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  1. STILL WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The CAG has kept it's side of the bargain, BAYV. Now you must keep to yours. Lefty
  2. As your boyfriend's fridge freezer has been re-financed, it's still the property of Buy As You View, and he is only hiring it. Therefore the Supply of Goods (Implied Terms) Act 1973 requires it to be fit for the purpose, of satisfactory quality, and durable during the time it is on hire. Besides, the average life span of a good quality f/freezer should be anything between 5 - 15 years (Mine is at LEAST 18 years old, and still going strong! I'm sure Linda will take a good look at the problem, and will do her best to assist. Please be kind enough to let us know how it pans out. I'm actually looking forward to the day when BAYV finally get to resolve a customer issue satisfactorily on here... !!!!! Cheers Lefty
  3. Hi again - just noticed your edit above. If, as you say, you have home contents insurance of your own, why on EARTH are you paying for BrightHouse Damage Liability Insurance? It is completely POINTLESS! If you were to remove all OSC and DLC from your agreements, you would see a weekly saving of around 30-40% !!!! Cheers Lefty
  4. My bet is your store manager will do his best to please a valued customer. BrightHouse customer service has improved vastly over the last couple of years, and store managers DO have a LOT of descretion at their disposal. Negotiate yourself a fair compromise. I would also suggest that if you DO have other current agreements, you may like to re-think any OSC or DLC policies you have... Cheers Lefty
  5. ...or better still get it in writing! I wish you luck, but I know BrightHouse pretty well. Unless you are still a customer and have other agreements still active, the store will simply wash their hands of the whole thing. (Which is why I would suggest a little friendly negotiation with the manager and his offer of another telly for £250...) Oh - and if you DO succeed with a fair compromise, don't take the OSC and DLC.... ah, but you know that now, don't you! Cheers Lefty
  6. Yes. You have well and truly been misled. This problem comes up a lot on here. The thing you have to remember is that you DLC policy only insured your LIABILITY on any future payments on the Hire Purchase agreement. In the event of a successful claim, all further payments would be waived. There is - nor never was - any promise of a replacement product due to accidental damage. Bottom line is the telly did not belong to you. It belonged to BrightHouse. You were only hiring it. (It would only have become yours at the time of your final payment on the agreement.) Cheers Lefty
  7. Like it... The one that springs to mind to me is: BrightHouse - Your 156 week pay, pay, pay, payment store! (or, see my avatar!) Lefty
  8. Hi, and welcome to CAG. Unfortunately, even if you had Optional Service Cover (OSC) AND Damage Liability Cover (DLC) agreements on your telly, it still was not covered for accidental damage. This is a common misconception. Your DLC policy only covered your LIABILITY on your Hire Purchase agreement - it would have NEVER provided a like for like replacement for accidental damage. All payments (Hire Purchase, OSC and DLC) should have stopped at the point the TV was returned on a DLC claim. If you have been making payments AFTER the TV was returned, then BrightHouse owe you some money. (This is probably reflected in the offer of another TV for £250 - which, to be honest, sounds quite reasonable...) Probably not the reply you had hoped for, but you have to consider that if you had bought your telly from, say Currys or Dixons, and you accidentally dropped it after two years, would you be expecting Currys or Dixons to supply you with a new telly? Unfortunately you have just learned the HARD WAY that BrightHouse OSC and DLC agreements are a complete and total waste of money. Cheers Lefty
  9. Hi stone35 You haven't logged back on or read any replies to your (several) posts you made the other night. I hope everything is OK. Have you heard any more from BrightHouse? Cheers Lefty
  10. Oh no..! An important domestic appliance has just packed up... I wonder if Buy As You View can help..? I'll give my Customer Account Manager a call I think... He said to call him if I had any problems, or needed any help... Really nice guy actually... Let's see... Lefty
  11. If these rent-to-own Hire Purchase companies (and I don't just mean Buy As You View) want to come out from the shadows, and play nice with other high street retailers, then they have GOT to start playing by the rules..! No more "under the radar" shady deals, no more "making up their own unfair terms and conditions", and no more exploiting people desperate for a "bit of tick" (and I'm not implying you fall into that bracket, OP)... These companies have operated unchallenged for too long now, and - as they are currently experiencing increased revenues due to a crippling recession - they all want to be seen as "cool" and "respectable" household brands all of a sudden... So, instead of over-spending on advertising and PR budgets - let's get the basics right first! Start from the bottom UP - and NOT from the top DOWN! These companies have GOT to start seeing people as CUSTOMERS... Yes, OP. You are absolutely right with your opinion. They also need to learn to write as well! Lefty
  12. I would like to remind Buy As You View that the CAG was promised a "formal response" upon completion of your investigation. Whether or not the OP (customer) is happy with the current situation does not alter this promise at this time. It is quite clear this investigation is now complete. This complaint was brought to the CAG by an unhappy consumer, and the CAG brought it to the attention of Buy As You View. Without the intervention of the CAG nobody would have been any the wiser! The time has come for Buy As You View to put their hands up, admit to their mistakes, and let the CAG see what systems have now been put into place to prevent a similar case happening again. My patience was wearing thin on page 2 of this thread.... It is now time for some closure! Lefty
  13. I would address your letter to CEO Graham Clarke.. (I think you will find he'll be expecting it!) Lefty
