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  1. They have not made a call to me at work it was a BT automated message asking my employer to conatct them with the given reference number urgently. It wasnt till I got home and found the same on my home phone together with the letter I recieved last week or so, I realised they had tried to contact my employer I presume to confirm I acctually work for him or try to cause embaresment to me? I have now prepaired a CCA letter but would like to know if and how I should add something about them contacting my employer? Thanks for the help so far! Oh by the way, I have purchased sign gua
  2. Thanks guys already! 42man, I have never paid anything to them as I dont know any express gifts.
  3. Hi I have recieved a letter recently claiming I owe Express Gifts over £200 with a payment deadline. I was a little unsure and paid no attention to this. This week, today infact I have had a message left to contact them urgently with a refrence number, not only that they have phoned my employer today with the same request!!!! are they entitled to contact my place of work/employer about this?? I am about to CCA them but any other advise would be welcomed. Thanks Tatter
  4. Hi My younger brother purchased the LG7000 from Currys on Boxing day, on Monday 26th January it died on him. He reported this the following day and was told that they knew what the problem was but didnt have the parts and would contact him when they were in stock. Hes not heard anything from them so decided to go into the store on Saturday, they said they would look into it and that if by Monday they had not been able to get any info he would be able to to take a display tv of the same specs to use until the problem was sorted out. Monday came and no help what so ever! he was told he coul
  5. Hi Thanks for that, seems they are easy going withh ppi as they were with my bank charges! the loan I had was about £9000 while I was self employed back in the 1990s. I really hope I can claim this back as times are hard & will only get harder!! Best wishes Ian
  6. Hi Glad youve had good news! Im about to start a PPI claim with halifax and was wondering how stubbern they are?
  7. Hi guys I took out a loan back in the 1990s which Im sure had PPI. during the period of the loan I struggled to repay at times due to illness but was at no point advised that while I could not work I could use the PPI to cover the repayments. Do I have a case to claim back the PPI? I dont recall any advise been given at the time of taking the loan out reguarding the PPI. I have also noticed on other threads reguarding PPI some have mentioned miss selling & self employed? is there a problem with PPI & self employed people as I was self employed at the time I had the loan. Ma
  8. Thanks for that ODC, do I still need to include to either company "I DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE ANY DEBT TO YOUR COMPANY" ?
  9. Hi I am now reciving cards requesting I contact for a representative to call. The address is hillesden securities not dlc. If your arround ODC could you advise as to my quiery in my last post I could gt the letter off to them. I know I should have responded sooner but im recovering from Gastric Flu and now feel well enough to respond.
  10. Hi ODC I dont understand the bit below My last letter from **original creditor/DCA** was DATE and intimated that my complaint would be resolved on **DATE**, this obviously hasn’t happened. As **original creditor/DCA** are now in default of my Consumer Credit Act request, Subject Access request and have also breached s10 Data Protection Act request , I consider this account to be in SERIOUS DISPUTE. Ruthbridge have never intimated that my complaint would be resolved they simply ignored anything I sent and continued to send letters which then just stopped
  11. Hi all, hope christmas was a good time for all and that the new year will be kind. Im back here after months of silence I am now getting letters and calls from DLC and not Ruthbridge. As Ruthbridge failed to reply to my CCA how can another company start trying to threaten me? What should my next step be?
  12. someon point me to the next letter Ineed to send? Thanks Tatter
  13. Well they are now over the 30 day period and still no CCA. I have had umpteen calls from their bancruptcy department and several more letters. Can
  14. Thanks for your replys guys, The 30 days will be up on the 8th of august ODC hich is two weeks wednesday.
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