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  1. Hi, You could issue a Subject Access Request to your bank.The fee for this is £10.00. The bank must within 40 days provide you with all the information they have about you including statements letters ect. There template letters on here that you can use. As I understand it the bank has to produce the information for the past 6 yrs.( may be longer) By using this information you may be able to get a date when the payments started .The letters your bank sent you may hold some information which may be of use. Some banks try it on and ask for £ so much per statement by the issuing of a SAR you should receive 72 for £10 that is if you have been with the bank for 6yrs or more. regards.
  2. FAIL (the browser should render some flash content, not this). Main Menu Home Web Links Contact Us Directions Payments Recruitment Reading Room News Feeds Refund Policy Newsflash Stratford Office: The Zinc Group opens a new Stratford office for more information visit our reading room Consumer DCA of the year award under £2m turnover... The Zinc Group would like to thank GB Group plc for its nomination that led to us winning the ”Consumer DCA of the Year Award We accepted the award on behalf of our staff who have delivered an outstanding performance over the last twelve months. We believe the Zinc Group offers an exciting opportunity for the Credit Management Industry with our unique blend of experience, abilities & products to fit the needs of today’s demanding and fast moving Credit & Debt management Industry. Contact Info The Zinc Group (Glasgow Office) Central Chambers 93 Hope Street Glasgow G2 6LD United Kingdom Telephone:0330 1000 850 Fax:0330 1000 851 Read more... Zinc Group delivering top quality performance and best in class returns... Read more... SLM Group .

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  6. Data Protection Register - Entry Details Registration Number: Z5504257 Date Registered: 01 June 2001 Registration Expires: 31 May 2010 Data Controller: LINK FINANCIAL LTD Address: CAMELFORD HOUSE 84-90 ALBERT EMBANKMENT LONDON SE1 7TP Other Names: ALSO AT ; 1/5 TRECENYDD INDUSTRIAL ESTATE CAERPHILLY FLEETWOOD COLLECTIONS INSTANTSILVER THESIS SERVICING This register entry describes, in very general terms, the personal data being processed by: LINK FINANCIAL LTD This register entry contains personal data held for 3 purpose(s) Purpose 1 Private Investigation Purpose Description: The provision on a commercial basis of investigatory services according to instruction given by clients. Data subjects are: Customers and clients Relatives, guardians and associates of the data subject Advisers, consultants and other professional experts BUSINESS OR OTHER CONTACTS WITNESSES SUBJECTS OF INVESTIGATIONS Data classes are: Personal Details Family, Lifestyle and Social Circumstances Employment Details Financial Details CONTACT DETAILS INVESTIGATION BRIEF INFORMATION RELEVANT TO THE INVESTIGATION RESULTS OF INVESTIGATION Sources (S) and Disclosures (D)(1984 Act). Recipients (1998 Act): Data subjects themselves Business associates and other professional advisers Suppliers, providers of goods or services Credit reference agencies Debt collection and tracing agencies Police forces Private investigators Transfers: None outside the European Economic Area Purpose 2 Debt Administration and Factoring Purpose Description: The tracing of consumer and commercial debtors and the collection on behalf of creditors. The purchasing of trade debts, including rentals and instalment credit payments, from business. Data subjects are: Customers and clients Relatives, guardians and associates of the data subject Data classes are: Personal Details Financial Details Goods or Services Provided Offences (Including Alleged Offences) Sources (S) and Disclosures (D)(1984 Act). Recipients (1998 Act): COURTS / TRIBUNALS Data subjects themselves Relatives, guardians or other persons associated with the data subject Current, past or prospective employers of the data subject Business associates and other professional advisers Other companies in the same group as the data controller Suppliers, providers of goods or services Financial organisations and advisers Credit reference agencies Debt collection and tracing agencies Traders in personal data Central Government Transfers: None outside the European Economic Area Purpose 3 Accounts & Records Purpose Description: Keeping accounts related to any business or other activity carried on by the data controller, or deciding whether to accept any person as a customer or supplier, or keeping records of purchases, sales or other transactions for the purpose of ensuring that the requisite payments and deliveries are made or services provided by him or to him in respect of those transactions, or for the purpose of making financial or management forecasts to assist him in the conduct of any such business or activity Data subjects are: Customers and clients Data classes are: Personal Details Family, Lifestyle and Social Circumstances Employment Details Financial Details Sources (S) and Disclosures (D)(1984 Act). Recipients (1998 Act): Data subjects themselves Other companies in the same group as the data controller Credit reference agencies Debt collection and tracing agencies
  7. If you do a search at the land registry ( you can do this on line) This will revel the details of the property. This is what the DCA`s do. This will show the registered owner and that a mortgage is out standing on the property. I understand that the transfer of ownership can only be granted by the mortgage company as they need to secure the outstanding debt. I understand that the details of the mortgage is shown on this report amount borrowed and when ( could some one confirm this ) The DCA can then work out the asset value and if all the documents requested as correct and in place seek a court order to gain a charging order over the property. If a court make an order for a payment of £5 a month and this payment arrangement is kept the as I understand it a charging order cannot be applied for. Need further advice (me) If the owner dies the house becomes part of the owners estate and creditors would apply to the execitor ? of the estate and seek payment. The above are only considerations and I suggest that you do a lot of reading on the site people will correct me if I am wrong and I write in good faith. Remember a DCA could not give a dam even if you had days to live they would still try any way to gain payment .
  8. use the CPS to make the police work for you. The police cannot bring a case or prosecute with out the CPS.
  9. If I found out there address I would write to agency which was sending these people to my house and inform them of my new address.
