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  1. Not much help but they did the same to me, they even told the CRA's that it was to be removed but in the end they just marked it satisfied, their use of the word default is very diffrent to the CRA's as after they marked it satisfied 3 nolonger refered to it a a default just a payment history must admit I gave up as I got nowhere with them they just dont want to know.
  2. thanks but honestly I'm 6ft2 with a beer belly and graying beard, gone are my days of flashing a hairy leg for a bit of discount.
  3. And should your employer mess you wages up, you can normally expect them to reimburse any charges incurred (at least Greggs always did this), how does this differ from a tenant messing your payments up? So a tenant can change payment dates to suit personal circumstances, think I might sell up and rent!
  4. This is what we use, our contracts state 4% above Barclays published rate. The thing that confuses me is even though you have to prove that the charges incurred are reflective of the costs involved, but if I’m late paying my mortgage due to the rent not being paid, not only would I incur charges (rightly or wrongly at the moment) it would also hurt my credit rating meaning any further property purchases would be on a subprime mortgage (if I could get one at all) should this be refected in my charge also? simply passing on the banks costs for now is surely acceptable, obviously when the courts give a ruling on bank charges then we can adjust accordingly .
  5. not for me I dont think, to be honest I felt bad reading it so I just read you owe us £........ and thought I better leave it.
  6. I used to manage a coffee shop in Cardiff opposite Primark on a quiet day we would play spot the shop lifter! Sad that people need to steal from there, but the security guards were very good! Only once did I see someone help, a little old lady laying into a big lad with her handbag, most of the time people just carried on shopping.
  7. Thanks, not wanting to stir it up again but what if I give notice to visit but get no reply? Do I wait until I do, or enter, I have left a letter and sent a txt and left a message on her mobile. We gained entry today, changed the backdoor lock only so she can re enter through the front door (although we want to fit a new one fairly soon, can’t have an aluminum door when we own a upvc co! J) we secured the windows only. It was very odd as almost all of her stuff has gone no food etc; however her two children’s rooms were untouched, just as if they had left for school or similar. We are pretty sure she has gone as it has been confirmed by her mother and friends, also the bailiff that turned up to shut the gas off confirmed he had been there quite a few times! There were 4 final demands on the kitchen table gas, water electricity and council tax and a letter from the DWP asking for £600 odd pounds back. Now I’m not that bothered about my money, but I am concerned about the kids, the house is immaculate, she has obviously tried very hard. But she has left leaving a lot of the kid’s clothes and toys. It wasn’t the most pleasurable experience this afternoon. What do you think I should do next?
  8. Thanks Mr Shed will take it as advice not legal opinion. Our family business is upvc glazing etc. so we are going to gain access to secure the property only for now as the windows have been open for 2 weeks so far, we have left messages informing her of our intention, and that a key can be given to her. Also were going to leave a note inside the window for her to contact us for a key. Last thing I wanted was to re-plaster and more new carpets after the rain gets in. I supose if it's empty when we get in I'll have a good idea of her intention. Thanks James.
  9. thanks thought it might be drawn out, I'm getting a bit worried as the windows are open upstairs. But if I ask her to send the keys back this would be enough?
  10. How long should a land lord wait before he can re-enter a house if he suspects the tenant to have left? I have rent owing, she was constantly late so I think she has done me a favor, I had my section 21 allready, tried all forms of contact but she’s ignoring me, have “heard” she has moved away and isn’t coming back. Obviously I want to get in and re let it as it’s costing me money while it’s empty.
  11. Made a claim for a friend she started the process of claiming in March this year and went back to March 2001 as this was 6 years since we were made aware of the charges. Now Eversheds have sent a letter saying we can’t claim further back than July 2001 as the claim was made on MCOL in July 2007 and anything before then is statute barred. I thought it was from the time you were made aware of the charges and requested them back. Who’s right me or them, thanks.
  12. Not sure but I understood it as you only register the deposit when it's paid now, so as you dont pay each 6 months there's nothing to register, I think
  13. Why would it be? Not defending the garage, but I have bought from auction and the auction have warranted the millage and stated full service history to follow, and of course it never did, mind you I didnt sell it on with a FSH.
