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  1. The phonecall no doubt would have been recorded, how ever if u ask for the transcript of it, it will have not been..... cough Mysteriousssss
  2. If its been more than 21 days, send the companies a 7 day letter before action, advising them of their non-compliance of the S.10 notice and telling them they have 7 days in which to comply with the notice or you will seek a judgement via the courts to force them to comply with it. I sent an S.10 Notice to a DCA, they replied with random letters, after 21 days was up i sent them a LBA, they replied with a random letter so in the end i called them and spoke to a litigation supervisor who said hed put all the paperwork through to the corect people (Half the time the letters go to customer s
  3. Thats what im thinking (ive got to take HSBC to court within the next 14 days) If mine gets to a similar situation, how do you then FORCE removal of the default, would the judge not do it as part of the strike out? I dont know either lol :>
  4. :o What will happen now? They will be forced to comply with everything you have asked for? Clint
  5. According to what they said, they were not obliged to send me a default notice prior to defaulting me. They are required only to send a letter asking for repayment..... Im sure that is not right. Im still awaiting their final response and one can only wonder what will be within it, but they have ignored my request for my account opening documents and just fobbed me off, is there any angle i can force the reciept of these? So i can prove that there is no clause in the contract to allow them to process my CRA information after the contract has ended? Im wondering if they even have
  6. Whilst i await HSBC's response, Because this default was for an overdraft, apparently they do not need to issue me with a default notice, does anyone know if this is actually true? (As technically its not fixed-sum credit, i think?) Therefor that means i cannot do a CCA request? Does my head in all this waiting around for HSBC to stop dragging their arses :/ Ill wait all this time and get back a reply similar to my first letter recieved from them i bet, full of rubbish with no legal backup! Grrr
  7. lol nice :> i can only imagine what mine would be with this sodding marker removed, one can but hope ill be interested to hear their response, it will no doubt be drivel though!
  8. "write back our final response" that should have read, sos
  9. i have a reply.... it states "i confirm reciept of the background papers at this office and we are considering the merits of your complaint in order to write back to you, certainly within 30 days" its again from the customer relations team but this time someone else merits of the complaint. wtf?
  10. Maybe she did fancy you! hah SB has said he has some case law, but his post is yet to be updated so that is a waiting game. If Egg have admitted they cannot find the default notice..... im sure there is post on the legalities board for that. Still in shock at the judge though, im due to take HSBC to court over the very same thing, if i got dismissed in such a way id be livid.
  11. I have the same issue, its strange indeed. I have a joint account with the wife, First direct current account. On her credit file it shows all 0's (weve not been over our limit in years) On mine it shows 0002100000 So basically it looks like ive been over my agreed limit for 2 months in a row, when we havent, and why the discrepencies in mine & the wifes file for the same account? Very odd
  12. What a crap result.... Surely under contract law its not acceptable that once a contract end's all the terms end... otherwise thats just daft, all of your rights to be able to bank with egg etc sure as hell ended!! Theirs should too! As for the S10 bit... well im shocked that the case was dismissed in such a way. Hope you appeal C
  13. A baby boy, and his name is connor he slept with us last night because all the storms were scaring him!
  14. And many congrats on ur clear file!! With this HSBC one removed i too will have a clear file too, heres hoping!
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