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  1. Just out of interest, Just looking on PCM website and I noticed the the successful CCJ only go upto 2016 ? http://www.parkingcontrolmanagement.co.uk/legal.php
  2. http://www.hse.gov.uk/pubns/indg382.pdf
  3. There is also the Driving at work Act.. have a read thru.... I was in the same position, driving long hours and the company didn't give a dam. they put pressure on to get the job done, this is just the tip of the iceberg.
  4. I forgot to mention, I called T&S and the CAB is calling me back tomorrow !!
  5. Where do I stand ? do I have a case to tell them to do one ?
  6. The Saga.. Advice Please. I had a quote from a National Window installer and I agreed to have a Bow window fitted, I signed up on 28/8/15 and the surveyor turned up a few days later and measured up.. all fine so far... A date was arranged to have the window fitted 22/9/15. The fitters turned up on the said date and proceeded to fit the window, the old window came out and the new one went in, that's when the problems started, they informed me that they don't fit !!!!!!!!!!!! miss- measured by 100mm each side... how could they get it so wrong. So they packed up and drove off into the sunset... The same day another so called architect turned up and re-measured and said they will turn it round quite quickly. I sent an email to their head office and followed it up with a phone call, they told me that they would ask a manger to call me, nothing.... 7 days later I called them back and asked what was happening with my window ?. They said yes your window are due in on Friday and we can fit them on Tuesday... Today, so they turned up again and started to fit the new windows and then they noticed that the sill don't fit !!!!!!! So off the fitters go !! I was told a manger would call me back to explain what will happen next. No call, so I called them back this evening and spoke to some Manger, I told him I was peed off with them and the lack of customer care, and at that point I told I don't want his window and he can cancel my order, as they are not fit for purpose and I have lost faith in their product... He informed me that it was too late to cancel as the 14 day cooling off period had passed, he offered my £75.00 servery fee a refund... so I told him to ...off. the question is, do I still have to have the window as I haven't paid yet only the survey fee of £75.00 ? P.S I have no internal window sill and the external tiles have been removed, a sheet aup at the window and its an embarrassment:!:. where do I stand.
  7. The whole thing is a [problem],, a Lad at work had the same issue.. he's reported his new supplier the Ombudsman over false readings.. He refused a SM.. his point was a good one, say he is away and his supply is very low, and say this information is being broadcasted and intercepted.. crooks would know when your away !!
  8. http://www.es-uk.info/docs/front-02-ill-health-smart-meters.pdf Sorry to High Jack your thread.... Just food for thought !! A right can of worms, My sisters daughter suffers from ES.. Electrostatic Sensitivity and is unable to turn the PC/TV/WiFi or any device... she is fighting the dreaded smart meter installation, seems these energy companies have a hidden agenda... keep up the good fight.
  9. I'm just watching Parking Mad, I cant believe the profiteering by local councils. Why are the Police helping private Bailiffs pull over cars on the road ? Total [problem].
  10. What type of Van where you driving at the time..?
  11. I had the very same thing... I sent RW a SB letter and a Harassment Letter after the phone calls...... Last week I received a letter from Santander saying sorry..... !!!!!
  12. Small claims court I would have thought, send him a letter before action with a dead line.... as the seller has contracted with you do you have a paper email trail ?
  13. You need to find out what the security procedure is, and find out if security have followed their own process... good luck.
  14. you could be disciplined for not followed company procedure !! But Theft ? You did not leave the building with the can of coke.... just a thought. Definition of “theft” 1 Basic definition of theft. (1)A person is guilty of theft if he dishonestly appropriates property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it; and “thief” and “steal” shall be construed accordingly. (2)It is immaterial whether the appropriation is made with a view to gain, or is made for the thief’s own benefit.
  15. THEY ARE NO POLICE THEY ARE POLICY ENFORCERS !! Feed the story to the press !!
  16. TBH I would have thought they would have to caught you driving the car so they could eliminate any doubt: the damage could have happened any time, I mean kids may have damaged the tyre. crazy world !!
  17. Its seems to be more common place these days, I see it every day, the high way code is clear... !!!
  18. If you are happy with the car I would see if they would be prepared to pay for the work/parts at your local garage !! it will cost them more to transport and repair/refund !!
  19. The chances are the Laptop is fine.... You may find while you where surfing the net agents have been installed and add-ware is running in the back ground... I use www.malwarebytes.org to clear any unwanted rubbish..... do you know what ani-virus software is installed on your laptop ?... some of this free stuff has become blotted.
  20. IMO: it doesn't matter if your x directory, companies only have to obtain CRA files, all the details are there... or it could be you have filled out forms and entered your phone number on the forms.. my farther in-law had a car accident a few months back, all his details was given to his insurer and low and behold... constant bombardment of txt and calls to his home number for loads of different companies. if your info is out there then its fair game.. disgrace.
  21. Under handed way of collecting money of the sick.. yet another Tax !!
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