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  1. From the recent letter from Arrow Global the Orange debt is for March, April 2007. The claim form from Northampton CCBC was August. There was a mention of an old Orange bill in the CPR 31.14 request from Bryan Carter in August as well.
  2. County Court papers issued 13/08/2012 with P.o.C of " The claimant claims XXX.XX being the balance of concideration outstanding to it under account Number AGGXXXXXXXX in respect of services rendered to the defendant. Sent the usual CPR31.14 request for documents but only received the usual Carter that they don't have to comply letter and the matter was for a debt collection of an old orange phone bill. Reply dated 24/08/2012. Put in defence that the P.o.C was to vague and Arrow never render any services on the 14/09/2012. Had a letter from Bryan Carter that Arrow has dismissed them on the 01/10/2012. I have now had a letter from Arrow Global dated 22/10/2012 stating that Bryan Carter has been dismissed. They note that the defence contains the reference to poor P.o.C. That they do not have to offer any proof at the time of issue of the court papers (Practice direction 7C point 1.4 (3A)). That they now are applying to Orange for documention which they will copy me on receipt. This next point is what has me puzzled they have stated " We note that you have stated the claim is not fully particularised and in order to rectify this situation, we ask your written consent to ammend the paticulars in line with CPR17.1(2) ". Can somebody confirm that this a move from Arrow to rectify Bryan Carters mistake and I shouldn't give any consent.
  3. thanks for that. looking at the warrent it shows that edf never updated their records as the electric man said... it was his foult and that the meter hasnt be touch, and that it was the new electric key because it had not been registerd to the address. again the records werent updated.
  4. well this really takes the biscuit .. in april of this year my son had a new electric meter fitted by edf. . today 17th july 2012. .. edf turned up at my sons house with the police and a court warrent to search his home as edf said he was not using enough eletric.. . it turned out that edf had not updated their files when the new meter was put in. the police searched the hole house. the bloke from edf went to the new meter. in total they were their for 30 minuets on leaving the police said sorry. my son is on benifits due to his knee disabilities. and funds are limited. they only use what they need on their electric. whioch is about 20 to 30 pounds a week.. my son is really mad with edf. can they do this. and what action can my son take against edf for the folse claim because edf couldnt do their paper work properly
  5. thanks for all your replies. firstly. No there was no signs, even dad didnt know what was going on. he was complaining a pain in his stomach which he told the consultants on the ward and in the A&E department. no he was not on any tablets for his tummy even thou he was put on high doses of steroids.
  6. they were told several times by myself and espeically by my dad, if you tell 12 doctors over 3 days and nothing is done except go on about his c o p d. or look at his hand. being used as a test subject for other doctors, what else are you meant to do. the medical profession is meant to be a highly trained brunch of professionals, you all know you can shout until your blue in the face, but if a doctor decides that a test or examination isnt needed then you arent going to get one. the doctors were fully awear of my dads pain, yet chose to ignore it.
  7. i can now say about a month ago he had a knee operation the remove some of his maligness tendon which was trapped between the knee joint. his knee his still very painful and still gives away to the point that the knee cap feels like it slips out. as for getting him to A&E i couldnt. he was in such pain i couldnt move him, w even rang his GP and he refused to come out. YES i was told to try an put his knee back but NO i didnt try it. nor would i. he is still suffering with his knee today. as for long term . im worried for him because of the arthritise that will now set in. due to the tendons being removed. he is 26 and has trouble with w knee that shouldnt be the case not at 26. thanks for the replies. lesley
  8. This is a long story but i will keep it as short as possible and get to the point. but can you please give me some advice as im not sure what to do next. My dad aged 69 was admitted into a nhs hospital on may 7th just gone. he suffered with c.o.p.d for the last 2 years. and about 3 weeks ago started to complain of stomach pains which made his breathless alot worst, on the 7 th may 2012 we called for an ambulance, as he was in such pain and every time he stood up his sats would drop, we went into the hospital A&E, he told them about this pain in his stomach they examined his tummy and he said it was very tender and painful to the touch, the doctors decicide to send him for a chest x-ray, the result of this x-ray came back, they said he had a chest infection, and would need some antibiotics and would need to stay in hospital, he was then transferred to the medical admissions ward where we saw another doctor, he said their wasnt any chest infection and the x-ray was the same as the one he had done one month before, but they would treat him as thou he had a chest infection. less and than 4 hours he was moved to another ward called the wellington, all this time so far he was complaining of the tummy pains. every time he moved or tried to walk. again i felt this was ignored, the Tuesday night he had such pain they thought he was having a heart attack, they did a E C G this showed he was NOT having a heart attack, yet again they did not investigate