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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I forgot to say that I was contacted by a RBS lawyer a few weeks back, asking me to resend a copy of the charges. He said that the court did not attach them to the original summons. I told him that I didn't have time to resend it and he would need to contact the court. I didn't want to do his job for him. Do you think this was ok for me to do this? I cannot wait to have my day in court. It is very exciting and I(we) have nothing to lose. Cheers Big Yin
  3. I have a quick question guys. Both my wife and I have the exact same prelim hearing date in August. Is it possible for me to represent my wife as she feels a little uncomfortable standing up and speaking in court? Reading the post(s) of another forum user I noted that she was asked to prove why she thought the charges were unreasonable. Should I take along the appropriate evidence to the hearing(s) to pre-empt this?
  4. Keep us posted. I am desperate to know the outcome!
  5. My wife is also claiming back money from the same bank but she was offered £90 and I was offered £0. I have a preliminary date set for August. I cannot wait to take on the bank!
  6. On Friday I went to my local Sheriff Court and served a summons on my local bank. I will let you know what happens from here. Cheers Big Yin
  7. STORY SO FAR Well, I received a large envelope with 6 years worth OF statements. RBS owe me over £1000 in charges. I sent a letter to their Customer Relations Unit in Edinburgh and here's what they had to say: "Thank you for your letter of **** and I apologise for the dissatisfaction caused by the application of charges to your account. We believe our charges arefair, reasonable and transparent. We consider that the ammounts debited to your account have been applied strictly in accordance with your agreement with us............The OFT is presently in contact with us and with seven other major credit card companies to discuss teh level of charges on credit cards. It is importnat that I empasise these discussion are limited to charges on credit cards only. Consequently, against that background, we must differ with teh views expressed in your letter and will not be refeunding any of the charges applied to your bank account" What shall I do now?
  8. I have sent off the initial request for bank statements etc. Will let you know how this moves forward.
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