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  1. Sorry it's me again the Newbie!! I have some many agruement with the RBS with their internet banking as something seems to have changed recently! Switch payments are deducted from the Account Summary, but are not yet on the Statement, (this is fine as it is done electronically) yet cheques that are showing on the Statement have not be deducted from the summary!!! So basically if you have a cheque showing the statement - how do know if the summary is correct - apart from getting your calculator out!! Their agrument is 'the cheques may not have cleared through the account' - but this is with cheques coming out of the account? I thought internet banking was to make life easier - it just seems to be a [problem] to make people become overdrawn but mis-informing them!! There does not seem to be an audit trail either to prove when you were in only the last time you were in??? Hiding something are they?? Sorry for the rant but I miffed to say the least and I have not calulated what they are due me!! MODERATED post moved .. please keep to the one thread this is for everyone's benefit
  2. Well this is one of my favour sites now!! As I hope it will help me get back some money that I feel have been wrongly taken from me. 1. What is the difference between a Referral Charge and a Maintenance Charge? 2. Can the bank applie a charge if the overdraft limit was exceeded soley to another bank charge? All advice gratefully welcome. ps Will start a new thread re Internet banking which I feel is making even more money for the banks!!! :confused:
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