  10. Skip to content The Crown Prosecution Service Accessibility Press Office Contact Us search Advanced Search Home Victims and Witnesses Your CPS News Centre Legal Resources Careers at the CPS Contact Us Feedback Complaints Keir Starmer QC Director of Public Prosecutions Video: Interview with DPP Championing justice, defending your rights The Crown Prosecution Service is responsible for prosecuting criminal cases investigated by the police in England and Wales. About the CPS Your Local CPS Select your area Avon & Somerset Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Cheshire Cleveland Cumbria Derbyshire Devon & Cornwall Dorset Durham Dyfed Powys Essex Gloucestershire Greater Manchester Gwent Hampshire Hertfordshire Humberside Kent Lancashire Leicestershire Lincolnshire London Merseyside Norfolk Northamptonshire Northumbria North Wales North Yorkshire Nottinghamshire South Wales Staffordshire South Yorkshire Suffolk Surrey Sussex Thames Valley Warwickshire West Mercia West Midlands West Yorkshire Wiltshire Left Find out what prosecutors say about the first CPS Football Conference (video clips) 21/05/2009 The first Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) Football Prosecutors conference was the best opportunity for staff of the CPS, Home Office, UK Football Policing Unit, Football Association and Professional Football Association..… full story Charging decision regarding Metropolitan Police officer (Jamshid) Ali Dizaei 21/05/2009 The Crown Prosecution Service has today advised the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) that there is sufficient evidence to charge (Jamshid) Ali Dizaei with misconduct in public office and perverting the course of justice in relation to events that took place on Friday 18 July 2008.… full story Joint statement on alleged misuse of parliamentary expenses 15/05/2009 A joint statement has been issued today by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) relating to allegations of misuse of parliamentary expenses. … full story Right News RSS feed Go to the News Centre story 1 story 2 story 3 Organised Crime Division Drug trafficking, people trafficking, use of firearms, money laundering, internet crime, fraud, serious robbery and organised vehicle crime at home and internationally, are all dealt with by the Organised Crime Division. A specialist team of experienced prosecutors, the Organised Crime Division work closely with the police and international law enforcement agencies to bring criminals to justice. Special Crime Division Deaths in custody, corporate manslaughter, medical manslaughter, serious public corruption, appeals to the House of Lords and extradition are just some of the types of cases dealt with by specialist Crown Prosecutors in the Special Crime Division. Counter Terrorism Division Terrorism, race hate, crimes against humanity, war crimes, violent extremism, hijacking and espionage cases are tackled by a specialist team of Crown Prosecutors. The Counter Terrorism Division of the CPS includes highly experienced prosecutors, advocates and caseworkers who work closely with the police to bring offenders to justice. Careers at the CPS Interested in fighting for justice? Find out about career opportunities at the CPS. Latest Vacancies Witness Care Officer Crawley, Sussex | Closing date 05 June 2009 Reprographics Officer Brighton | Closing date 05 June 2009 Casework Assistant Chichester | Closing date 05 June 2009 View all current vacancies Victims and Witnesses Victims and witnesses are at the heart of the criminal justice system and we take our duties to victims and witnesses very seriously. Being fair and being seen to be fair are the cornerstones of everything we do. We aim to be transparent in what we do and keep you informed of our decisions. Find out more about what happens when you are a victim or witness Consultations We consult with the public, community groups, the voluntary sector and other agencies about the way we do our work. You can help us to be better informed, fairer and more representative by participating in our consultations. Latest Public Consultation A public consultation on The Code for Crown Prosecutors Closed: 23 April 2009 Legal Resources We are committed to open justice and therefore publish detailed information about the way we work and the way we make decisions. In the professionals section you can find detailed Legal guidance, The Code for Crown Prosecutors and information about how we make decisions, the way we carry out our duties and how we spend public money. Find out more about how we work and make decisions The Crown Prosecution Service 50 Ludgate Hill, London, EC4M 7EX Tel: 020 7796 8000 DirectGov Easy access to the public services you use and the information you need, delivered by the UK government. Site Map Fersiwn Cymraeg Crown Copyright and Disclaimer Top of page Web design agency Ecru
  11. Home Can I apply? How can I apply? Apply now About CICA Who are the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA)? We are a government organisation that can pay money (compensation) to people who have been physically or mentally injured because they were the innocent victim of a violent crime. Read more about CICA What does CICA do? We offer a free service, processing applications and making awards that range from £1,000 to £500,000. What can I do on this website? Find out if you qualify for compensation (we call this eligibility) Get an application form Find out how we handle your claim Find out more about CICA Get help if you were injured in another country Who else can help me? A range of people and organisations can help you with your application. Apply now for compensation Telephone helpline 0800 358 3601 Need help with your claim? Call our freephone helpline.
  12. criminal injury compensation this assault my be covered You can (SAR) subject access request a copy of the tape or the person/s on it can for a fee of £10 the camera operators have 40 days to comply failure to comply is an offence under the data protection act. Would appreciate any further in put. If you or your partner are in receipt of benefits you may be entitled to free legal aid ?
  13. photo photo photo endangering life news papers warn others compensation free car for 6 months or the papers Watch Dog any one don`t contact your MP he /she probably part of the fiddle.
  14. Photo the visitor get the name get the car reg(photo). Tape the conversation if possible. Follow them and find out where they live. Give them a few days and then knock there door Sunday morning is a good day asking in a loud very loud voice ARE YOU A DEBT COLLECTOR works in all areas posh and poor (poor areas he/she will be branded a grass )
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