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  1. On the N1 form page it says: Charges x 0.00022 = pence per day. Maybe it means pounds per day, at which point it would be 40p. I don't wanna get this wrong, as I don't want them to wriggle out of anything Thanks J
  2. Hi All, I'm just filling in my N1 against Barclays, and want to make sure I get it right. I am claiming £1820 for charges, and £317.33 in interest (not the overdraft interest) How much should my daily interest amount be? Is it the total amount (1820+317.33) or just 1820 x 0.00022? If the latter it seems like it is 0.4p per day. Is that right? Thanks for your help J
  3. Hi All, So I sent off my Request for Repayment of charges, asking for £620. They have sent me the standard response but offering only £200. So I am going to write back accepting their payment as a part payment, and requesting the rest of the money. Should I do this as part of my Letter before Action or as a seperate letter? Thanks John
  4. Thanks for that. Is it 40 days, or 40 working days? I'm not worried about it either way, just so I know and can keep to my timetable. Thanks John
  5. Ok, So I've sent of my Data Protection Act letter, asking for all the statements from Barclays. I've had a letter back from them from "Peter Townsend, Manager, Data Protection" It says that they are going to send me my Statements, I assume that this is all normal? Thanks John
  6. This is what I was just told by the callcentre when I queried the bill. However noone warned me of this when I first signed up to T-mobile, and had they told me this I would never have signed up with them. Since I use my phone for business I can't really just turn off my voicemail, as then I'd miss client calls. Just wondered if anyone has any experience of fighting this kind of thing. I believe I was mis-sold the contract, as it was never mentioned. Thanks John
  7. It wasn't charges for me checking my voicemail, it was charges for them being put through to my voicemail. maybe one or two of the calls actually left a voicemail, most of the others didn't. Thanks John
  8. Hi All, I could do with some advice. I've just received my latest phone bill from T-mobile. Last month I spent 5 days in Turkey on business and had several phone calls come through to me on my mobile which I ignored and let them go to voicemail. On my bill, I have been charged £2.40 for each of these calls. Yup, the calls I didn't answer. I would never have signed up to a package that included charges like this, and I haven't managed to find anything on their website that lists these charges either. has anyone got any advice on what I can do next? Thanks John
  9. Hi All, I'm new here and am working through reading all the FAQs and trying to get my info together. I have one quick question. Do these charges only relate to Credit Cards, and Bank Accounts? I have received charges on my Mortgage account, and wondered if it is worthwhile trying to persue those too? Thanks lampiejohn
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