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  1. well the information came, but it was only for one account, so I have sent them this letter: Dear Sir/Madam Re. Account number: ********, Sort code: ** ** ** & linked business account (now closed) I acknowledge receipt of your letter on the 9th February 2007. Unfortunately the information enclosed is incomplete as my original Subject Access Request also detailed a statement of charges for the business account linked to my personal account, in the name of ****** ***** Studios. The account was set up by me as a sole trader in order to process payment from clients for whom I w
  2. Thanks guys, I've sent the non-compliance warning today, we'll see what happens. Anyone know of any cases whereby a bank hasn't given the information as requested? I could probably find all my statements online and give an accurate total anyway, I just thought this would be a better first step so I've got the hard evidence from them etc
  3. 19/12/06 S.A.R sent 22/12/06 Email reply from Lloyds acknowledging receipt of request 01/02/07 Compliance letter sent - 7 days to send all documents as requested in S.A.R. 05/02/07 Explanation from Lloyds that it would be there soon, and that they are very busy (good!) 08/02/07 Second explanation from Lloyds saying it would be there within next few days 09/02/07 Partial information received 13/02/07 Second compliance letter sent - 7 days to send the missing documents
  4. Thanks for the reply Lucid - any idea whether there was a further announcement regarding this (they did say that they were going to state their position presently and that was in july!)? Where is this quote from? Thanks again al
  5. I'm currently going through the process of reclaiming my bank charges (subject access request sent 19/12/06). I paid a cheque into my account at the end of December and, as my account was overdrawn beyond the limit, I also gave my branch a letter detailing my first right of appropriation - basically stating that I had dibs on the money from the cheque. The cashier told me I was wrong, so I asked to speak to a spuervisor. The supervisor told me I was wrong, and that there was no way I was allowed to do that, so I asked to speak to the manager. After waiting around for about 15 minutes I wa
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