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  1. Hi all, Thanks for the replies. The letter template is good and sounds like the sort of thing i need to put to them. I'm sure they'll put it right, i just don't agree it should be done 'when they have a lorry in the area'. I'll check the contract and documentation for finer detail. Would you mind giving my final letter a once over? Thanks Mike
  2. Good afternoon, Appreciate advice please. I purchased a wooden 4 stable block from National stables over the phone in Dec 2010. They were erected by the company in March 2011. In August 2011 one of the stable fronts broke and collapsed out the front. We reported this to them, and after several chasers they sent out repair men when they were 'next in the area'. This took 3 months in total. They repaired free of charge. At the end of April 2012 the same fault occured on one of the other stables. I have reported by 3 emails and 4 phone calls, and 6 weeks have now passed. They have now acknowledged the problem and said they will repair when a lorry is next in the area but they can't put a timescale on this. I am without the stable again. Can i demand they send someone to repair it? Is 'when a lorry is in the area' reasonable? Appreciate any advice. Mike
  3. Hi All, I'm hoping someone might be able to give me some advice on a situation i have with a storage container i had hired for my house please. We hired a container through topcontainerhire, and paid for delivery, first months fee's, collection fee, and for condensing strips. All this went to topcontainerhire on credit card. The container was delivered by speedy container hire, with topcontainerhire as the customer. Firstly there were no condensing strips that we paid £200 for. Topcontainerhire refused to do anything, so we put it down to bad luck and gave in. Now 3 months into the contract, topcontainerhire have gone bust, and speedycontainers rang up saying they've had no money since January, and that they want to come pick it up! We've been paying by direct debit to topcontainerhire for the last 2/3 months. We've now paid speedy for the missed rental, and the remainder of the year to stop them taking it away. Can we claim anything back from the credit card company? Topcontainer hire have had about £600 from us. I'm a little unsure as there is lots about supplier and 3rd parties etc etc which seems to complicate things. Appreciate any advice - i wish we'd never hired the damn thing! Thanks Mike
  4. Hi all, My astra 1.6 8v had a head gasket failure. Took it into a garage and had it repaired. When i collected it it was making a real loud knocking/rattling sound. They didn't mention this and i took it straight back. 2 weeks later they can't identify problem, and assure me it's not their fault. It's a co-incidental part failure. They refuse to do anymore now, and advise if it's proved to be their fault they will pay for it. So what do i do now? Take it to another garage and ask them to take a look and fix, and give me a written assurance it was the other garages fault (or not)? Or do i pay for an inspection? I'm not sure whats more cost effective or watertight in the case i do need to reclaim costs? Appreciate any advice.
  5. Hi, I have recovered my charges from HSBC however the information passed to the credit reference agancies is still incorrect. Basically i was late on payments from my current account to a managed loan for 3 months. Each month the payments were made, but just a few days late. My credit record shows this as being 3 months in arrears, which i believe to be wrong. It should simply reflect 3 late payments. Do you think this is worth chasing? ( i believe three 1's on my card is better than a 1, a 2 and a 3). Does anyone know of any sample letters to query? The credit agency tells me HSBC say its correct, but i wont proof! Mike
  6. Hi All, I'm getting slightly confuse dnow with my claim (and its a late stage to get confused as im due in court on october 9th!). I completed mindaiz spreadsheet for my charges on my CC. All fine and dandy. Now barclaycard paid me £202 a few months ago. I entered this in the charges coloumn on the left, so it deducted it from the amount of charges. Now all the interest amounts for the following months are negative amounts! How should i be reflecting a part payment by them? Should i just total up the spreadsheet then deduct the £202 or does the £202 impact the interest amounts (they paid it back to my barclaycard). Is anyone willing to look at my spready for me please? Also can i add on charges recieved since i submitted my claim? I'd like to bring the spreadsheet right up to date. Appreciate any advice or help. Thanks Maangov
  7. Thanks, I'll get in touch with litigation team, and write them a letter also. I don't think i need to prepare the full court bundle as its just a prelim hearing, but i'll get as much ready as i can. Will keep updated. Thanks Maangov