  14. Here we go again - proof that nobody below senior director level at BAYV has the faintest idea how to provide satisfactory customer service... After ALL this time... This is a conclusion? Absolutely unbelievable! So... It was the POLICE who were at fault, eh? It was THEIR fault for LETTING THE REP INTO YOUR HOME? And, as the REP no longer works for the company (dismissed, presumably?) Buy As You View are NOT TO BLAME? All sorted? WRONG! Buy As You View are VERY MUCH to blame, and absolutely MUST take responsibility for the actions of their employee! First rule of management - EVERYTHING is your fault! A half hearted (and quite frankly) PATHETIC gesture of goodwill (in the attempt to retain a customer) is an insult! And I, for one, would be refusing it outright! In your private message to me earlier you mentioned that, during your meeting with Buy As You View, you were told a full refund of all payments made under the agreement was NOT AN OPTION due to you NOT HAVING PAID MORE THAN ONE THIRD OF THE TOTAL AGREEMENT. Funny how Buy As You View can apply the CCA rules when it suits them! Just in case you had forgotten, Buy As You View, there is also another section in the CCA that states a COURT ORDER is required to repossess hire purchase goods from private property! Besides, the agreement had been re-financed after a year, so in actual fact you already HAD paid at least one third! Was it explained to you at the time that you were throwing away your accrued statutory rights by ordering a flipping dining table? No? Thought not! OP, your next move is to ask Buy As You View to offer you an explanation, an apology, and as to how the company would like to rectify things IN WRITING! No more meetings, no more phone calls etc. WRITING ONLY. Come on, Buy As You View, wake up a smell the coffee! This thread has been here for almost two months. It's been read by more than 7,000 people. Reporters from both the BBC and the Guardian have expressed interest. Type "Buy As You View" into Google, and this thread comes up on the first page! How much more does it take for you to do the right thing? Finally, I take great personal issue with hearing "the CAG is biased!" The CAG site team and myself have bent over backwards to provide a fair and open forum for your company to address customer issues. Any harm done to the corporate image of Buy As You View on this website is down to Buy As You View. You have not yet resolved ONE customer complaint satisfactorily! Again - First rule of management - EVERYTHING is your fault! Lefty
  15. Yep, that's how I understand it.... And if you tell someone else, you don't owe anything!
  16. Hi. Yes, that it quite correct... However, that only really applies if the goods are of protected status (ie: more than one third of the total paid)... And, one could argue, that was the case in this situation.... because the goods had been re-financed... Cheers Lefty
  17. If a problem shared is a problem halved, does that mean if I tell TWO people it's not my problem anymore? Cheers Lefty
  18. Hi Chrisyb1984 - thanks for the update. Sounds like you've had some very constructive dialog with the police, and you should certainly take matters further. Regardless of any alleged civil issues in this case (your agreement/contract with BAYV) anyone with half a brain can see that the police were well and truly in the wrong, and should be made accountable for their actions. ...But this still leaves the issue of BAYV and THEIR part in all of this. BAYV not only acted unlawfully, they acted ILLEGALLY! I can confirm that an internal enquiry has taken place, and I have received regular (private) updates from the company's marketing director regarding the progress of it. I can also confirm that an important development has taken place today concerning the management chain involved. However, as the marketing director is now on annual leave, and the fellow director looking after his workload has chosen to ignore my emails today, I am unable to comment any further. (I gave my word to keep all information confidential until the outcome of the enquiry, so as not to jeopardise any possible outcome, or to identify any persons involved.) But I would say, at this point, that YOU very much have the upper hand. By all means have a meeting with BAYV and hear what they have to say. I would strongly recommend not rushing into any agreement. Tell them you'd like a few days to think things over. And certainly don't sign anything! As for, "not issuing refunds"... What an absolutely ridiculous and "jobsworth" attitude to take for a senior director! Frankly I am appalled at such a comment. Considering this whole thing came about due to confusion with re-financed agreements (and after having made payments for well over a year), the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM offer I would expect should be a full refund of ALL payments made on the agreement. Whatever you do, don't fall for a battered old 32" refurbished telly as a gesture of goodwill! As I have stated earlier in this thread, BAYV have over-stepped the mark by a MILE on this one - and BOY do they know it! Cheers Lefty
  19. Things are still moving ahead behind the scenes, and I expect a conclusion to this thread over the next couple of days... Stay tuned... Cheers Lefty
  20. Hi, and welcome to CAG Thank you for giving us such a long a complex post, first thing on a Monday morning! Generally, I would never recommend witholding payment. It is essential to keep the law on your side in these sort of situations. Remember, you are only HIRING the goods from BrightHouse. You will only get the option to OWN them when you make the final payment. But... As you HAVE now witheld payment (meaning your account(s) are in arrears) any Optional Service Cover warranties you have (and it sounds to me like you do) will have lapsed. Now would be a good time to get rid of them once and for all. (All the cover you will ever need for Hire Purchase goods is provided completely free of charge by virtue of the SUPPLY OF GOODS (IMPLIED TERMS) ACT 1973. Have a good read through our BrightHouse Fact Sheet HERE as this should answer most of your questions. Also you will find the necessary template letters you require to remove the OSC and negotiate terms to bring your accounts back up to date. Let us know if you need any more help. Cheers Lefty
  21. Hi, and welcome to CAG. Firstly, I have moved your post to a thread of its own. That way it is easier to follow, and not just tagged onto the end of an existing thead. I have also removed your duplicate posts - There is no point in posting the same message on different threads. Please keep all future posts to this thread please. All the advice (and the answers to your questions) can be found in our BrightHouse factsheet HERE Have a good read, and if you are still unsure of what to do, let us know. Cheers Lefty
  22. Hi I have moved your post to a more appropriate section of the forum. In the meantime, you may like to have a good read of some other threads here, and see what you are dealing with. You should get the gist pretty quickly. Lefty
  23. Good! Another happy BrightHouse customer! Take note "others".... Just a little tip... Ask for a copy of your original agreement at the same time, and staple them together. Lefty
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