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  1. Thanks Ian Your help and confidence encourages all to keep going, you are an inspiration. Jose
  2. Hi all I have had similar probs with Natwest, I have had confirmation from J Tudor that my original loan agreements have been destroyed by my branch and that they are therefore unable to provide me with those!! I have, however, the figures I need to start the claim and have written the initial letter to the chief executive asking for the PPI,s back. They have declined to reinburse them on the basis that apparently I should have had a certificate of insurance which states that if I was not happy with the PPI, it could have been cancelled within 14 days!! I am clearly going to fight it through the Courts but am slightly concerned that they might apply to the court to have the claim struck out on the basis that the claimant (myself) lack hard evidence of the fact that the policies were miss-sold. Any thought on this is appreciated. JJ
  3. Hi Dp Excellent, just found it, more ammunition, I am getting to love this game. Power to the workers I say. Thank you ever so much JJ
  4. Hi sorry to hijack, I am having the same trouble with Natwest, just got a letter from RBS chief executive telling me that they are declining my claim, also stating that a certificate of insurance was sent to me which clearly stated that I could have changed my mind about the insurances within 14 days. Then funny thing is that he has also disagreed with the figures I have come up with(Im claiming PPI on 3 loans) however, the breakdown he has given me on 1 of the loans is totally different to the 1 provided to me by Natwest South West Retail Customer Service Centre only 2 weeks prior. To add salt to injury, I got a reply on the 23 Feb to my original SAR from J Tudor, finally admitting that they have no details of my loan agreements as they have been destroyed by my Branch!!! I have very carefully studied all my bank statements have come up with accurate charges and 2 of them match those provided on the breakdown by the Chief Executive, the other 1 which does not still match the 1 provided by Natwest South West Retail so it looks as if they have even given me conflicting info. Cutting the story short I was wondering also if Natwest was being paid incentives to sell PPI in 2003, I am getting ready to put up a very big fight as they are continously in breach of the law, the Fraud Bill section 3 clearly states: failing to disclose information is an offence, if they haven't, how else has the Chief executive manage to get loan agreements which according to my SAR have been destroyed??? JJ Any help would be greatly apreciated
  5. Cheers Ian I will be sending it by recorded delivery 1st thing tomorrow.
  6. This is the letter I intend to send, please let me know if you see anything of importance which I might have omitted or equally anything that I should be adding. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Complaints department The Royal Bank of Scotland Group plc Business House F, Level 2 RBS,Gogarburn, PO Box 1000 Edingurgh EH12 1HQ Re: account ********** COMPLAINT & Request for return of PPI Insurance & Interest. Dear Sir or Madam, On the 04 July 2001, I took a loan out for £6000 with its corresponding loan protector for £870, this was loan was paid early on the 19th May 03 with another loan I took for £7300, again with its corresponding loan protector of £2730.68. On the 21st Feb 2005, again I took a loan for £10000 and its corresponding loan protector which I then cancelled on the 5th December 2005 as I clearly never used the protection since I was in a perfectly stable job and in a permanent position for more than 7 years. When I took out the loans, I was told that I would not have been given the loan if I did not take PPI. I have since been told that this is not true, and that you are not allowed to make PPI a condition of taking out the loan unless you include the costs of PPI in your quoted loan interest rate, which you did not do. I therefore consider that I have been miss-sold these expensive insurances, which I did not need and which I said that I did not really want. I therefore request a full refund of these loan protector’s policies which were of not use to me. Please find below a breakdown of the total figure which I am claiming. PPI for Loan taken out 4th July 2001 - £870 (paid early on 19th May) refund of PPI given - £123. CLAIMING= £747 PPI for Loan taken out 16th May 2003 - £2730.68. CLAIMING= £2730.68 PPI for loan taken out 21st Feb 2005 – £265.60 paid up to 05 Dec 05. CLAIMING= £265.60 TOTAL CLAIMING BEFORE INTEREST: £3743.28 I request a refund of the policies fees plus any interest paid on the fees. I would appreciate a reply to this letter within fourteen days. If you reject this complaint, I would be grateful if you could explain whether you provide an internal appeals process. If you do not, please supply me with a final response letter, so that I can take up the matter with the Financial Ombudsman Service, and if need be make a claim via the small claims court to recover the PPI insurance fee + Interest + costs. Yours faithfully,
