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  1. It would be fantastic to know how far you got with your claim.... it might put some of our nerves to rest a little... and a BIG CONGRATULATIONS.. well done !
  2. i popped along to the court they were very nice and said they would send a copy to wragge & co for me that way i wouldnt have to pay out any more money... which i thougth was very good of them... and they also told me that my papers are now in front of the judge for direction.. just waiting for a letter to say some thing like file/serve. then it the court date. looking at others post it seems like they going to court now looks like a fight to win.. can i appoint a solicitor at this late stage for myself if needed one ? or am i better doing it myself. bit stuck on that one. will
  3. Thanks.. i will have to go to the court tomorrow and asked very nicely for a copy.. i just cant believe how stupid i have been over this.. thanks all.
  4. yet again more help needed.. should i have photocopied and copy of my AQ and sent it to A&L solicitors.. or will the court do this.. as i am not to sure on this one .. the problem is i have already sent in my AQ to the court. and if i should send a copy to the other side then i need to go over to the court and asked for a photo copy of my AQ.. maybe just me panicing over nothing but i am not to sure on this one
  5. hello valdaz. sorry to hear about your case or day in court. wish it had turned out better for you. reading through BANKFODDERS post to you. i think.. he didnt mean it in a really bad way it is just the bankfodder and all the moderators are here trying their best to help us and get our money back of the banks and it is a BIG KICK in the teeth for us all when this happens, as we dont want the banks to win as it is a feather in their caps then..
  6. well i have gone over to the court today. and have handed in my file. and have posted off another copy exactly the same to A&L solicitors. in my AQ i have asked for small claims NOT fast track.. and i have also asked on my AQ for the bank to give me a full disclosure of cost.. so i am now waiting for the next step and will keep you posted.. thanks again everyone for all your help and support, with out it i would never have got as far as i have.. ~S~
  7. hiya kate......when i read the letter that you send into the court with the AQ i read that it said ( you the claimant will send all files within 14 or it will be struck out ) thats to say if you dont get your folders in within the 14 days then your side will have collapes and it will be struck out. my 14 days are up this monday. so i getting my ones in to the couty court tomorrow ( thursday ).. keep in touch with your one and good luck.
  8. up date. i have now got all my court folders ready and i am handing them in to the county court this thrusday.. all i can do now is go with the flow and wait it out.. court date next. and i know i am going to be the unlucky one and end up in court. i know it only nerves.. but my heart has been going 60 times faster than it should be at the moment.. they should pay out on compensation for stress for this lot. blimey ( holds forehead "oh the trumor" )..~laffs~ will up date once i recieve a court date..
  9. A extra BIG THANK YOU.. for your help. i have today 3rd May 07 put my AQ in at the county court, and paied my extra £100 to go with it.. so all i can do now is wait to see what happens and go over my files and make sure they are complete and all in order... will keep you all post... my Husband has started his claim today just sent of his SAR letter that for our joint account.. will keep you up date with a new thread on his name to let you all know how that one goes.
  10. so do i only need the letter that dizzykate has put up in here .. thats to go with the AQ back to the court. with the cheque for £100. Is their any other letter to go with it the reason why i ask about he other letter was... when i recieved my defence it laid out all the things they were defending and at the end their was a statement of truth that the solicitors signed.. i was thinking that i had to do the same sort of letter. and sign it saying that it was true ...
  11. thanks dizzy kate but i have that one .. it is the letter that you need to sign stateing it is a statement of truth... i could really kick myself as i fond itonce then lost it and like a fool i didnt save it
  12. please can anyonme tell me where the letter is that you in with the AQ that states you want the defendant to disclose their fees ( in other words they have to show the true charge and how much it actually cost them.. i cant find it any where and wanted it to go in my letter to the court. many thanks
  13. dizzy kate.. have you heard from the court with a copy of the defence ? and i htought it might be.. keep me posted on how you are going.. ok.. i am posting my back to the court this coming Tuesday will have to wait for the court date then i suppose.. nice to hear form you
  14. this is where the customer ( the claimant)presents an item for payment that the defendant was or is not perpared to pay. this is currantly charged at £34 per item presented. 12.3) UNAUTHORISED OVERDRAFT FEE. this is where the customer ( the claimant ) goes in excess of the agreed overdraft limit, or where the customer ( the claimant ) never had a overdraft limit and went overdrawn. The charges for this is £25 for the first day and then a futher £25 in the customer ( the claimant) remains overdrawn for five days or more during the month. 13) the charges which have been debited
  15. her is my defence letter s promised.. hope you all enjoy reading it... lesh - claimant V Alliance & leicester bank plc - defendent DEFENCE 1) Save insofar as the same consists of admissions and save as it is herein expressly admitted or expressed not to be admitted, the defendant joins issue with the claimants claim. 2) This defence is served and filed without prejudice to the defendants contention that the particulars of claim disclosed no reasonable cause of action and opught to be struck out pursant to the provisions of the civil procedure rules part 3.4
  16. i have'nt had my court date but the A&L have put in their defence. and i have had a copy from the court of the defence. i am now paying out the other £100 to go with the AQ on tuesday. it seems their is alot of us at the same stage altogether. i have counted 5 so far. so i would like to know who wraggle & co are to defend them all especially if they are at the same time.
  17. well i have today Friday recieved the defence form the court.. i know have until the 13th may 07 to get in Aq back in..along wiht the £100 so i am doing all of that this coming Tuesday. anf request that i can stick with the small claims track and NOT go with the fast track.. will post defence as promised over the weekend... hop eit makes for enjoying reading for everyone ! will post again soon
  18. i am posting my full letter from wraggle & co over the weekend. it iwll be nice to see if they are the same through out.. bet they are.... good luck to you and i am keeping my fingures crossed for you. keep in touch please..
  19. yes include over darft charges. refused DD. refused cheques. their is also a spreedshet you can down load and use.. but DO NOT INCLUDE INTEREST UNTIL YOU APPLIE TO THE COURTS. the interest comes later ok...their is a step by step quide in here i would use it and read others post it will help..
  20. yep did that when i applied to the court. i attached in the very beginning.. wow i had a little heart atteck when i read that thought i had done some thing wrong and made a big mistake.. i was running around like a headless chicken for a min or two...~laffs~ with the letter that i recieved from the wraggle & co solicitors i will post the full letter in here over the weekend ( deleting personel details of course) it should make for interesting reading... many thanks all of you ~S~
  21. sorry what is the POC ? that i have to complete. as per the template ? sorry confused.
  22. im the same and have recieved the same lettter today,.. casn i ask the firm of solicitors dealing with it are they wragge & co from birmingham.. couriouisty getting to me here.. i am now sitting and perparing my court bundle. in ready for court.. dont want to be cought out at the last minute
  23. i think we are in the same boat.. as i have also had a letter saying they are putting in their defence today. so i am now sitting and getting as much as possible ready for court. and down side to this is i know have to pay out another £100 to go with the AQ when it arrives.. all well i will get it back i suppose if i win my case. good luck to you.. please keep me posted on how it goes.
  24. update... had a letter today Wednesday 07 from the firm of solicitors who are intended on defending the Alliance & leicester. saying """"""that they are putting in their defence and they feel basically that the claimants claim has no resonable cause of action and outh to be struck out pursuant to the provisions of the civil procrdure rules part 3.4 and /or the summary judgment outh to be granted against the claimant pursuant to the civil procedures rules part 24.2 as the climant has no real prospects of succeeding on the claim or issue and there is no other compelling reason why the case o
  25. have you requested your statements with the SAR letter for the last few years and sent them a £10 cheque. not sure where you started at. or did you just go to the court letter.
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