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  1. Thats good news Enron about the FO. Trouble is they are taking an age to even allocate cases at the moment. Mine is still unallocated after almost 8 weeks of waiting. But if it means me getting my money then I don't mind.
  2. Had the same letter last week after issuing them a 7 day final warning letter and issuing a complaint to the Information Commissioner. BUT, also amongst that same days post were my statements!! I don't honestly think the right hand knows what the left hand is doing there. Have now sent of my first 14 day letter asking for my money back.
  3. fab1969

    fab1969 v MBNA

    Hello all. Looks like there may be a few in the same boat as me. I sent of my S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) form to MBNA and have today received a letter back from them with a list of charges. The letter states that they have deducted £645.00 from my account balance as a gesture of goodwill, without me even asking. Having looked through the charges they actually total £1231. At the moment the account is on an agreement where I pay a set amount a month and they charge me no fees or interest. I am worried that if I attack them for the rest of my money back then they may say "up yours" we are are closing your account and want all the money back straightaway! If they gave me back the total amount, the debt would be significantly reduced to a size where they could charge me interest if they wished and I would still be able to clear it off pretty quickly. Help! Also can anyone give me a link to a spreadsheet or similar which will help me calculate contractual interest. The more I can get this down the better!
  4. Having read the leaflets, do I then send in my N1 form for a SAR request claiming Unliquidated damages? I really only want the information!! Or should I just file for a Part 8 procedure??
  5. Fair enough How long have you been waiting altogether? They are currently on 45 days with me, that's the 40 day period gone and 5 days of the 7 day LBA.
  6. Brilliant information. Thank you. Have there been other cases of the courts awarding these damages or have Barclaycard ever defended any cases for failure to comply to a DPA?
  7. I'm in exactly the same position. No idea what they owe me!! Could you give me a link to the template or something similar on how I should fill out the court claim?
  8. ++ Hello. Barclaycard now have 2 days left to comply with my 7 day LBA before I issue a court order like yourself. How do I go about doing this???? Also how do I quantify the damages and how much to claim?
  9. Well only 4 days after them receiving my claim I too got the letter about the OFT back. They also quote a case in Northern Ireland which is totally irrelevant as we will be in the English courts! What should my next move be people?? Should I just wait until the 14 days up and file my claim with the County Court or do it now as it looks like they think that's that?
  10. Just posting this for my own information and to keep any one informed who may be going through the same process. DPA letter sent Statements received 14 day letter received by Citicards 26-01-06. Awaiting their next move. Received a letter today, will update later when I get home to read it
  11. I have had the same letter too. I can't do anything until I get the statements as this account has been dead for a couple of years now. Can anyone point me to a template letter I need to send to the information commissioner please?
  12. Just to let everyone know. Halifax seem to be willing to settle up most cases over the telephone. I called them back saying I would settle for £1000 against charges of £1164, refusing the offer of £607 they made me. They agreed virtually straight away, gave me a case number and told me to ammend the offer letter and return it . Money in my account within 7/10 days. RESULT. Off to get MBNA, Barclaycard and Citibank now! Thanks once again for the advice and inspiration this forum has given me.
  13. Thanks for your response I have just called the Halifax and they have told me that they have levied charged of £1164 on my account over the last six years. Now I know this info I will turn down the offer and persue the rest as advised. Thanks for the help.
  14. I posted my first letter to the Halifax on the 13th December claiming for £800. This was an estimated amount based on the 20 months statements I had got. They have called me today and offered me £607 as a "goodwill gesture". In the letter I sent I asked them to give me the details of the amount they did owe me if they disagreed with the £800 I was claiming. My question is Can I now go back to them and say thanks for the offer but how much do you actually owe me?? Any help appreciated. And thanks to everyone on here for the inspiration they have given me.
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