  7. Hi Ian I've now got details of all PPI's, I have had 3 loans with Natwest from 2001-2005 all with PPI's totalling £3743.28, one of them taken in 2003 was for a loan of £7300 and the protector was £2730.68, I cant believe I paid for that as I was in a very stable job and had worked for the company for 7 years at the time of taking the loan. I am sure as many in this forum, was totally mislead and blackmailed into taking it in order to have the loan aproved. Anyway, now that I have the figures, what is the best way of attacking this situation head on?? Thanks in advanced Jose £3,743.28
  8. You right Ian, they do say, everything comes to those who wait so I shall be patient. By the way, impressive letter to the Chief Executive of Lloyds, I would certainly endeavour not to ever cross your path, I will much rather have you as an ally, As usual, very grateful for all your advice JJ
  9. Hi I am hopping they will send me these as part of my S.A.R, I supposed there is nothing else I can do 'till I have this info, they still have about 10 days so I will keep crosing those numbers in the calendar and keep reading as much as I can so that I am ready to fight back. Cheers Ian
  10. Hi Ian I still havent received the S.A.R but having gone through every single statement for the last 6 years, I believe I have had a total of 3 different loans , all with PPI's. With this in mind, do you think I should put all 3 in the same claim as opposed to 3 individual claims?? another question is, at what point do I add the 8% contratual rate?? do I, once, I got the amounts together, send the letter requesting the money back with the interest already added? Sorry Ian to be asking so many questions, you seem so clued on JJ
  11. What an excellent idea, I sent the fax this morning stating in detail all the information I am after, which is really mainly the loan agreements with their corresponding PPI's, I will give them 'till the end of the 40 days from the day they received my original request, if they haven't comply then, I will issue the Data Protection Act Non-Compliance - Suggested Procedure: template 3. thank you Ian JJ
  12. hi I have just typed a letter basically asking for what I need, loan agreements, etc. I have also stated that in my previous letter, I already made clear the info that I need. As they have provided me with a fax No on the letter they sent me, I will use this to get the communication going quicker. I am wondering what steps to follow if they simply turn round and refuse to provided me with the loan details!!! I supposed, I still got the details on the statements, the only prob as mentioned before is working out what was PPI as from 2003, the loan repayment figures just shows the total rather than the breakdown.
  13. hi I have just received acknowledgement of my S.A.R following my second letter which stated that they had failed to provide me with a full S.A.R as requested (1st paragraph) DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998 thank you for requesting copy of statements held by the bank. any information that is required to ber provided to you under section 7 of the data protection act will be forwarded to you at the above address as soon as possible. in the meantime we acknowledge receipt of the payment for £10.00 in respect of the fee. (I have 2 questions on the above, the 1st one being that what I requested was a full S.A.R and not the bank statements as I already have those and what I really want is details of the loans with corresponding PPI's so I can claim these back, the 2nd is the part that states, will be forwarded to you as soon as possible, dont they have a maximum of 40 days to comply???) the leter then continues- with reference to your request concerning any MANUAL INTERVENTION to the administrative charges debited, these charges have been processed in accordance with the terms and conditions of our current agreement with you as a result of the activity on your account. In the event that you breach the terms and conditions, we will take the appropiate action, contacting customer when appropiate, or handling customer enquiries regarding their account status. When a customer has raised a concern in relation to this process, the decision will be communicated to the customer and where appropriate noted ont eh account. If you have any queries relating this matter please do not hesitate to contact me at the telephone number shown above ( the contact name is Joyce E Tudor)(in all honesty the 2nd paragraph has kind of confused me a bit as on my original S.A.R, I requested confirmation of any manual interventions) In view of all of the above, should I now be writting back to clarify this or just wait??
