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  1. Very true, I think the potential escalation panicked me, which I'm sure was their intention. I'll let you know how I get on.
  2. Thanks Andy, I'm in the fortunate position that I'm able to pay it off in a lump sum so I'm inclined to see if I can negotiate it a bit lower and clear it once and for all.
  3. I spoke to a lady at 1st Credit legal today who was actually pretty nice and human sounding! She said they would absolutely be willing to settle, and for a lump sum would accept £2600, or for instalments under a Tomlin order, they would accept £3100 over anything up to 6 years. However the credit file entry would remain in both circumstances and either be updated to say partial settlement in the first instance, or updated monthly with the monthly payments in the second. I left it that I would think about things and come back to her tomorrow to indicate how I would
  4. Good advice, I will prepare and call them this week to test the water. Good to know the additional amount for SJ, I feared we could be talking about £1000's more in legal fees.
  5. Thanks Andy, to be honest this has made me quite nervous now as I don't want to end up worse off. I think I need to reflect on the situation for a few days as I always intended on settling, I was just hoping to be able to negotiate the figure down. I need to weigh up whether I'd be better off paying the extra now to avoid the risk of it all escalating at the next stage if they do go for summary judgement.
  6. Hi Andy, difficult to say, but they have the appearance of an original with logos etc and dates match up. I've looked through the statements, and I'd say the split on the original amount of c£2800 is probably about 20-30% charges from HSBC. Everything above that must be charges from 1st Credit.
  7. Letter received today from 1st Credit advising of a change of legal representative, and enclosing a notice of change (now represented by 1st Credit legal department instead of Moon Beever). They have also enclosed a copy of the notice of assignment from both HSBC and 1st Credit (why have they left it until this point to provide it?!) The letter states: 'We have read your defence as filed and can discern no defence from the contents. We will be applying for summary judgement under Part 24 CPR (Civil Procedure Rules) on the basis that you do not have a defence. We will refrai
  8. I've just received an acknowledgement of my defence now the waiting starts to see if they contact me to settle or if they want to proceed. In your experience does the court tend to prefer Claimants to attempt to resolve it outside of court in the first instance, or is it standard practice for them to indicate they want to proceed without contacting me?
  9. I submitted my defence today, thanks again for all your help and guidance.
  10. That's great thank you. This might be a daft question, but when I submit the above defense, do I include the particulars of claim section, or is that just for this forums purposes?
  11. Hello, I've drafted my defence based on others I've been reading in the forum, and would be grateful for any feedback. I'm hoping this can be settled at mediation, ideally by way of a Consent/Tomlin Order. Am I being realistic with this do you think? So here's my proposed defence... Particulars of claim 1. The Claimant is the assignee of a HSBC Bank Plc debt in the sum of £3,072 assigned on xx/01/2015. Statutory notices of assignment were sent to the defendant. 2. The debt is for arrears on an overdraft facility first opened by the original creditor on or about xx/0
  12. I've not heard anything further in writing, although I'm receiving daily calls from who I believe is 1st Credit, which I'm not answering. My deadline for defence is this Friday 26th Feb, so I'm wondering how I should start drafting this? Any guidance that can be offered will be much appreciated!
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