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  1. wow what a eye opener !!! i hope the banks are shown up for this underhanded tactic... i agree with you humbleman. it is disgracefull. i have sent a copy of this to my local MP. i for one would like to know his thoughts on this ~S~
  2. can i ask for some advice please.. i am a bit stuck at the moment. what do i need to include in my files for the court and Alliance & leicester solicitors. i know i need all of my statements... all letters sent to and recieved from the A&L.. index, and number all the pages correctly. the two i am stuck on is i have a letter from my local MP. and he included his statement the was read out in the houses of parliment about unfair bank charges. do i include this or not. secondly.. statement of evidience. really stuck on this. havent got a clue what to put or where t
  3. Just a update.. the Alliance & Leicester has filed a Acknowledgement of service. they now have until 3rd may 2007. then maybe just maybe i can put my judgement in.. but i think i am going to be the unlucky one and go to court. as they said they are going to fully defend.. "**** just my luck " will post again soon.
  4. i am also at the same stage. but my court letter says they have until the 19th to file a defence... but i have had a letter saying a firm of solicitors will be defending the A&L but as yet no defence has been put in to the court.. just wondering if it was worth ringing the A&L and asking if they would like to settle out of court.
  5. i am at the court stage. had a letter saying that a firm of solicitors were acting on their behalf. the A&L have until the 19th to put in their defence. having heard anything as yet wether they are putting in a defence or not. but they certainly havent offer me any payment. wish they would as my one is for £1600. with out court fees and added interrest...
  6. has anyone lese won their case against the A&L bank ? that would be nice to know. as it seems that nearly everyone is at the early stage of it. sorry just looking for resurrance ~S~
  7. i hve had another thought.. would it be wise for me to ring the bank A&L and offer them a chance to settle out of court or should i wait until it goes to court if it gets that far.. and yes i will wait until the 20th before i put my judgement in at the court. . but ring the court before going over and handing in my judgement incase they have put in a late defence.
  8. the A&L has until this Thursday 19th to put in their defence.. then i can put in for my judgement. do i do that on the same day the 19th or do i have to wait until 20th before putting in the judgement. i must admit i am i bit confused on that.
  9. oyu are at the same stage as me.. i put my claim in to my local court on the 5th April 07.. i have a letter from a firm of solicitors saying that the A&L have asked them to defened for them.. but they have until this Thursday to put in a defence. then i am going to the court in the afternoon to file a judgement. bet they will put a defence in on thursaday as they will give them another 28 days.. HAVE YOU HAD A LETTER FROM A FIRM OF SOLICITORS ? nice to know that i am not the only one at this stage.. nerve racking isnt it !! but good luck to you.
  10. thanks all for this and all your help... i am so nervous it is silly.. i just know i will be the one who goes in to the court. i just hope i win as i am claiming £1500. without the court fees and the questionar fees when they arrive... and it looks like A&L will be putting in a defence. if only to hang things out even longer. and for them to get their 28 days.. when you think about it they have had months to get ready for court. do the A&L really think that the public are going to back down over this. ( i dont think so ) as nervous as i am i am sticking with it to the end. even if i lo
  11. can anyone tell me please... I have just recieved a letter from a solicitors who will be acting on behalf of the A&L.. is the normal way of things at this stage. or can i expect worst and lose my case. i am so nervous now.. the A&L have until the 19th of April to put their defence in, then they have 29 days to get ready for court. i havent had a mention of a refund yet !!! any help on this please.. many thanks . just that i am not to sure if this is right or not. getting a letter from their solicitors.
  12. i would be honest and pay the money back. it is wrong to keep what isnt yours. and i know A&L were wrong to close your account. and wrong in taking the charges off you in the frist place .. but is it wroth stooping to their level and doing the same.. ( i dont think so ) so be one better than them and pay it back.
  13. NO.. wait the 40 days first... have you recieved your bank statements from the A&L ?? once your 40 days are up then send the send letter. using the template from on here. then you will have to wait another 14 days. their is step by step instructions in the menu use that also i found it helpful... good luck
  14. had reply from the court today (thursday) said they have giving the A&L 14 days to reply and the court has also sent me a letter for request for judgement.. so i am now waiting to see if the A&L will either send me my money. or close my account. time wil tell but it is all go from now on.. will keep you posted as it develops.. and thanks everyone.
