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  1. Thanks bankfodder cookie wherever you go there is always a smarta** very sad, very true
  2. I bought a Jacket from 'Trespass' of Glasgow online advertised for £24.99. When I received it it had a price tag on it of £19.99. I contacted Trespass who said they would investigate. I sent them a photo of jacket with price tag attached. I have had various emails stalling, asking for photo again etc. Do I have any legal rights here to claim the £5 difference?
  3. Hi I recently bought an item on ebay ( new and buy it now). I couldn't get it to work properly so rejected it the same day I received it. The seller having received it back says there is nothing wrong with the item but I asked for a full refund. He said the article ( a personal media player) is worth less now because the seal has been broken on the box it came in and so is worth less when he resells it. Do I have to accept less than the full price I paid ( it was free postage) or should I hold out for a full refund?
  4. Some 7 years ago I stopped paying off my credit card with capital one because of ill health ( lost job, no money). After some time they stopped charging interest and accepted nominal payments untill two years ago when they demanded doctors letters to prove my ill health. I provided them with one but the year after they asked for another one. I refused this as my condition is long term and each letter costs money. They then defaulted me. This was a year ago. Can they do this when they had in the past accepted the nominal payments? Thanks in advance for any advise
  5. Hi Thanx for the replies. I'll check the site out thanx though I have to say that official sites for benefits 'info' seem to raise more questions than they answer. Even when you ring these departments its extremely difficult to try and find anyone who has the smallest grasp of the system they are employed to operate. Clarity unfortunately is not a regular feature of our benefits system. Incidently, it wouldn't be large sums, just smallish amounts we have tried to save that would show our mortgage company that we are making all efforts to clear the debt.
  6. Hi my partner and I receive the pension credit guarantee. We also receive help with our mortgage interest payments. If we start paying some monthly amounts off the mortgage capital will this disqualify us from receiving the mortgage interest payments help?
  7. Hi a bit late to this thread but... I am glad that you sorted your problem out but a little bit sorry that comet got away with it. Two years ago I took comet to the SCC for a fridge repair they refused to undertake or pay for when I got it repaired independently. The fridge was three years old at the time but my argument was that the fridge could reasonably be expected to have lasted up to 6 years and that since it had broke down after 3 years it was not of merchantable quality. The repair cost was only £100 odd but they still defended it. In finding for me and between the
  8. We got our money back yesterday through the Visa Chargeback System . Though purchasing with a Debit Card lacks the legal backup of purchasing with a Credit Card the Visa Chargeback System for debit card purchases is still useful for non-delivery problems. We are very happy bunnies here:-D PLEASE AVOID ELECTROSAVER of Bradford. A very nasty little outfit Edit: ted22 and Ted 99 are both the same poster, difficulties signing on as ted22 Edit 2: After beating Comet in the county yesterday and getting our refund yesterday turned out a very good day for us. Consume
  9. We took comet to court and we won the day .....so anyone who are experiencing problems with comet, take heart stick to your guns. edit: could not sign on as ted22 so ted99 had to post:wink:
  10. Hi I ordered a TV on the internet. I was given a date for delivery and the company failed to deliver. When I rang they had no reason for non delivery and when I asked for a new delivery date they said they didn't know. I cancelled the goods verbally then and by email and by registered post. Having looked this company up I have found out that they have done this thing before and especially apparently, not refunding money paid. I have now sourced the tv from amazon but a cheaper model because amazons price ( and others) was more expensive than the original order price.
  11. Its great to find this place as I've just written a letter to my bank to reclaim charges they have made over the last 6 years. I'm looking forward to reading how everyone is getting on. Best of luck to everyone
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