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  1. We moved out of our house in January, we finally got our deposit back a couple of weeks ago, well, less than half our deposit. This particular agency are the most shambolic bunch of inept morons I've ever come across, both we and the landlord were tearing our hair out over them for nearly three years. The deductions from our deposit are ridiculous, £150 to tidy up a 16 foot garden that was just a strip of grass..... What's been really bugging me is that we didn't receive an exit inventory (asked many times), even though they charged us £160 for an entry inventory. They charged
  2. This works fax your MP. I've used it to great success in the past. Officially the MP can't do anything, but he can call the right people and get things moving.
  3. None of it, which is far beyond stupid on my part. I didn't think I would have to get it in writing that the place would be cleaned though.
  4. Hi I found a new place to live about a month ago, I paid my deposit (on the 15th) on the understanding that the place would be (at the very least) cleaned, that a shower would be fitted and some paintwork would be touched up. All of this 'work' took a couple of weeks to complete. Last night I completed the paperwork (finalised the lease etc.) and picked up the keys. None of the work has been done. I walked through the front door straight into a giant cobweb (I felt like Indiana Jones ) What leverage do I have? Can I do anything at all? Can I get out of the lease at t
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