  14. I agree that most p2p is illegal downloading but not all of it is, some of us use it for work.
  15. Would 2 months arrears be 2 x late payments for example due date is the 16th of the month this is missed in July then missed in August , would the 17th of August then be 2 months in areas or would it be up to the 15th of September? Sorry for the simple questions, can you tell we have been very lucky so far with our tenants J
  16. Thanks for the quick replies. Just been reading my contract about section 8 plus the section on intrest (this wont help if she cant pay mind) Other than the constant late payment she is a model tenant, house is just the way I left it, but I cant go on trying to retrive payment for 3 weeks out of the month most times if I'm lucky. Do you think a letter warning would be suitable? think I've been too soft, I apriciate people have problems but this is just silly.
  17. I have a tenant that is always late in paying; it’s never more than 2 months, now my bank won’t accept excuses like I haveto every month regarding payment. The tenancy is now in its 7 month, it was due to be renewed after 6, but I can’t get hold of her to renew it as she avoids me. My question is, can I do anything about the constant late payments? And am I right in thinking that the contract will now be monthly as we haven’t agreed another 6 month contract? Thanks for any help.
  18. Continuing my phone assault on 3 this morning as Experian have given me the name and direct line to the person who sent them the correspondence, however do you think I should hassle Experian to change the information as they do have the proof that it was intended to be removed by 3UK and have confirmed this on 3 separate occasions.
  19. Aaaaaararrgh!!!! Experian confirmed the removal of the default after 3UK told me the default was to be removed, all I had to do was wait for 3UK to update their info with Experian, I waited patiently but had to phone on Friday to chase up why it hadn’t been done yet, again 3UK said yes the default was to be removed, but then at the end of the conversation they said the payment history was to remain?! Phoned Experian to find out what exactly had been sent to them and they confirmed that the status 8 (default) was to be removed as this is what was queried, phoned 3UK again to be told it will be investigated again and it will take a further 28 days!! Phoned Experian back just to confirm, they agreed that the default was to be removed, 3UK have now said that the default was the amount and this now shows as settled, the payment history is totally different! Bum back to square one with them, my file was updated by them on Friday and my status 8 still shows. Gutted.
  20. if your in the postion to buy straight away then go for it, but push push and push your morg advisor and solicitor to complete as soon as poss. These have been my best buys good luck.
  21. Agree totally no harm in getting more info from another morg advisor and the est agent will need to see you are in a position to buy anyway, as it's a repo though do you need to complete within the 28 days? Last 3 buy to lets have been repo's lost one after the public notice as the offer went up by £5k lost my search fee's and val fee, however conditions or threatening to pull out rearly gets them upset. Good luck.
  22. The footprint left by a search is left on your file for a period of time but it’s the companies criteria that are doing a search that is important, many don’t look past the 12 weeks big things like poor credit score,defaults etc are flagged up before old searches.
  23. I have managed to get a default removed from 3UK (in principle mind as it takes up to 30 days for them to update their file and it’s still on my file at the moment) I didn’t owe the money that they claimed and after raising a question with both Equifax and Experian I had the outstanding amount settled but they left the default on my file, I then asked both CRA’s to validate this information with 3UK, with Equifax they received an email back from 3 saying it was right and that was all that Equifax needed to keep it on my file, however Experian were very helpful they asked for a written response and as I had not gotten any correspondence from them I was hopeful that this would be enough, however after 2 months Experian were still waiting for a response before they could make any changes, after Buzby’s helpful reply I rattled off a letter saying “ I would complain to the Information Commissioners Office about the retention of misleading data, and reserve the right to take them to court for promulgating misleading information.” Experian then wrote to 3UK within the week, I don’t know what was written but 3UK then replied a day latter J This was my last hope as 3UK had totally ignored my letters, however I didn’t owe the money in the 1st place I’m not sure if this would work in your case. I like you had not received anything in the post regarding the default being issued etc.
  24. So long as it can be proven. I see the TS are as helpfull in your area as they are in mine. Not sure if it's of use but would it be worth chasing him through the small claims, even just threatening?
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