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  1. I work for Barclays and know for certain that they will open a basic bank account for anyone that has the right ID (basic - cash card only, no cheque book, no online banking but has D/D and S/O). I have a friend who opened that type of account the day after been declared bankrupt!!! Hope this helps
  2. Barclays can order copies of your statements going back 12 years
  3. I know its a long posting but please read and see if you might be able to help me. I purchased a Tom Tom Sat Nav (910) in October as a present from Currys at the Metro Centre, when it was checked at home my partner found that the connector for the home charging unit was faulty. He called the Metro Centre branch to ask if this could be taken to the South Shields branch and was told yes. We took this to the South Shields branch the next day and the problem item was exchanged. It was checked that it was ok in the store but not used at home for approx a month. When we needed to use the item
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