  15. AS promised i have been over to the court and filed my claim. that was last Tuesdays. my cheque for £120 was cashed Monday. but i was expecting to hear from the court by now.. maybe i am to hastey. and getting to inpatient. but the court told me they would let me know as soon as the papers were served on the A&L, i think i could be getting worried over nothing. does the courts normanly take this length of time or is their a time scale to go throu that i dont know about.??????????
  16. I am at the court stage now and have just filed my claim. but if you go to court ( which is very unlikely as they seem to be paying up before hand) you will get back your court fees and the additional fee of £100 if your claime is more than £1500.. you can also claime back any expensives you have had also. as lone as you win your case. sorry but i am not to sure if you no this but.. the additional £100 has to be payed by you other wise your case will be thrown out of court and then the A&L wins. which we dont want to happen. but good luck with your case. and hope i have help even a l
  17. as promised i am keeping you all update.. i went along to my local county court and have now filed my court action against the A&L. now i am waiting for the reply from the court with my case number and other information. ( that was last tuesday ).. so i should here any day now. fingures crossed it all goes ok..will let you all know more... once i know more.. and i bet i will be the one who goes to court and have to fight my case. getting very nerves now thou. i really hope i win my case.
  18. as promised i am keeping you al update.. i went along to my local county court and have now filed my court action against the A&L. now i am waiting for the reply from the court with my case number and other information. that was last tuesday.. so i should here any day now. fingures crossed it all goes ok..will let you all know more... once i know more..
  19. i have filled in the court forms and i am taking them to my court tomorrow ( tuesday) but i am stuck on one part of the form.. where it says..... INTEREST UNDER S.69 COUNTY COURTS ACT 1984 £XXXXX what does this mean.. i understand the interest pursuant to s.69 county courts act 1984 as i ahve worked it out as 35p per day. but it is the above i am really stuck on... please help and many thanks will keep you posted.. sorry new thread started as my hubby is helping me and he is looking on line in the morning and it will make it easier for him to find. bef
  20. many thanks.. i have got my papers from my local court in Bodmin. as i know i would have to appear in person so i wouldnt be able to travel up country to another court. i now have the money to pay the £120. and will have the money to pay the extra £100. so it is now all go.... all i have to doover the weekend is sit down and number all the pages. make sure they are all in order, photocopy every thing 2 more times. then it is all go..but thanks for that i now understand better... will keep you informed.. just one question. mopneyclaim on line is applyinh to the court in the first st
  21. well i have got the court papers they have had longer than 14 days. due to the fact they took another £100 of me in over charges. that took my money away from me that i was using to pay the court with.. what buggers !! i suppose it wont hurt if i am 2 weeks late. cant be helped that might be another way of the A&L working. take the money so you dont have the money to do the court action against them. that my way of thinking. maybe i am wrong. but they stung me hard this month. the only thing i really wish to know at this moment is.. at what point to my file contaning all my statm
  22. i have reached the stage of going to court. what i need to know is.. even if i use the on line court paper work, will i have to appear in court myself in person ???? even if i go to my local court in Bodmin Cornwall... ALSO. i have had a reply saying they will look at my complaint and get back to me. ( AT SOME POINT ) do i still wait the 14 days or can i place papers to court now.. SORRY I AM GETTING VERY NERVES NOW. TIME IS GETTING CLOSER...
  23. i would say that if you have just sent your first letter you must wait the 40 days for them. after that time it goes to 14 days per letter. A&L will take thier time on the first letter, they did for me. i am now at the stage of putting my claim to the court.. dont get put of by any of their letters when they reply.. good luck. go get em....
  24. i sent my letter before action to the A&L last saturday 24th Feb 07, i then went on line and my letter was recived by the A&L on monday 26th Feb07. today the 28th feb i have had a reply saying this, (( "Thank you for taking the time to contact us to highlight your concerns. we are currently looking into the issue you have raised and will let you have our response as soon as possible. Alliance & Leicester is committed to resolving complaints as fairly as possible and our leaflet explains the actions we will take. In the mean time if you feel the need to discuss this matt
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