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  1. Hello everyone.. I have a friend who has had some debt they went to a company called spectrum, who took the dent on.. my friend pays spectrum £80 per month to pay the agencies that they owe the money to.. well to cut a long story story short.. spectrum hasnt payed the creditors, dispite the money going from my bank. now my friend is being taking to court and threatened with baliffs... how does my friend stand does anyone know ? the house isnt even theirs. and they only have a car in their name.. which is needed as he is disabled ( well going blind ) and needs his car for his wife
  2. i was just wondering.. but do you need to use the money claim on line. or can i just go to my local court and take the A&L to court their. more to the point what is the money claim i think i am a bit confuse... sorry everyone !
  3. well i have sent the perliminary letter on the 6th FEB 07.. got a reply basically saying "sod off" and how the OFT has said nothing about bank charges, it is to do with cradit cards. not overdraft or unfair charges.. which made me laugh a bit when i read it.. now giving them 14 days from the date of their letter then i intend to send the LETTER BEFORE ACTION. can i also add the charges that were taken in FEB which was for £100 or do i have to do a sperate claime. many thanks les45
  4. well it is all go now as i am sent the second letter to the A&L. giving them their 14 days to return my money. . awaiting their rely of course.. have'nt had it yet, sent the letter 5 days ago. and i'm counting.... LOL.. will keep you all inform as i go along. and good luck to everyone else.
  5. hiya all just to let you know i had a letter back from Matthew Taylor MP my local mp. the letter dated 29th january 2007. said. Many thanks for your e.mail, I am glad to hear that you are taking action to get bank charges returned to you. I hope that you pursue this all the way and good luck. i am awear of the consumer action group website that try to help in this regard. i hope you will let me know of the out come. which i intend to do once every has finished.
  6. sorry for this.. i have sent my first letter, (access request letter ) at long last i have had a reply and the A&L have sent me all my bank statements for the last 6 years... i know i have to do a spreed sheet, calculating all the charges, NOT THE INTEREST at this point. but which spreed sheet do i use, and which is the second letter i send with the spreed sheet. i found the preliminary approach letter ( is this the second letter to send giving them 14 days to reply. ? ) folloed by the letter before action.. sorry for this but i am really lost at the moment. and looking at
  7. well this has happened to me so far. i paid the £10 to A&L. that was cashed on the 10th January 2007. but still i havent heard a thing from them, not even the usual blog letter. what do i do if i dont get a reply, even thou the cheque has been cashed. what is the next step forward. their 40 days are up on the 13th February 2007. not to sure if this is good or bad because i havent heard a thing..
  8. i have been online to print of my bank statements, ( as i havent heard a thing from the A&L ) and i found that they only go back for 6 months. i really need to get hold of the 6 years statements inorder to work out in full how much to reclaim . if the A&L dont send me everything that i asked for in the SAR letter. what else can i do in order to get these. many thanks. lesley
  9. hiya everyone. i have say... reading this FAQ for hours now, and i am amazed how many people are suing thier bank. not meaning to sound selfish. but it is a nice felling to know that you are not alone... and thanks to everyone for their support and keeping me on the right tracks with the A&L. good luck to everyone. and keep fighting !
  10. Hiya Everyone sent out first letter to A&L on the 3rd January 2007. still no reply from the A&L. the cheque hasnt been cashed either. not to sure what to do now ?. whether to send a reminder, and that their dead line day is 13th February 2007 . saw local M.P on the I.T.N News this evening. ( Mr Matthew Taylor ) He told the houses of commons that the bank charges were wrong.illegal, and putting poeple into deeper debt. how right he was..lets just hope they listen to him, and not let his words go to a deft wall. so i might say blow it and send a reminder, cant
  11. hello all. i have just sent my first letter to the A&L 2 days ago. but i did a silly thing and didnt send it recored delivery, should i send another to be safe.. my bank charges have left me with no money at all.and iam on benifits. because i am disabled. i have now got to the point that some of my direct debit companies are threatening me with baliffs.. wow what a nice bank the A&L are. my bank charges (OVER CHARGES) must be up in the £4-5K easy. 2 months ago i sent a letter to the bank ombusmen, what a waste of time that was. he/she was no help what so ever. all i can s
  12. sorry .. but i have just sent my first letter off to the A&L 2 days ago.. i have been reading others posts in here and noticed you have mentioned about a signature ???? can i sound silly and ask what you mean by this. many thanks.
  13. Hello to all. well my problem is much the same as every one else. my bank took around £500 this month alone in charges, this has been happening to me for the last year,and longer.. because i am on benifits as i am disabled. they left me with no money to pay my direct debts, now i am being threaten by baliffs. one example was a direct debt refused for £2.99 but the A&L charged me £34.00 for this. if they didnt take my money in charges, then the money and more left over would be thir to pay my bills each month. i feel like i am giving my benifits to the banks as i dont see a penny of
  14. Hiya. i ve also just sent my first letter of to the A&L, did the same thing to me this christmas. they took £500 of my benifit money and left me with nothing for christmas. good luck to you with your claim.
  15. hiya folks. i'm new to this and have just sent my first letter off to the A&L reading the messages that i have seen in here, gives me the will power to carry it through to the end. we have to stand up for our rights and not let the bank walk all over us in this way! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE !
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