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  1. Yes Please! Can you post a copy of the letter on this forum?
  2. Very True! I would be suprised if they were not licencsed (large car finance company they were working for), I shall dig out the paperwork and check, the repossession agent was uniformed with a name badge identification etc but I did not ask if they were licensed. Also I have a friend who used them to collect a business debt for his exhibition company and they got it back without problems, I'll email him now and find out the score.
  3. Out of all the DCA's I have dealt with Coventry Debt Solutions were to be honest, the most helpful and polite! They have a job to do and seem to do it well! Much better than others I could menition who were very rude and unhelpful, why dont people realise that politeness and manners cost nothing, what ever your situation?! The above company repossessed my vehicle, no alarms going off in the middle of the night, just a knock at my door and a polite agent showing me the paperwork and explaining the procedure - no problems at all! He even emptied my car for me as I was eating!
  4. I am a self employed Recruitment Agent and did some work successfully for a company based in Scotland. They are now blatantly refusing to pay and trying to rip me off (Their attitude changed as soon as I finished the work). I want to CCJ and just spoke to my local court to see if I can issue a CCJ to a company in Scotland, they said I can but I need to add a specific paragraph in the Particulars of Claim regarding making a claim against a company in a different country. No problem, but they will not tell me what that paragraph is and said I need to seek legal advice which I am s
  5. Yes I agree they were well within their rights to collect the vehicle. They actually had a spare set of keys and I saw them enter the car, I guessed what they were doing hence the question. I am not sure whether she recieved notice of the collection, I'll check, probaly yes. The old head in sand syndrome. I was just miffed as I thought only Bailiffs could do this? I guess these DCA's are very busy presently given the economic climate.
  6. Hi There and thanks for the quick reply, She had only made 4 payments and defaulted on a further 6, it was a 3 year PCP agreement. Unfortuantly I have checked and all the paperwork and correspondance seems in order. She was daft and over ambitious taking the finance out in the first place - she has learned a hard lesson. I was just curious as when the Debt Collectors arrived, I asked them if they were certified bailiffs and they replied that no, they were licensed debt collectors. I was under the impression that it was only Bailiffs who could do this?
  7. Hi Guys, My girlfriends car was repossessed last week by Debt Collectors, not Bailiffs - is this legal? She defaulted on her finance agreement. Thanks
  8. Hi Guys, A friend of mine has a small engineering business and has falled into a bit of a bad situation and has a few sticky debts around the region of £1800. A creditor has instructed a debt collection company who have hand delievered him a 7 day letter and say they are going to add charges everytime the visit, which they say is every 7 days until it is paid. The are charging £250 + VAT each visit. Can they do this? Thanks guys! LJL
  9. Hi Voxter, Thats what I am thinking, a friend of mine has been threatened with a Debt Collection company sending a Non Certified Bailiff around to collect the debt. I assume that this person just works for a company of Debt Collectors, but really has no power to take anything, I suppose just request / demand payment. Also does anyone know if a Debt Collector / Debt Collection firm can add charges to a bill for visits, letters etc? Thanks
  10. Hi Guys, Can anyone explain to me the difference between a Certified Bailiff and a Non Certified Bailiff. Can a Debt Collector call himself a Non Certified Bailiff when they call? Also can Debt Collectors add charges on for visits etc? Thanks for your help guys
  11. Thanks Guys! I shall check out the other areas! LJL
  12. Hi Guys, I need some advice....I've got a company based in Scotland who are refusing to pay and invoice I have issued them for services, no dispute or qibbles, they are just not paying. In England, I would normally issue a CCJ against them, however I do not believe that this applies in Scotland. Can anybody help with advice on what to do? Many thanks! LJL
  13. Hi Guys, Approx 7 years ago my sister bought me the Cherished Plate L33 GYM for my birthday, but I never got round to putting it on a car and have since lost all documentation relating to it, I can not even remember the firm who sold it. But I must still own the plate - how can I find out about it?!!!!!!! All replies gratefully recieved!!! LJL
  14. My advice is to start as low as possible - say 10% and then slowly work up, try to put a ceiling on at 50% and stick to your guns. Negoitiation is just a game, the person on the other end of the telephone has targets to reach! I negoitiated most of mine at about 50% except when Barclays was nearing CCJ stage when it was about 60% Talking in £ instead of percentages can also be useful and also you can offer stage payments e.g. £10,000 debt, I'll give you £4000 in 2 x £2000 Often negoitiation is a game of nerve!!!
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