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  1. excellent many thanks Paul. much appreciated for your time and patience with me. best regards James
  2. thankyou for your help again paul. this has been a bit of a mission to get my documents. i need to look after them next time lol. i have my paye figures for both the times i was employed now. and have the p60u (whic is no help as it does not tell me the tax i paid!) as you can see from my excel sheet. i have a better understanding of what i am owed. i doubt i will see my p60 as i was told the last day the jsa had by law to supply it to me was 4th june. well thats soon and still nothing... so i am unsure of how to provide my tax figures for the Benefit periods of the tax year? or will they have this info, and i don't actually have to worry about that bit? regards, James.
  3. Ok i believe i have received my P60U? can you please have a look to verify this is what i need to get a rebate? as it is not clear to me at all. and how do i work out what to claim back for a rebate? thanks guys.
  4. Update. 24th/05 called JSA Worthing. they are apparently backed up at present. but the person on the phone is sending me the info i need on a letter headed paper. is this ok? thanks.
  5. morning. yes i am in contact with someone that still lives there. and i do still receive some mail (Junk really) which i pick up pretty much daily if i'm in the area. (only 3 mins away) and am 100% certain it has not been delivered. JSA + JCP had my change of address a few days before i moved and have received all letters from them to my new address with no problems. so hopefully it will be on its way soon. I will speak with JCP (Worthing) about a substitute when they open tomorrow. Thanks for your help guys. Enjoy the Sunshine Today!!
  6. ok i kinda understand now. sorry i think i confuse myself alot of the time. i have not received a P60 as of yet. I moved house on the 16th April. i have received all redirected mail and it hasn't come through. when exactly in april should i have expected the P60? and how do i alert them of my address change? I have told JSA my new address if that helps. Sorry again. good job im in the right place here hey lol
  7. doh. i'm such a twonker. i know what im missing. very sorry but i won't be able to do this at present. i know the info i need which is as follows. 6th April 09 - 24th June 09 = P45 (Employment)* 25th June 09 - 7th August 09 = P45 (JSA)* * Missing Documents. Replacements P46 due Soon. 10th August 09 - 11th Sept 09 = P45 (Employment) Total Pay £2037.50 Total Tax £282.00 14th Sept 09 - 5th May 10 = P45 (JSA) (Only up to 5th April 10) Total Pay £237.67 (Including Taxable Benefit) So is this the Tax? Total Tax £0.00 but as you can see i have 2 P45's missing! (I moved recently and had a big clear out) I will continue this when i have all the Documents. Feel such an Idiot now lol. Sorry for the confusion and inconvenience... :o or do they not need this info? from wat i have read they get a page of each of my p45's?
  8. um. my Employment Tax is £282.00, JSA P45 (Sept09-May10) tax box is empty?? i unfortunately don't have the other JSA P45 (June09-Aug09) its been misplaced. this is period 09 to 10 tax year I have just completed the P91. and have put as not employed/claim JSA
  9. Hi Paul. Yes i was on JSA the whole time i was unemployed. in that tax year it works out roughly at 9 months £2340 (very rough figure) thanks James
  10. Hi. From the 6/4/09 to 5/4/10 in only Earned £2037.50 with a "total Tax to Date" of £282.00 i was made redundant twice in that tax year from "End of June 09 to 10/8/09" and "11/9/09 to 4/5/10" whether this is info is relevant i do not know?? From what i have researched I'm entitled to a rebate of the full tax paid that year due to not going over the taxable threshold linked to my tax code 647L. So £282.00 I have a P91 form and a P50 Form "Claiming tax back when you have stopped working" (Is P50 what i actually need? as I'm newly employed now) 1. Do i put my JSA Periods as Job History on the P91? 2. Is there any Template letters for this kind of Application. (I'm poor at letters...) 3. I have read to state i would need a "Lump-Sum Payment"? 4. Is there anything else i need to include or any other forms i need to complete? 5. (General Q) Now that I'm back in work (Started 4/5/10) do i pay tax immediately or only when i hit the taxable threshold? Thanks for all your time and advice. much appreciated. James
  11. ok cool. well i will look forward to 2013 then
  12. yes. i have it book marked now. seems very good. being able to pay more back etc without charges etc. i will wait tho as i got turned down 2 times recently and don't want to keep getting that. i will call them and get a quotation search. if a credit company has been settled/partially settled on your report. do the status history (ex. 02010311) work against you even tho the debt is settled? as they don't continue with 00000000 after the settlement date. thanks again. much appreciated
  13. hi thanks for the advice. i remember years ago reading something about getting info removed by saying it was causing you hardship. ie. needing credit to buy tools, transport to get stay/get/promoted in a job? i cannot for the life of me find this info anymore. but i'm sure it was a template letter on the web which apparently was quite successful. maybe i'm wrong. was a long while ago. thanks for the info on the other factors too. will help me pinpoint what needs to be potentially corrected with future applications. =) Q. is it better to phone loan companies and if ask to "quote search" my credit record. as this wont be seen as an actually search? are they under any obligation to say no to quote searching?
  14. ok now im even more confused. i cant get credit but 900 is my score which i see as good?? http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4032/4628247679_154d0318cf_o.jpg renewed my experian membership £7.99 + ££5.95 for score.
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