  8. Hey all, I've had a letter of a prelim court date. My stay was lifted . Letter from court as below: TAKE NOTICE that the BANK CLAIM HEARING will take place on 9 October 2007 at XX:XX at Gloucester County Court, Kimbrose Way, Gloucester, GL1 2DE When you should attend 15 MINUTES has been allowed for the BANK CLAIM HEARING Please Note: This matter has been listed for a preliminary hearing as the Claimant has filed written objection to the Stay Order herein and the Claimant has informed the Court that he wishes to proceed with the claim. If the Claimant fails to attend the Claim may be struck out and if the Defendant fails to attend the defence may be struck out and Judgment may be given for the Claimant in the Defendant's absence. If the Claim is settled before the hearing, then the parties should notify the Court preferably by fax or letter and the hearing can be vacated without the need for an attendance. Fax: 01452 834923 E-mail : [email protected] tycou rt. gsi. gov. uk Please note that your case has been listed with other appointments in a block list. As a consequence, it may not commence at the exact allocated time. This practice enables earlier hearing dates to be given and avoids lost time due to late settlements and parties not attending. Where do i go now? Should i contact them? Are they likely to settle before court? Regards maangov
  9. Hey all, Checking my credit record shows 3 recent late payment marks on my current account. I dont believe any of these to be correct. Are there any letter templates to query this information with HSBC? They probably relate to payments made to a managed loan, which bounced from my account. Strange that they reflect this against the current account, and not the loan itself. In any case, there were probably 3 late payments, however they were not consecutive. probably spread over 7 months, with on time payments in between. Therefore they should be individual '1's' not recorded as 3 in a row. Any advice/letter help much appreciated. MA
  10. Hi all, I'm a bit nervous now. The default still hasn't been removed and its now over a month since i had the offer (2nd July). Should i continue to wait it out? MA
  11. Hey guys, all court forms went in. AQ was put in and i have just recieved an order of stay. This states: The action be stayed until 24 September 2007, or until further order: the stay will also afford the parties an opportunity to try and settle the matter without a court hearing. So whats next? Should i write a letter objecting to the order? I'm certain barclays aren't going to settle before court! Please advise, i have 3 days left to file something! MA
  12. Evening all, I won default removal as part of my claim, and my offer letter stated it would reflect with credit reference agencies within 24 hrs. 3 days later, my online check with experian still shows it there. How long should it take to remove? Should i chase it with DG, or just wait it out a bit longer? Regards MA
  13. Hi all, Quick question if i may. I have accepted an offer of settlement, including default removal the day before my court date. i recieved and accepted this via email. my court claim has now been withdrawn. What happens if they don't pay or don't remove the default? is my offer letter and acceptance watertight? Yes.. i'm starting to worry again! Many TIA MA
  14. Hi All, Mine went to the wire! Day before my prelim hearing, i spoke to DG on phone, and agreed Charges, OD Interest on Charges, 8% interest, and default removal! Total £2600 Keep on to them! MA
  15. Guy....... DG SETTLED !!!!!! Big thanks to everyone that's helped, and given me the confidence to see this through. I rang DG, and told them i wished to discuss their fax. Explained there were a few things i wasn't happy about. Firstly the amount was not what i have been requesting. He tried to explain that CI was not going to stand up in court, so i explained i was willing to drop my claim for CI, and accept 8% if we could do a deal. I then explained he failed to include interest on charges, and he tried to argue i was not entitled to it. I explained i was, that i was confident a judge would see it that way, and that i was also therefore entitled to 8% on that too. This miffed him a little, so he offered £2250! I told him that charges, interest on charges and 8% comes to £2664.00 by my calculations. He then agreed we would settle on that. So i told him my next issue was the lack of default removal. This started a 10 minute discussion on how it's beyond his remit to remove defaults. He argued the legal basis of removing it for 5 minutes, before i finally backed down and said we can leave it for a judge to decide if thats the case. He went on to say he could request it, but the bank don't do it lightly. I asked if this would be before the hearing, and he said no! quite frustrated i explained that DG had 8 months to put plans in place to remove it, since it was in every request i had made. He said he'd make a few calls and see if they'd do it. Phoned back an hour later to say.... "My clients are willing to remove the default, it will reflect in 24 hours." So recieved email confirmation of the above, to which i returned an acceptance email. Charges & Charges OD Interest + 8% + Default removed Thanks to everyone. Will donate when money is confirmed.... (I have it confirmed in an email, i hope this is watertight!) MA
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