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  1. Thanks for your reply, i'm still a little confused though, can I claim all the charges, when in fact I only paid back 75% of what I owed them.... like I said this was agreed through a debt agency??? Sorry if I seem a bit dumb! I've gone through the process of claiming a personal account with Halifax and won, but this seems a bit more complicated! Cheers!
  2. Hi, hope someone could offer some advice..... Can I still claim charges to my Barclays business account even if these charges were part of £1500 unauthorised overdraft? The bank closed the account and demanded repayment along with 10k business loan, I couldn't afford to pay. It went to a debt collection agency, we came to a settlement of 75%, which I paid. I later received a letter from the bank stating that the debt had been satisfied (or something to that effect). Can I still claim these charges even though they were part of the 75 percent settlement? Hope this makes sense!!! Thanks
  3. I must admit Fozzy I feel a little bit hoarse from the screaming today!!! Ah well can afford fancy throat lozenges now! Good luck to all still fighting! Maybe it was an end of month clear out for Halifax, hope everyone else gets what's theirs soon!
  4. Thanks guys!!! Just in time for my holidays! Keep up the fight!
  5. Just wanted to let everyone know, checked my account last night and there it was all charges plus interest (£3855), never received a phone call, no letter, nothing, zip, nada!!!! Had just received notification on Friday from Court of Halliprats intention to defend so was feeling a little nervous! Would like to thank everyone for all advice on this site, thanks to Fozzy for words of encouragement yesterday, but mostly to my wonderful man who made me keep going! Good luck to everyone else claiming! Stick to your guns!!
  6. Well you won't believe this but on my way home last night I checked my balance, knew I had a few direct debits to come out so wanted to make sure I had enough....anyways....to my surprise, THEY'VE PAID ALL MY CHARGES WITH INTEREST BACK!! I was really shocked, no phone calls, no letter, nothing! perhaps you're good luck has rubbed off on me, I'm one happy bunny today!
  7. Congratulations Fozzy! That does all seem quite quick! I think I'm in the same boat as a few others here, filed my N1, had notification from court that they intend to defend on 24th May, so I guess I have to sit tight and see if they make any contact or put in the defense! It's all a bit too nerve wrecking for me!
  8. You need to carry on, regardless of what they say, you should've by now submitted your N1 form, stick to the deadlines on this site (i.e. 14 days after your LBA). You're delaying the process by listening to their bog standard fob off letter. Stick to your guns, file your N1!
  9. Hi everyone, I wonder if anyone can help me.... I've recently sent my N1 and have just had response from court saying that Halifax intend to put in full defence etc, but I've just been reading about them taking charges out of benefits in your account. I have one bank account and all my tax credits and child benefits are paid into this account, however so is my monthly wage. I've been reading that there is legislation saying that they are not allowed to take charges from benefits, but do I have to distinguish what they are taking out of benefits and what is out of wages? Do I have an argument here if it came to it, or am I too late now that N1 has been filed? I'm starting to get a bit nervous about all this!! So any moral support or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Lou
  10. Hi CR203 I'm having the same problem and it seems a few others are too, I've tried every single link and getting the same reaction as you! I've posted a thread but only had reply from someone with same query...don't know what else to do!
  11. Hi DIY13 It's all a bit mind boggling isn't it, I've got a copy of the the spreadsheet but someone has taken the column off which calculates the interest, if I knew the formula I could do it myself...but I hate Excel! Might just sit tight til someone can help, it does seem that a few people are having the same problem though. I'll let you know if I manage to get sorted. Thanks
  12. Hi Guys Is it me or is anyone having problems opening the spreadsheets???? I have tried all the links but keep getting an error message, can't open, can't save!!! My brother was having the same problem last night. Advice anyone? Cheers
  13. That's great!! I'm all out of questions (for the moment!) Thanks for your help...you're a star! Looboo
  14. Thank you!!!!!! you're so helpful!!! One more question (sorry to be a pain) With regards to interest I know you said that you can't add anything until you get to court stage, but does that mean if you ring them once LBA deadline has passed you cannot ask for interest? What I'm saying is if you ask for a settlement on the phone will they not consider your interest? Is it worth holding on to my guns and letting it proceed to court?
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