  14. Thanks Ian As usual, very helpful, even though the whole process seems very daunting, it is encouraging to have people like yourselves behind, Thanks very very much for watching the thread. JJ
  15. Hi once I receive the full info as requested on S.A.R and manage to work out how much I paid on useless PPI's, should I then be adding interest in which case I would be grateful to be informed the best way to do this, or should I simply claim the amount I paid without interest? Thanks again
  16. Thanks again Iam All typed up and ready to be sent by registered post first thing tomorrow. Having gone through all the statements, I noticed that there is a loan I took out in July01 for £6000 and a PLP (I assume this to be personal loan protector) of £870, this loan I paid early in May03 and got a refund for the PLP of £123. I then took out another loan but this one has nothing indicating anything relating to loan protection, however, If my memory serves me right, I am sure there was also a protection with the later also as I vaguely remember them telling me that it would help my application if I had it, anyway, I intend to fight for this money as in the worse case scenario, I am looking at £747+interest. Will keep you posted. thanks Ian
  17. Thanks Ian for the reply I think I will just do that, anyone has the failure to comply notice or the link to get to it? thanks again
  18. Hi 10 days ago I sent the standard letter to Natwest requesting full SAR, I have just received 6 years worth of statements in a half opened envelope with nothing else, the statements have account numbers for old loans but do not have the PPI separately from the loan repayment figure, therefore, making it difficult for me to work out how much PPI I actually paid, can anyone help me with the steps to take in order to find this out. Thanks in advanced Juanito
  19. Hi Ive got similar problem, I sent a letter to Natwest asking for a full SAR but just got 6 years worth of bank statements!! the statements have got old loan account numbers but do not have the payments broken down making it hard for me to work out what was PPI and what was the actual loan, any help would be greatly apreciated Juanito
  20. Merry Xmas to you too and thanks for the useful links, I will ensure I read through as much as I can before posting any questions. :D JJ
  21. Hi everyone Just joined this site few days ago, I'm hopping to reclaim the PPI on previous loans I have had. I have read several posts and I have to say, it is refreshing to know that there are sites like this providing helpful advise to people who are fighting for their rights. they do, after all, say knowledge is power. Anyway, thanks in advanced to all of you for the help I will be receiving, no doubt I will be reciprocating as I become more knowledgeable myself. JJ
  22. I supposed is like any other policies, sometimes is peace of mind, If I lost my mobile which by the way is already registered and worth more than I could afford to replace it, then I would use it. As to the link that states the £150 cashback, here it is: http://www.natwest.com/personal02c.a...S/REMORTGAGING please correct me if I am reading it wrongly. Thanks again for your help:)
  23. Hi Thanks for the advice, I was under the impression that ADGD has other benefits such as the ID THEFT, free Mobile Insurance, etc. Also, when you say that the home loan is a separate agreement, that does mean that I do not qualify for the £150, the website does state otherwise!!! Sorry, I am new to all this but trying desperately to learn fast
  24. True, the reason for remaining with Natwest is the fact that I have had to take a lower paid job following redundancy in a company for which I worked 10 years, This limited my options and rather than having to go through a new lender, it was easier to renew with Natwest, hence, avoiding all the scrutiny and the likelihood of being turned down. My other option was to go into the variable rate, that would have taken the payments up by £80.
  25. having reached the end of my 2 year fix mortgage deal, I have now taken a new 2 yr fixed at 5.19% through Natwest, according to the Natwest website http://www.natwest.com/personal02c.a...S/REMORTGAGING advantage gold customer taking a new mortgage or remortgaging would benefit from £150 cashback, I did not realise this when they originally took me through the process but having investigated it, realised that I am eligible and since the new mortgage does not become effective 'till 05/01/07, I decided to call them to request the cashback. The mortage dpt have now referred me to the quality assurance team. I have faxed them I am awaiting to hear further. Any suggestions on the steps to follow should they refuse to honour the payment?? thanks - JJ
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