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  1. Hi all. Some more delay, been off work due to having an op (nothing major but left me out of it for two weeks) then having hols then a wedding to go to left me delayed on some process. The date has passed for HSBC for my LBA but today I have received an offer for 3/4s of the charges and no interest. I am thinking of taking this offer, but seeing what people think? Do HSBC back down if do submit to court? Thanks in advance for any opions.
  2. Just noticed above what I placed from page one. I typed it all up into Word first and used strike out on the following "and note that the allocation questionnaire should be returned to the Chorley County Court.". They have cancelled this off my letter therefore no AQ needed.
  3. Like I mentioned, not submitting more to my timescales, rather than waiting for them. This is for numerous reasons, like mentioned above that got a court claim that I need to prepare for, that currently do not have the funds available to submit this claim. I will wait for the time being, but if the response is not the one I'm after then I will be taking legal action. Why is Barclays doing this? Waiting till the 11th hour before looking to settle? Wasting more of there money.
  4. Got a 2nd holding letter dated 08-06-07 stating that still reviewing my case and that will have a final answer by the 09-07-07. Due to me dealing with a court case with Barclaycard, I have decided not to submit another court action, and will wait to see this response from Barclays, if the outcome is something that I don't like, then a court claim will be submitted.
  5. Hi all, received this today. This is an exact copy of what I got today. If anyone is able to advise me what I should be doing next I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. yeah, the priv fee ios something that would have been agreed with so unable to claim that one back. ive never seen one of these refund sheets that are being sent, but from what your saying is right, commission minus any refunds given. in the spreadsheet they provided, do they list the day that the charge was done? doesnt matter about what the charge was relating to, you can just add as per the spreadsheet given, these are the following charges for either returned direct debit, going overlimit, card misuse, etc...
  7. it will be the collection department calling you with ref to the overdrawn account. the collections side will have no record of what you are doing, so only when you mention it to them then they will be able to note on your account.
  8. An update, just got back from my hols to find out that on Friday 8th June that they have filed in a Defence, so looks like its going to be transfered to local court. Now, this is the first time for my claims going to court, and I'm not 100% sure what I now need to be doing. So any pointers of threads or people that might be able to help would be grateful. Thanks in advance.
  9. Just gave a call to Customer Relations to see how things are progressing. And also to ask why today I have received another set of my statements. Spoke to a lovely lady called Sue. Was able to confirm that they have a letter received on the 14-05-07 (this should be my prelim), and unsure why another set of statements have been sent out to me. She has advised that there is a current backlog (as if we didnt know this already) which is currently 5 weeks, but in this time I should receive my offer. She did mention that a letter was sent out on the 19-05-07 to advise me of this 4 week waiting
  10. I'll be typing up my LBA this weekend ready to post out on Tuesday.
  11. Updated news, I sent my LBA to Colin Langdale on the 15-05-07 giving them to 31-05-07 to respond before I submit a court claim.
  12. Barclaycard have acknowledged my claim, giving hem the 28 days to file a defence. I have sen to the courst a copy of the charges sheet I have sent to Barclaycard, and I submitted this via the MCOL site. Im going to look into preperation now, but any pointers and what I should have would help. Especially in the light the case with Lloyds TSB thats in the news at the moment.
  13. D'oh!!! After re-reading that, I cant help but LMAO
  14. Ive got a little behind. Should have done my LBA on May 4th. Will have to type one up tomorrow and post Tuesday. At least I can add to my LBA that I have been generous and allowed extra time.
  15. Hi all. Little behind. Sent barclays my prelim on the 10-05-07 giving them till 24th May to respond. Currentyl have not received anything back.
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