the pain or anything else. on the wednesday he said he might be coming home on the thursday, even thou he had this pain. but.. . the thursday morning we had a phone call from the hospital to say can we go to him as he was in pain, when we arrived, he had vomited a lot of blood the remains of which was up the bed curtains and on his top. we asked what the hell was going on the doctor explained that he had a ruptured viscus. ( ruptured stomach ulser) and that he needed a operation. but by this point he was to weak to have a operation so there was nothing they could do except keep him comfortable. by 5.30pm he passed away it took the doctor until 6.30pm to comfirm this. Not once did they investigate the pain he was having, nor did they treat him for the pain he was getting at that time. they did treat him for a chest infection that he didnt have. and this cost him his life. if told them about this pain once he told them 50 times nothing was done.. the coroner telephoned and asked if we were happy with the cause of death that being a ruptured viscus, as he was happy to do a post mortam, because he had died of something he wasnt being treated for. we said yes we were happy with the cause of death and that we didnt want a pm, it then took a week for the hospital to release his body to the undertakers. i feel that he was let down by the nhs in a big way and that there is some kind of neglect. but i want answers why his pain was ignored and nothing done about it. mainly for closure. do you think this was a neglect or not. can you help and advice me on what to do next even get the answers that i need. i have e.mailed the chairman at the hospital but as No reply from the hospital. sorry this was long and thank you for reading it. lesley.
  9. before i start i must say that that i do have full premision from my son to write this as we need some advice please. about 6 weeks ago my son went to sit on the his sofe and he felt his knee pop. he was screaming in pain. both myuself and my husband went down to his place to help. we couldnt move him, for two reasons one i had just had a operation two days before, and he is 6ft tall and to big for my husband to move on his own.. so we called for a ambulance. about 30 mins after calling 999. we recieved a called back asking if we could molipnapate the knee back in possion ourselfs as they were busy. and to give him some paracetamol for the pain. we tried and couldnt do it. we are not qualified in anyway to do this and wasnt shore if we were even trying to do it right. my son was so distressed by this he told us to go home and leave him he would try and do it. the following day he still hadnt pop his knee into place so we called the doctor. thinking he would help. we were told go to A & E. he wouldnt come out either. again we found ourselfs in the same position, with no help and noone to turn to. we just couldnt move him on our own. he was in so much pain. well another 2 days passed. by which time he had spent all that time on the sofa. he just couldnt move because of his knee. well he ende dup with a blood clot on his leg. which we found out when he started sweating heavily and became very breathless. he was then rush to our local hospital where they susspected the blood clot had moved to the lung. causing my son to have a P.E my son is now on warfrine. he still cant walk to even put any weight on his leg. they have given him a set of crutches to use. now we have been told orthipedics would see him until the clot in his leg has completely gone. im worried he is now going to be left with a perminate disability becasue of this. if the ambulance had calld on the first day this wouldnt have happened. sorry for any spelling mistakes.. and any advice would be great. thanks everyone.
  10. just another update... letter witten to the court to complain but still no reply back nor have i heard anything from the court. BUT.. had two letters from arrow global and guess what same account number that is on going in the court at the moment. but arrow global is now using a company called SRJ. and they have had a phone call from me saying that this account is still on going in the court. and that this amounts to harrassment, but they still send letters threatening legal action if the debt is not paid. am i correct in thinking arrow global and pheniox recoveriers are the same company . it would appear they have the same address on their letters. this is doing my head in. on the quiet. stress levels are through the roof. also letters going out to t&s also oft. and financial ombusman.
  11. The letter received from Resolution Legal services stated that they are acting on behalf of Pheonix Recoveries (uk) Limited S.A.R.L the named claimant on the County Court papers through their agent Red Castle Recoveries.
  12. Phoned Nothampton CC and been inform that BC hasn't applied to discontinue.
  13. well folks ready for this..... Brian Carter took me to court over a debt. brian carter discontinued to me by letter. this is the fun part.i telephoned the court last monday. Brian carter HASNT discontinued to the court. sold the debt to another company call RED Castles recovery. their cliant is now phoenix recoveries. and sent me a letter which i recieved today stating that they want the money in full if payment is not made in 7 days legal action will be taken against me.
  14. " make SURE the court are aware, he can still be sneaky that way...." dx100uk How do I make Sure as nothing showing at MCOL so far.
  15. Well I am surprised that so soon after my last posting that I have update on the claim. I have received today a letter from Bryan Carter dated the 1st June that the claim has been discontinued. Thanks everybody for advice and events have happened as scripted.
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