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  1. I work for Barclays and know for certain that they will open a basic bank account for anyone that has the right ID (basic - cash card only, no cheque book, no online banking but has D/D and S/O). I have a friend who opened that type of account the day after been declared bankrupt!!! Hope this helps
  2. Barclays can order copies of your statements going back 12 years
  3. I know its a long posting but please read and see if you might be able to help me. I purchased a Tom Tom Sat Nav (910) in October as a present from Currys at the Metro Centre, when it was checked at home my partner found that the connector for the home charging unit was faulty. He called the Metro Centre branch to ask if this could be taken to the South Shields branch and was told yes. We took this to the South Shields branch the next day and the problem item was exchanged. It was checked that it was ok in the store but not used at home for approx a month. When we needed to use the item again we found that another part of it was faulty. I myself took this back to the branch (South Shields) on 13/11/06 and explained the problem. The person that I spoke to said that he would swap everything, I explained that this was not possible as we had taken a package out with Tom Tom so we would lose that if we didn’t have the original sat nav, I said it was just the one item that needed changing. He proceeded to swap over all the items in the box apart from the original sat nav. I took everything home then but didn’t check them as my partner had been taken into hospital and we didn’t know whether he was going to be alright or not, so as you can imagine I had more important things to think about. My partner, thankfully, did get out of hospital, and yesterday he decided to use the above mentioned sat nav as we had to go somewhere. When he opened the box he asked me where some of the items were, i.e. the car charger and the home charging unit, also the book and the CD. I had no idea. I told him that I would go to Currys South Shields today and see if things could be sorted. I duly went to South Shields branch today and this is where my problem has started. Unfortunately I spoke to the Manager who was very off hand with me. He asked why I waited over a month before going back, I explained to him about my partner but he didn’t care. I asked him if he could check to see if the one I had brought back was still in the branch, he reluctantly had a look for me and came back and said that there was nothing he could do as he wasn’t going to open a box and give me the missing items out of that. I told him that I wouldn’t have got rid of something that I need to allow the sat nav to work. I asked for the telephone number and address so I could register my complaint and hopefully help me get this sorted. I came home and called the customer services number who took all the details of what had happened (as above) and said that she would contact South Shields branch and speak to the manager there to hopefully get things sorted and promised to call me back. She did call me back and told me that she had spoken to the Manager and he refused point blank to help me. I have now been told that if I want the missing items that I am going to have to buy these. I am annoyed about this as I can understand that I am partially to blame but as my partner was so bad this was the last thing on my mind, but the sales person who sorted out the problem was also to blame as he didn’t give me all the items concerned, especially as I didn’t want everything changing just what I had a problem with. Can anyone help me PLEASE?!?!?
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