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  1. Hi all, Following the offer of £520 I have decided to write back to the bank and request an offer of £600 to amicable settle the case. I know this is not the full amount but I really do not want my account to be closed so I think this is the best route in my particular case. I am going to write this letter on Tuesday so if anyone has any comments as to what I might need to include in this to ensure I keep my account then please let me know. Thanks!! Ian
  2. Dear all, Following my request for judgement by default I this morning received a letter from Natwest explaining that they do not believe the charges are in error but as a gesture of goodwill they are willing to offer me £520 when my original claim is for £756. In the letter, they said that if I did not accept the offer then they may have to consider "if they are prepared to continue to provide me with existing banking facilities. Instead they may offer me a simple account that does not offer borrowing facilities or other services that can result in charges" I take this as a li
  3. Okay... An update. After no reply from Natwest after the extra 7 days I have now requested a judgement by default. This has been 'issued'. Should I now seek to get the balifs in and take it to the next stage once it has been 'entered'? (I'm not sure how long it takes to get for this transition to take place)... I'm hoping to hear from them soon either with a cheque or online payment. Any advice at this stage would be very much appreciated. Ian!
  4. Soooo.... It's the last day of the extended deadline and still no word from Natwest. They have until 4pm today to reply (as instructed in the template letter). Should I be waiting at 4pm to request the judgement by default or perhaps wait until I get home to see if I have any mail? Also, if I do request a judgement by default do I need to fill in a form? I wasn't sure if I needed to with an online claim. Roll on 4pm... Ian
  5. Thanks for your reply Fendy! I have decided to write them a letter as described in the post below and have given them until next Monday to pay up, or else. I have not yet requested a judgement by default. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/faqs-please-read-these/25457-guide-reclaiming-bank-charges.html?garpg=13 As you kindly suggested, if they have still not coughed up what I'm rightly owed by next Monday @ 4pm then I shall telephone the courts and take their advice. Thanks a lot for your help and I'll be sure to keep this thread updated for anyone else who is in a
  6. Dear all, I thought I should post a thread as I have both come through the main steps in trying to reclaim but am not also at the point where I will need some help. I sent Natwest all relvant letters to Natwest and after no success I filled a claim for £756 (including the interest). Natwest acknowledge the claim within a couple of days although no further response has been received and now the 28 days have elapsed. So.. What should I do? I have read a couple of string and articles on here which suggests writting a letter to the bank telling them that this is their last chan
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