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  1. This is what i would like to do as anything out of the charges they've given me would be a massive help! I dont ever have money to eat and have to eat at my nans or i starve, she puts petrol in my car and i can never take my girlfriend anywhere or have a social life because im always in debt or owing money! Where abouts do i start and do i have the right to claim money back or will they just tell me its my problem for being bad with my finances?
  2. Hello everyone, I found this site while trying to find the customer service number for Natwest so I can complain about the amount of charges I have recieved so im glad I can get some info behind me before i do so and can talk to people that are in the same position as me! I have been with Natwest for almost 6 years and have been recieving charges, fines etc on my account which are leaving me with no money within a week of getting paid. I am in full time employment and earning good money, I currently live with a friend so have to pay rent on a monthly basis and i get paid monthly so struggle to live. First of all I have recieved over £900 in fines within the last 9-10 months and these fines are taking what precious little money i have left to live on. They are usually a fine taking me over drawn which will incurr another fine for actually going over drawn! I rarely recieve my bank statements but always seem to be sent a sheet of fines! I also have an Advantage Gold account which I am charged over £12 a month for but was never told there would be a charge for this account when I took it. I have few direct debits, one of which i was unable to pay due to a fine which took the money i had to pay it which I then recieved a fine of £38 for. This is a regular occurance and is stopping me from being able to put petrol in my car, food for me to live on or having spare cash in my bank for a rainy day and is giving me a shocking credit rating! Is there anything I can do about this or should I just bite the bullet? Many thanks on any help I recieve, Jamie
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