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  1. Cheers for the response, I will give it ago.
  2. Hi folks, I decided to email Abbey and have had this response, can someone please advise wether I can still try get out of them wasted costs, as they are saying not. I am almost tempted to forget it, wait for my cheque to arive and call it a day. I have now had an opportunity to look into your claim, and it seems it has been settled in full (in the sum of £2,074.42) by one of my colleagues. This settlement was effected last Thursday (14th June), so the letter confirming settlement may not have reached you yet. We requested payment on Thursday, and as this typically takes 5-7 days to process this should reach your account (if open) or be posted to you by the end of this week. In respect of the additional costs detailed in your new schedule, these do not form part of the settlement in full. As the deadline for filing documents had not passed on 14 June when your claim was settled, your costs associated with preparing and filing these documents are not recoverable. This remains the case even if you have prepared and filed the documents in advance of the deadline. However, as the remainder of your claim has been settled in full I hope you will consider this to be a reasonable resolution of your claim.
  3. Yes fingers crossed, if all goes to plan I will get about £2500 (with wasted costs, court fees etc etc). I have got all the info I needed from this site so a big thanks to everyone!
  4. Claim No: 7QZ37471. Charges of £1513.50, Interest of £340.25 and going to push for about £400 for wasted costs Getting there slowly but surely. Court date set for 03/07/07, documents to be supplied by 19/06/07 (I hand delivered to the court and posted to Abbey recorded delivery yesterday). Got my letter ready to send on 19/06/07 stating Abbey have not provided their documents to me (presumptious I know!!). Fingers crossed they dont provide the documents, the Judge agrees to strike out their defense and rule in my favour OR they do the decent thing and just settle.
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