back, which is what they want, now I won't waste my ink. Remember it is all part of the game, just do what you need to and let them carry on with their own stupidity and if they mess up then it is to your advantage.
  21. Strangely enough I was just checking this morning when my last bit of meaningful correspondence was with them and this was September 2007 when I wrote the standard go away letter re unenforcable response to CCA request (it wasn't actually a CCA), since then zilch other than statements with added line of the situation on my account is very serious, have been waiting for something more terrible but to date nothing has happened ?
  22. I am probably a step or two ahead of you but had similar circmstances on the CCA and PPI. I have successfully got all of the PPI and interest back for an unticked box on a form:D, also all of the charges although these came off the card balance. At this juncture we are with BOS and the usual rubbish about ignoring CCA requests and being a pain, I have made a careful FFS to Halifax. The CCA is as yours and is illegible and in all correspondence on this Halifax refer to it as a copy of "my application form" so no chance it will ever surface. Will see if they see sense soon and settle this off, otherwise only another 4 years and 10 months to statute barred day !!!
  23. of course they will, they thrive on the fact that alot of people fear large organisations and believe everything they say and won't dare challenge them. So, you need to do a bit of work if you are going to stand up to them and succeed, at the end of the day, although they might tell you otherwise the law applies equally to them as well as you.
  24. BOS are very devious. I have had a response to my CCA ....... Thank you for your payment ....... please contact us to avoid further action ....... in the past I would have got a letter straight off to correct their error but I guess that is what they want, content now that they have the request and any "mistake" by them is to my advantage, will let them get on with it and explain to the judge why said "payment" clearly marked fee and stapled to a CCA request has not been obvious enough for them ...... they know full well what they are doing, however I am older and wiser now .... knowledge is everything.
  25. Yep deffo try the CCA, if this doesn't exist (as mine doesn't) then you are in total control of how to deal with this as it is unenforcable so any threats of court action will be empty as you will have a complete defence. As NP says for £1 it is worth a shot, you may find they are more receptive of your proposals after this lands on their door mat.
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